Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome back CHRISTIAN!!! jeesh

AHHHH I need to be better at updating I feel sooo bad because alot has happened since my last post.
     -Mark reproposed to me
     -Our wedding plans have changed
     -Waffle had surgery
     -Wedding party has changed

OK so Mark re proposed to me on Friday March 18th. My ring is beautiful it makes me feel like a princess; to me it looks like a tiara and that's why I love it so much. When he gave it to me it was the cutest moment ever. I was having a really grumpy day people were just so irritating, especially this one chick in particular. Every time I talk to her its like she has to make the whole conversation about her, put in her two cents or one up me and make it seem like her life is way better than mine. I had finally had enough and I just couldn't handle talking to her anymore. Mark and I were going to go on a date to a psychobilly concert that night at this place called Mango's so I was getting ready. Whenever I am really upset and Im getting ready to go somewhere I always find flaws about me and I make them a big deal and it hinders me from enjoying the night. So I was battling my hair and getting pissed of and getting ready to give up and say that I didn't want to do anything when Mark comes in. He looks at me and says " Are you having a bad day baby?" and I look at him and say "yes!!!" and he was like I will make it ll better and kisses me on the forehead and walks away. So I continue to get ready and he comes back and tells me to close my eyes. I was so sad and pissed I really wasn't thinking about anything at all. So Im closing my eyes and he says "OK open them" and then when I opened them he was kneeling down on one knee with MY RING!!! He is the sweetest it totally made my day after all of that I wasn't thinking about that cray girl anymore all I could think about was my future and I was better and I got dressed and everything turned out amazing. We went to the concert and it was great I really like 2 bands that were playing the Returners which are from California and Ghost Storys which are from Houston. We actually were supposed to see the Coffin Cats but by the time we saw Ghost Storys I was really tired so we decided to go home and spend the rest of the night enjoying each others company.

Now I really feel like this is going to happen. IM REALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!!
So now that I have my ring and Ive been doing alot of thinking I have changed my mind about the wedding date and I have decided that I want to have the wedding next year. So our new wedding date is March 24, 2012. I decided this because I feel like 2013 is way too far away and I want to start my life with Mark as soon as possible. Also because of the Azaleas!!!

 In the south they have these beautiful flowers that bloom only once a year and they really dont last very long, 2 wks tops. This year these flowers were ridiculously gorgeous and every garden that had these was beautiful. Ive been trying to contact Bayou Bend to see if we could use their gorgeous garden for our wedding in March and Im going to make it happen. I have so many ideas for that garden wedding I hope it really happens. Its been decided that I want an outside wedding and I want our little reception area to look like a 1950s diner. That would be totally cute. I also have so many ideas for the decorations now and Im getting really excited we just have to find a place at a resonable price becasue I dont want a freaking 15000 dollar wedding I want a small budget friendly wedding because I would rather spend the money on the honeymoon or a down payment on a house.

One like this!!!

Another thing that has changed is that I had to include my sister in the wedding so I made her co maid of honor and Im still deciding which one of my friends will be my maid of honor. Im still planning on having the brides maids I had chosen in the first place if they still are up for it, its just my sister had to be included as well.
These past 2 weeks have been filled with fun. First of all I got to spend time with the cutest baby boy next to my wolfster. No one is cuter that wolfie and thats a fact!!! Baby Valentino Cristiano. I like to think that Anitra named him after me because she loves me so much hahahaha. But for sure he is one cutie and I love to play with him.

Then there was the dreaded Dr. Appointmet from when I fell off the couch and couldnt move after hat. I had gone to a kickboxing class and twisted my ankle but kept going like the little trooper Iam but somehow I also messed up my knee. After class I felt awful I could barely walk and I complained about it to Mark but then we ignored it. A little later as Im getting up off the coch Im standing and my knee gives out and I fall on the hurt knee then its game over for me. I was crying and in pain frm then on and so the  next day Mark and I went to the Dr. Here is our photo montage as we wait.

Also waffle has been declawed and he is the cutest friendliest cat ever now that he has no claws yayay!!!

Mark and I have been trying to fix up the apartment and Make it more ME so this weekend we painted my vanity in two of my favorite colors robin's egg blue and cotton candy pink yay I will have to take a picture of the finished product its going to be totally rad!!!

Well that is all that is up for now but I definately will be posting more soon. Just for the heck of it here are 2 of my favorite pictures!!!

huzzah have a good night


  1. I love how many pictures you have posted. Congratulations on the ring and the new wedding date. I can't believe how happy I am that *you* are happy.

    Love you.

  2. So amazing girly!! I love you bunches!!! ^_^ Full of happiness! Poor Waffle!! I hope he is all healed up by now!!