Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Admin day

Happy Admin/Secretary Day to me!!!
Iam having the most amazing Day ever. I woke up early today to pack Mark his lunch and get him ready for the day. I love him sooo much I think whenever he stays over I will wake up early and make him breakfast and pack his lunch. We need to save money so he doesn’t need to be buying fast-food for breakfast and lunch. I need to make him a good breakfast and get him ready to face the day. Iam so full of energy today and I have B-12 to thank for it all. I started buying liquid B-12 from my fit foods and it really peps me up and keeps my energy level high all day without crashing I love it I recommend it for everyone. Any ways so I packed his lunch and then started packing mine and I also made my breakfast. I think I’m doing well this time around with preparing my meals and eating healthier and that is also another reason as to why I am so full of energy today. Anyways so I get to work early and I’m reading my horoscope, emails and other inspiring things and my boss comes in screaming happy admin’s day with a cute flower pot and balloons. Also following behind her are my Boss’s boss, my work buddy (Jamie) and the Hr Assistant. I love where I work they really appreciate all I do for them. They were smiling and happy and they told me why they appreciated me I love it so much. It makes me feel good that what I do doesn’t go un noticed and that I work in such a family oriented environment.
They love me, they really love me!!

Anyways so let me tell you about my Zumba experience. I freaking LOVED it. It was so much fun and they people are right it really doesn’t feel like a workout. Its just dancing and having fun. I had some problems with certain steps but for the most part I got it down. I was sweating like never before and usually I’m sore but never this sore I loved it and I cant wait to go back and get all the steps down. There was this one girl in front of me that had all the steps down and she looked so graceful while dancing I aspire to be like her one day. My aunt and I have decided that up until I start school that we will be working out at the YMCA Tuesday through Thursday. Tuesday is Zumba and Wednesday is an ABS+ Kickboxing class and Thursday is Zumba again!!! I know that once I start school I wont be able to go to the YMCA any day of the week but maybe on the weekends I can get a little workout in. Im going to try to work out on Mondays and Fridays on my own at the gym at my apartment so I can get into shape sooner.
This morning while I was getting dressed I was actually thinking a lot about how I was dying to get out of Texas. Well before I started dating Mark my goal was to get out of here and fly to greener pastures but now that Iam with Mark I really don’t see myself ever living anywhere else but Texas. I love Texas!!! I know a year ago you would have never caught me saying that but its true I love it. Although I do want to travel a lot and visit other cities and states nut Iam so happy here.
Reasons why I love Texas/ The Lone Star State…
-          The best Iced tea ever(I should know I LOVE tea)
-          The best Mexican food outside of Mexico
-          Amazing music festivals
-          Great rockabilly/psychobilly scene
-          Texas has its own type of rock
-          Texas has crazy, and I mean CRAZY unpredictable weather
-          Its very diverse especially Houston
-          There is always that great southern hospitality
-          Mmmm Southern home cooking yummers
-          Great amusement park
-          Some parts have hills, lush green scenery
-          Cute wineries
-          The Texas Renaissance Festival, The international Festival, Strawberry festival… so many festivals
-          The livestock show and Rodeo which is the largest in the world
-          The living costs are amazing here
We just have so many great things here why would we want to go live somewhere else?
Ok well I will have to go back to reading my book. Where do you guys live and what are some great things about your City or State?
I hope you all have a really happy Hump day!!! Here are some pictures that needed posting!!!
 My super awesome possum new phone case

 Wolfie in his baptismal outfit!!! He looks like a miniature pope

Wolfie and my mom I love them both so very much!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wishful thinking

It’s been a really good day so far. I actually dragged myself out of bed this morning and forced myself into the gym. I just didn’t want to wake up. Not for one bit lol. I received my phone case yesterday!!! Its sooo exciting because it’s so me I wish it had more cupcakes on it but for my very first Kawaii case Iam satisfied J
So I woke up took a shot of B-12, worked out, made my lunch, packed it, took a shower, made my breakfast and then got ready and here Iam. Iam so upset, so ever since I was doing the HCG drops the texture of my skin changed. I started having acne problems and my skin just totally went down hill. Now I’m off the drops, as per my doctors orders and my skin is a little wonky. I need to resurrect my beautiful skin!!!  Anyways I’m fully awake today I need to go home on my lunch break to get some work out clothes because my Aunt Cindy and I are taking a Zumba class after work so that should be fun. I need to lose some major poundage this year. I think I will be satisfied at a size 10 so that is my goal, for now at least. Iam really excited about this Zumba class hopefully I can keep up with the instructor. Last time I took a Zumba class it ended in disaster I could not keep up and I totally looked like a fool.
Im looking out the window and it is so cloudy, it looks like its going to storm and it makes me so happy. I wish I had my own house with a cute little porch so I can just sit on a rocking chair, drink some tea and relax with whom ever wants to join me lol.
I received a call from Aveda today notifying me that I wasn’t awarded any money so on Thursday I have a meeting with the financial aid director to figure out my next step. Apparently I make too much money, thanks a lot government, I had a whole rant about this earlier with three of my friends some of the stuff I just cant post here. But oh well I'am not giving up this dream and I will take out loans if I have to!!!
I hope everyone has a great day!!!
Here are some pictures that inspire me and make me want to reach my goal sooner so I can afford a home I can actually call a home.

 Home Sweet Home

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

So today I woke up super duper tired and in lots of pain. I almost didn't wear a bra but I know I totally have to. I loved this beautiful weekend. I had so much fun being a little hippy, walking around bare foot, enjoying the beautiful sun, eating delicious BBQ and junk food and just loving on Mark. It was freaking great!!! I am sooo excited My cousin and I have been planning an awesome adventure for Cinco de Mayo its going to be awesome I cant wait. Then on Friday May 6th my best friend Chris and co Maid of Honor is going to be coming down from Chicago for me. We have the whole day planned!!! We will be having a picnic, shopping, and planning goodies for the wedding and trying on dresses its going to be great. We always have great adventures with photo montages so Im super excited, she also said that she has a surprise planned out for me so that's even better. As you know this weekend I gave wolfie a froggy for his baptismal, well I wasnt quite sure he liked it so I was kind of sad. But this morning my sister called to tell me that he loves his frog its like his new best friend he even slept with it last night so that made me super happy. Ok ok well Im since it is Monday its time for the cure for the Monday Blues!!!

1. Ok to start it all off I have been dreaming of Carnivals I think its my subconscious telling me that I need to go to one really soo. They are beautiful and oh so much fun!!!

2. Anything Hello Kitty. I love that big headed mouth less cat. She is too cute and this day of the dead Kitty is just brilliant.

3. Kurt Halsey is such a brilliant artist and my favorite animal is a bat so you know I had to be loving this cutie!!

4. Anything romance related I'am in love with. One of my friends gave me a cute silver necklace with this cute little couple kissing and I loved it. So i am totally in love with this uber fem rendition I have to have it

5. This cute rockabilly painting is just adorable its my background on my laptop I want it tattooed on me

6. Right now I'am obsessed with red hair and this is the color I want I think it looks so beautiful

7. cupcakes!!! I will never ever tire of cupcakes. They are my reason for existing lol I love them so much. Anything cupcake will always make me happy

8. Nicktoons!!! Oh how I miss the cartoons I used to watch growing up they make me happy

9. Alice in Wonderland is my medicine. I love this tattoo props to the chick with these babies. LOVE!!!

10. David Bowie. This cute little painting is totally Bowie inspired and I have to have it. This man is the man I have to meet him one day before I die he is a genius.

11. Audrey Kitching. This chick is totally cute ansuper creative and I love her. She inspires me to be myself no matter how out of the box and strange I'am.
That concludes this weeks Cure for the Monday Blues!!! What are some of your things that can turn your frown upside down?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mad World

Ok so I totally have Mad World by Gary Jules stuck in my head...

Well Im a little unhappy that this weekend went by so fast I feel like it should have been a little longer since we had some of the most beautiful weather in a really really long time. I actually had alot of fun this weekend. Friday night Mark and I had a pretty quiet evening which was nice. I baked cupcakes and we watched Dexter and just ordered pizza. It was a good night. I was trying to bake cupcakes for the Easter gathering his family was having on Saturday... but it was a total fail. the cupcakes came out pretty good but the frosting not so much. It was delish but I made them look so sloppy I decided against taking them with us. I have been trying to catch up on Dexter for awhile and since its one of Marks favorite show I have all the seasons so I need to watch them.
Saturday we all met up at a park in Pasadena to do the Easter thing with Marks family. It was my first time meeting all of his family and I was sooo nervous. It was a little overwhelming but all in all we had a good time. He has such a huge family I dont think I can remember all of their names, that will totally take some time. I felt like everyone wasa watching me so it made me a little more uncomfortable but all in all it was like meeting everyone elses family for the first time. It was such a beautiful day outside I had such a great time being out in the sun. I made Mark sit with me in the sun on a hill I loved it. When we left I totally felt like I had a horrible sunburn. When we came home and took a shower we were totally sunburned it hurts sooo bad, but I had so much fun I think it was worth it  :) I will not say the same for Mark.

Today was a good day. Mark and I went to church to see Wolfie get baptized, it was sooo long and boring. I had forgotten how long mass can be I cant really sit for that long I was getting frustrated lol. I will never force Mark to go with me ever. It was so cute to see wolfie in his little baptismal outfit and I finally was able to give him his scentsy frog Ribbert which he loved.  After church we all went to my moms to eat and drink and have fun family time. After all was said and done Mark and I had to take care of the usuall weekend tasks. wash clothes, clean and groceries. I had such a great weekend but I think its finally bed time Im exhausted from everything.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yay for humpday

Good Morning Mi Lovers
Iam having like the best morning EVER!!!
It might be because I got to talk to one of my best friends (An) yesterday for awhile and we planned a date. It’s long over due actually. He is like a hermit when he’s in school. I can’t ever get a hold of him because he’s always so busy with homework and what not. This is his senior year and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I can’t believe he’s graduating as a photographer. My best friend an artist!!! Last Friday was his senior show at this gallery by my house called Darke Gallery and the show was called ID. I went to show my support and as I was walking to the gallery I heard a group of older men talking about how amazing his work was and my heart started to swell, I couldn’t be more proud. I love him so much!!! So since I haven’t really hung out with him in like over 4 months or more we set a date to go out and celebrate his graduation and go see a movie!! I can’t wait I missed him sooo much. I think the friends that I cant live without are An, Anitra, Luis, Chris, Haley, Falicia and Marisa I love them to death and I talk to them on the phone or text them way too often. I’m not saying that my other friends aren’t as important I love them all and Iam oh so happy to have them in my life. Iam grateful for all the friends I have in the world, its just that these are the people I know would do anything for me and I can trust them with anything.
So I know that An and Christian reunion celebration is going to be so much fun. This isn’t the only reason I’m in such a good mood, I think it is also because of Mark.
I was so sad because he wasn’t able to come over on Monday and I missed him so much that my soul and being was out of wack. So last night I worked out, did a little cardio at the gym, came home and did my tummy series and then I took a shower, made dinner while watching Uptown Girls and Mark came home. I had missed him so much it was good to have him home cuddling on the couch, eating my sopa and watching Skins. We finished watching the 1st season Sunday morning so we started the second season and he likes it. I’m so happy because I love Skins it was one of my favorite shows. I would go to work come home watch Skins, pause to eat, smoke and use the restroom and Skins was always playing on my TV. It is one of the greatest shows. Whenever I heard MTV was coming out with their own version of it I was like there is no way they will ever top the British version. With the cute clothes, awesome parties, hot accents and cute boys, LOVE IT!!! I was right MTV’s version totally sucks!! Any who that was last night, this morning I woke up early and went to work out and I think the endorphins are the culprit to this happy little me.
Oh My Gosh and I almost totally freaking forgot today is my grandparent’s 51st wedding Anniversary and I am so happy to have them in my life as an example of a healthy happy marriage. I love my grandparent’s soo much and hope that one day Mark and I will be celebrating ours too.

This is just a recap of their 50th wedding Anniversary Party

 They are too freaking cute

 Look at her dancing away she just loves to dance dance dance
 They are always trying to force my grandpa into weird situations althogh he resists I know he loves the attention lol
 This is when they were married in the church as you can tell by the laso wrapped around them
 This is their civil marriage. The look so freaking happy I love them soo soo much

This guy is my favorite person in the world he is the dad I never had. I love him so much. My Tito is the person walking me down the aisle when I get married!!!
Ok so Im getting kind of hungry because its so close to lunch time so I have to jet and get me some lunchie. I will blog some more later!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thats life

Soooo needless to say I didn't get to eat Niko Nikos but I made a Mexican version of chicken noodle soup and it came out so good. I did get to work out and that was fun I need to stay motivated and step up my game I have competition now!! So i need like 3 more months and I will be ok.
So im keeping this short and posting some pics that have long since been cluttering up my phone.
 Do you feel like you are being watched?

 My beautiful ring

 My vanity finally finished, and waffle makes a cameo

 Nice robin's egg blue and cotton candy pink

 My makeup all organized and pretty

Lazy cat high on cat nip

Have a great night everyone I need to cuddle with waffle!!!