Sunday, March 13, 2011

My fabulous cousin

lately I have been feeling so frumpy and ugly and I needed a beauty boost. The problem is that none of my girl friends ever have time to hangout with me anymore sooooo I made my cousin go on a girl date with me. We had loads of fun. Our first stop was Eagle nails in Atascosita. I hadnt had a pedicure in forever and since I had been such a good girl and paid off 7 credit cards out of 8 that I had I decided to treat myself. So I picked up my cousin and we went to go get a pedicure. Luis is my favorite cousin in the whole wide world! Why? Because he is just so open minded about everything. He got a pedicure too, he did a strictly manly clear polish pedicure and guess what he loved it!!! The best part is that his feet no longer look like hooves they are soft and pretty no callouses, freakishly long toenails or sand paper like feet. I love him we are definately doing this again.

After our pedicure we went right next door to go get a delicious tapioca milk tea and headed out to go see Red Riding Hood!!!

By the way it was actually a pretty good movie Amanda Seyfried is so hot and as Red Riding Hood foret about it!!!! loved it.

Then we ended up going to my apartment and then shopping for apartment stuff which is alot of fun because even though Ive been living there since October it still doesnt look like MY apartment at all. So we bought some stuff to decorate and make me feel a little more at home.

After all of that we  decided to go have dinner at one of my many favorite restaurants Barnaby's and then go for a late night walk and just talk talk talk and that was a really good night with my cousin!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ode to Starbucks

Good Morning Guys
I’m sooo glad it’s Friday I don’t think I can handle another day of work. Last night Thursday March 3, 2011 was my official last day at Starbucks and it was probably one of the best nights I had to close ever. This was my actual first job where I lasted more than a month, I lasted 3 years. For the most part it was the best three years of my life and I have met some of the best people in my life there. But it was finally time to move on and so I begin my journey away from the Bux. I’ve also done some pretty reckless things since working there but I don’t regret them one bit.  The best friends I have now came from working at Starbucks so it has been a really good thing for me.
Last night I closed with Marisa and Seth and it was so much fun. We ate Chuys, Seth got me a Jack in the Box cheeseburger, we drank Shots and made a blended vodka, strawberry lemonade and just goofed off and had a lot of fun. We actually got out a lot earlier than any of the other days where I have had to close. We then met up at TGI Fridays and ate and drank some more with Brittney. It was a lot of fun we talked about, sex, drugs, and crazy stuff that has happened and that we have done in the past. It was so much fun. Seth being the ladies Gentleman that he is, paid for everything and escorted us out to where we continued our X-rated conversations outside. It was a lot of fun, reminiscing about when I first started, all the crazy things we have done at our store, all the crazy customer, crazy relationship stories all of our memories, it was just such an amazing night and a good farewell. I’m glad that I leave there better than when I first started, with so much love and really good friends. So today my stomach doesn’t like me very much, I’m going to get off work at noon and eat, nap and pack because I will be going to see my baby!!! Whop whoop I can’t wait to be in his arms tonight. This morning I woke up to blast some Otis Redding while getting dressed and it’s just seemed like an Otis type of day. So here are some pictures take you to memory lane from the beginning to the end and Otis while take you on your Starbucks journey. Have a great and Happy Friday everybody. this is a photo montage of all of my coworkers from Starbucks of the past and present and of the people Ive met.
this is how it all started My first bff Haley

This is how we do it

Andrew the ZOO KEEPER

Mitch and me

in the tunnels with Brittney

Hale is Jugs Magee

Milk jugs lol

I love me some Andrew

Mitch and I are rockstars

Cheesing with Brittney

Haley and Andrew

Me and Sethela

One of the many amazing faces of Andrew

the DG4L shirt I made Andrew before he left us

I love this face

Another great adventure with my best friend

Going to an MSI Birthday Massacre Concert

Andrew in his Cabby hat

Brittney and I at the zoo

Tedward and Andrew

Only at Starbucks

My farewell to Mitch

My hippy phase with Falicia

Being goofy with Leah

Damn closers pranked us on April Fools Day

April Fools

this is their big joke to us


Tasha and I

Bachelorette party with Brittany

Jello shots with Butta

Pausing for a quick pic

drinking it up with Chessy

Butta with a naughty cup and Marisa with a penis whistle hahaha

Irony lol

Brittany and Butta

Jello shots with Brittany, Butta, me and the bride Jess

Pic with the Bride to be

Jet setter off to another party

racing Tasha

The girls shooting

Me and Jenn

Chip and Jenn shooting zombies

Dimas and chip

Best friends

Dance Dance Revolution

Dancing it up

Sarah being a creeper

Olive Garden with Haley

Girls Day

Hanging out with Jenn

meandering around Houston with James

Me and Chessy

Dinking and Smoking at the wedding with Sarah

Crazy Lucas

off to the Galleria with Eric

Always cruising

Driving around with Eric


Senior Dimas

classy ladies lol

At Jess' wedding with Brittney

Makeup shopping with Jenn

My sweet Sethela

Late night Drives with Haley


Marisa's birthday at Shamrocks

Mychael and I

shots shots shots

Brittany and Marisa cheesing

All of us Starbucks girls minus the weird wanna be next to falicia

Working the bar with Haley


mmm cupcakes

mmm caramel Frappaccino

when my cousin worked at Starbucks

Brittany and Sethela on my last day at the Bux

Marisa being all cute and what not

hey hey hey

Twins from different mothers

Drunk hahaha