Sunday, March 13, 2011

My fabulous cousin

lately I have been feeling so frumpy and ugly and I needed a beauty boost. The problem is that none of my girl friends ever have time to hangout with me anymore sooooo I made my cousin go on a girl date with me. We had loads of fun. Our first stop was Eagle nails in Atascosita. I hadnt had a pedicure in forever and since I had been such a good girl and paid off 7 credit cards out of 8 that I had I decided to treat myself. So I picked up my cousin and we went to go get a pedicure. Luis is my favorite cousin in the whole wide world! Why? Because he is just so open minded about everything. He got a pedicure too, he did a strictly manly clear polish pedicure and guess what he loved it!!! The best part is that his feet no longer look like hooves they are soft and pretty no callouses, freakishly long toenails or sand paper like feet. I love him we are definately doing this again.

After our pedicure we went right next door to go get a delicious tapioca milk tea and headed out to go see Red Riding Hood!!!

By the way it was actually a pretty good movie Amanda Seyfried is so hot and as Red Riding Hood foret about it!!!! loved it.

Then we ended up going to my apartment and then shopping for apartment stuff which is alot of fun because even though Ive been living there since October it still doesnt look like MY apartment at all. So we bought some stuff to decorate and make me feel a little more at home.

After all of that we  decided to go have dinner at one of my many favorite restaurants Barnaby's and then go for a late night walk and just talk talk talk and that was a really good night with my cousin!!!

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