Monday, September 20, 2010

Life according to Suki

So first of all I want to welcome you all to my blog. This is my way of giving my friends and family insight into my hectic life. I have recently changed jobs. I went from being a full time Barista at Starbucks to being and administrative assistant at a landscaping company. This was such a big step for me since I really only had "afterschool" jobs and now Im working for "the man" hahaha

Anyways I guess introductions are at hand... My name is Christian, I am 23 years young and I live in Texas.
Iam a big kid at heart and I love anything that is pretty, crafty, colorful and girlie. I like to think of myself as a spiritual person, I may not go to church but I do believe in a higher power. I do not believe in western medicine, I believe in herbal healing and all things natural.
I am a strong believer in Love, Karma, Fate and that everything happens for a reason which is destiny.
Love has always been the one thing that I hold highly and believe in with all that I am. We are not meant to wander this earth alone, we all have a person to link to, we all have a soulmate, a true love. I believe there is someone out there for everyone and that true love only happens once. All the others you have loved that fooled you into thinking it was true love was to prepare you for the greatest love of all.
  Some weird factoids about me...
I read my horoscope everyday to get my day started
I wouldnt be me without my shot of B12 every morning
I cant sleep in complete darkness
I cant stand silence, so if Iam alone I sleep listening to Bowie, Cat Stevens, The Beatles or Jefferson Airplane.
I love being in the sun, but I prefer nights to be able to gaze at the stars
I love bubble baths
I cant stand my hands being dirty
I guess those are the only ones that come to mind as of now, but that should do.

I love my family, they are my everything, no one can compare to my big Mexican family. I love who Iam , and it took me a really long time to realize how amazing I really am.

I have finally met the one person that makes me feel unique, beautiful and perfect.
In my opinion he is the most amazing guy ever. He is someone with passion, soul, and compassion,  who strives on love and understands its meaning. He expresses just how much he loves me on a daily basis. Mark is definitely someone who appreciates life ad everything its given us and he makes a difference in my life. I dont know what I would do without him he really adds some zest into my life, I adore him.
People alwys tell me that Iam the hardest person to figure out and I like it that way. I like that there is a very small group of people who do get me and they mean the world to me.
I think my boyfriend Mark is one of those lucky people that understands me, he knows Iam a little bit crazy, unique and full of life. I think that is why he loves me, the greatest part about it is that I love him too!!!

Me(without makeup) and my love muffin