Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Admin day

Happy Admin/Secretary Day to me!!!
Iam having the most amazing Day ever. I woke up early today to pack Mark his lunch and get him ready for the day. I love him sooo much I think whenever he stays over I will wake up early and make him breakfast and pack his lunch. We need to save money so he doesn’t need to be buying fast-food for breakfast and lunch. I need to make him a good breakfast and get him ready to face the day. Iam so full of energy today and I have B-12 to thank for it all. I started buying liquid B-12 from my fit foods and it really peps me up and keeps my energy level high all day without crashing I love it I recommend it for everyone. Any ways so I packed his lunch and then started packing mine and I also made my breakfast. I think I’m doing well this time around with preparing my meals and eating healthier and that is also another reason as to why I am so full of energy today. Anyways so I get to work early and I’m reading my horoscope, emails and other inspiring things and my boss comes in screaming happy admin’s day with a cute flower pot and balloons. Also following behind her are my Boss’s boss, my work buddy (Jamie) and the Hr Assistant. I love where I work they really appreciate all I do for them. They were smiling and happy and they told me why they appreciated me I love it so much. It makes me feel good that what I do doesn’t go un noticed and that I work in such a family oriented environment.
They love me, they really love me!!

Anyways so let me tell you about my Zumba experience. I freaking LOVED it. It was so much fun and they people are right it really doesn’t feel like a workout. Its just dancing and having fun. I had some problems with certain steps but for the most part I got it down. I was sweating like never before and usually I’m sore but never this sore I loved it and I cant wait to go back and get all the steps down. There was this one girl in front of me that had all the steps down and she looked so graceful while dancing I aspire to be like her one day. My aunt and I have decided that up until I start school that we will be working out at the YMCA Tuesday through Thursday. Tuesday is Zumba and Wednesday is an ABS+ Kickboxing class and Thursday is Zumba again!!! I know that once I start school I wont be able to go to the YMCA any day of the week but maybe on the weekends I can get a little workout in. Im going to try to work out on Mondays and Fridays on my own at the gym at my apartment so I can get into shape sooner.
This morning while I was getting dressed I was actually thinking a lot about how I was dying to get out of Texas. Well before I started dating Mark my goal was to get out of here and fly to greener pastures but now that Iam with Mark I really don’t see myself ever living anywhere else but Texas. I love Texas!!! I know a year ago you would have never caught me saying that but its true I love it. Although I do want to travel a lot and visit other cities and states nut Iam so happy here.
Reasons why I love Texas/ The Lone Star State…
-          The best Iced tea ever(I should know I LOVE tea)
-          The best Mexican food outside of Mexico
-          Amazing music festivals
-          Great rockabilly/psychobilly scene
-          Texas has its own type of rock
-          Texas has crazy, and I mean CRAZY unpredictable weather
-          Its very diverse especially Houston
-          There is always that great southern hospitality
-          Mmmm Southern home cooking yummers
-          Great amusement park
-          Some parts have hills, lush green scenery
-          Cute wineries
-          The Texas Renaissance Festival, The international Festival, Strawberry festival… so many festivals
-          The livestock show and Rodeo which is the largest in the world
-          The living costs are amazing here
We just have so many great things here why would we want to go live somewhere else?
Ok well I will have to go back to reading my book. Where do you guys live and what are some great things about your City or State?
I hope you all have a really happy Hump day!!! Here are some pictures that needed posting!!!
 My super awesome possum new phone case

 Wolfie in his baptismal outfit!!! He looks like a miniature pope

Wolfie and my mom I love them both so very much!!!


  1. So cute of you to make him breakfast and lunch :)

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  2. Thanks :) I think the best part was seeing the look on his face when he realized that, that was the reason why I was up early.