Thursday, June 30, 2011

the salty catch-up

Sorry I didnt post yesterday I felt like death. I spent my etire morning sleeping and crying because I was having horrible cramping issue; tummy problems :(
At least I got to spend the whole day with muffin, and he took real good care of me. He did take me to lunch and then we laid down watched Skins season 4, The Green Street Hooligans and more rest. I think I hooked him onto Skins, I have to get Season 5 so we can be all caught up by the time Season 6 is out. I remember the first time I saw Skins season 4 I cried like a baby when Freddie dies. I just couldnt believe they would kill him. Of course every season is so badass and full of drama thats why we love it!!!

Im also sorry for not having that many photos in my posts that will be remedied soon I promise.
So I have been thinking alot about my look for the wedding and Im totally loving this cute litte head piece from Dee Dee Bridal. What do you guys think? Im still looking but I just think its beautiful
I also really like this guest book table. I want something like this for my wedding.

 Im thinking of a cute vintage suitcase and I want the table to look very rock and roll. I need to think. I guess I should start to plan things for my wedding, start crafting, look for dresses and decorations but I think Im more focused on moving in with Mark and starting school. I think I will start all that fun stuff in October. I was thinking of asking my brides maids for 1 weekend day where they come to my apartment and help me craft and come up with ideas. That way they are all involved in my wedding. Im also opening it up to include all of my friends that want to be a part of the fun. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here comes the sun

Its Tuesday, man I am really tired today. I guess Im still feeling the effects of having a heat stroke. Seriously, who the hell would of thought that I would fall vicitm to the sun's vicious rays. But alas, it was fun seeing Mark freaked out and panic stricken that something would happen to me, hes my night in shining armour. Well I guess you must know the whole story, since I really dont have anything interesting to say other than Im having serious tummy issues and Im going home at noon.
OK so Saturday June 25, 2011 was the Vans Warped Tour here in Houston at the Sam Houston Racetrack. Gates we supposedly going to open at 10am so we needed to get there early so we could be first in line. We get there at about 9 something and the line was already long, there were tond of people there and then we found out that the gates werent opening till 11. So we waited in the smoldering heat. I slathered on sun screen while we were in the car on both of us, but it really didnt make a difference we sweated it all off by the time they let us in. Waiting in line was actually really scary, because everyone was so hot, there werent any restrooms or water the crowd started a riot. They started by throwing cds in the air, then it led to throwing bible type books, then trash, and then rocks. They started screaming I was so scared to get him luckily I didnt. So we got to see one band Asking Alexandria and we (Muffin and I) made friends with these two guys standing next to us. They were from Lafayette, Louisiana and there names were Chris and Col. Smith. They were funny and they introduced me to hardcore dancing.

Apparently thats what all the cool kids do at these shows. I had a fun time watching them actually doing it, it was so ridiculous and funny. I wonder if these kids actually know what they look like.
Anyways so we talked with these guys and then Asking Alexandria came out and they were amazing all cute and what not with their friendly british accents. LOVE!!!
During the show I was like playing a game of jump or get stomped on and elbow anyone near in the face with all the natives around me, for awhile it was fun, up until I was suffocating because everyone around me was like a mountain in the smoldering heat dripping in sweat. I couldnt breath so I clawed my was out of that heat pit and Muffin and I went to buy water. It was such a hot day we bought so much water and we were just walking around or standing around or trying to find a place to sit down it was useless. So as we were waiting to see one of the bands I really wanted to see (Hellogoodbye) I started to feel very nauseous, then I could barely stand. I started to feel really dizzy and Mark went to buy me another water. When we got to the stand there wasnt any left anywhere in the park. The whole park was dry, they had to call for reinforcements. So as I was walking to find a place to sit I could go no longer, so Mark dragged me to the medical tent. After that it was all down hill from there. I had heat stress and when he realesed me he said that if I got worse I had to go home because it was serious and it did get worse. We left I was feeling awful, sunburned, thirsty, no energy to even climb into the truck it was awful. I got home and slept the day away and Iam never doing that again. all I have to say is F U sun, how could you be so mean to me!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

What a beautiful day in Houston, Tx. Im sitting here starring outside my window and I cant stop day dreaming about escaping and going on a picnic and just being with the Muffin. I feel like laying under a tree setting up camp and just cloud watching. I know its only been like 3 hrs since I just saw him but I really really miss him. AHHHHHHHHHHH whats happening to me its like im dependant of someone, its not like me so Im not quite sure how I feel about it.
Well this week there are quite a few things keeping me going this Monday morning

1. Muffin!!!
I love Mark more than anything, I love being with him at all times. I know if we dont start giving eachother space thats going to fade but I dont realy want any space between us.

2. Punch
my sisters baby shower was this weekend I i got really creative making fresh fruit and mint punch. It was a big hit with everyone and I wish I had a cold glass of someof that strawberry, peach, mint punch right about meow.

3. Cloud Watching
I imagine myself away from where Iam, I like to day dream alot and I guess this job is perfect for just that

4. Ice cream
I just let go of sweets for 2 wks and you have no idea how bad I want anything that has to do with icecream, Im craving it. Even craving frozen yogurt

5. Not having a car
I know this is weird but not having a car right at the moment has turned out to be a blessing. I get to spend so much more time with Muffin and I love it. He drives me to work, eats breakfast with me at work, comes back for my lunch and eats lunch with me and then picks me up from work. Its awesome more more more time with Muffin

6. Decorating my new apartment in my head
Even though we dont have the apartment yet, Iam having a ball thinking of ways to make that space or own. I hope I can break my lease sometime soon so I can save a little more money by moving out of the awful apartment Im at now and stay at Mark's or my grandparents.

7. Swimming
Ugh in this awful Texas heat I am so glad there are swimming pools. I love floating away and forgetting the world while still keeping cool

8. Museums
This month and all of next month they are having somekind of Star Wars thing at the Museum of Natural Science and the Muffin and I will definately be going to that. I cant wait

9. Side shows
This weird Mexican circus is in town and Im completely curious about what happens in a Mexican circus and how different it is from our Barnum and Bailey circus.

10. Road trips
Iam dreaming of just getting in my car with muffin and snacks, drinks and good tunes and just driving through Texas and seeing some other wonderful part of our large state. Im a little frustrated with our scenery. I want to go to the river, or go hiking or something different. Oh please please make it happen soon.

Last week Mark took me to an amazing hiking trail that starts in his neighborhood and it was so exciting being in the woods and exploring our way through nature. I hope we can do that again soon. This time I will wear ants, because last time a horse fly was trying to eat my leg. EEP! Never again!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

love notes to you


Please bring on the rain here in Houston, TX we really need it. I sleep so much better and I am so much happier!

Old Navy,
Please let me find some cute shorts for today. I really need them its going to be so hot and I cant quite find any shorts that fit anywhere else, you are my only hope please dont disappoint me.

Chevy Cobalt (White Rabbit),
We have been together for almost 4 years. You were my very first car and Im sorry I havent taken care of you like I should. Please make it through these rough times. I promise to take better care of you and treat you like you deserve to be treated I love you.

Please please please stop the itching. Ive given you baths in oatmeal, Ive slathered all kinds of different anti itching creams and Ive stopped taking those vitamins just in case they are the cause of the all over itch. Please stop itching! Im tired of scratching and crying because it burns to scratch in some places because my skin is raw. I love you, I take care of you so much why are you rebelling against me and making me so uncomfortable. Im talking Benadryl today to see if you will stop, I hope you will listen to me, momma loves you

Friday, June 24, 2011


I wish that I could be at home sleeping in my comfy bed, with  waffle and Muffin

I want people to mind their own business when Im talking so someone that isnt them

I dont want people around me all the time

I wish  I could be more motivated and stick to working out everyday

I would like to WANT to stop smoking, eating junk, and eat healthy

I will be smoking on Saturday because I have no self control and I will be at an all day out door concert tomorrow

I am hoping that I find some shorts to wear to the concert where I wont look disgusting

I hope that I look really cute tomorrow and stay cool and pretty all day

I really feel like a fatty today and there really isnt any one else to blame but me

Next week I will miraculously be motivated and stick to working out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gloomy weather = love

So yesterday it rained her in Houston!!! YAAAAAAY
We hadnt had real rain (not like misting rain)in Houston since Februaury. We were going through a drought, we even had 22 wildfired in Texas! That never happens. So of course we here at the office had to go outside and play in it!!!

Today it was raining this morning as well, so Im in a very lazy mood. I just want to crawl into bed with Muffin and sleep all day. I wish it would start to rain hard, so hard that we have a power outage and we get to go home. Today Muffin had to drive me to work since it was raining. I have really bad breaks and I almost killed myself driving in the rain yesterday trying to get to work. Yesterday was so much fun, it really felt like a friday. I got to take a 2 hr lunch and go to Niko Nikos with Katherine, one of our interns. It was so much fun, we even planned a girls date because we had so much fun. Movies, sushi, drinks and a pedi. Sounds amazing doesnt it!!!! I love her she is amazing, I definately dont want her to go back home once her internship is over. Hopefully they will offer her a job here once she graduates. Well thats all as of right now. Hopefully later on I will have something more interesting to talk about

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The rage take II

hehehe in love

rage comics - Everything Went Worse Than Expected

hahaha This one is definately me

rage comics - Animals Can Sense These Things

This is totally my mom

rage comics - She Has Eyes Everywhere

hahahaha this is Mark hahahaha

rage comics - If You Can't Do the Time

rage comics - Sweet Melty Cheesus, Have Mercy

This is how I fell for Mark lol

rage comics - Bloody Lovely!

memes - Hidden Messages...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early in the morning...

Yesterday was a weird day for me
- had a coworker pretend to be me and bitch out my apartment complex so they could finally fix the things that are broken in my apartment.
- Missed my water aerobics :(
- rushed over to sister's house because we thought she was going to have the baby
- Got to play with my mini me, bathe him and then my mom and I rocked him to sleep
- Wrnt for a night swim with Mark while Anthony smoked on the back porch
- Watched 28 days later
- had some alone time with the Muffin and went to sleep
There was only one problem I probably only slept like 30mins after that I was tossing and turning. I asked
Muffin to leave the window open because I wanted to stare at the moon and then I passed out, I think I was tossing and turning because of last nights moon, it just didnt want me to sleep. I wasnt the only one though Mark, Anthony and 2 coworkers of mine said that they didnt get a goods night rest either. I wonder what was the cause of this. Hmm oh well, I hope today isnt a total fail, Im hoping I get to...
- Take a 2 hr nap after work before water aerobics
- Go to water aerobics
-Get home and have a delicious homemade burger a la Mark
- Watch 28 days later and 28 weeks later
- get a good nights rest
- not get called on a false alarm by my sister again
This weekend is Warped tour and Im so nervous I hope its fun, and not so hot. Oh how I wish it would speed up and just be Fall. I wish it was Fall everyday, its my favorite time of the year.
well I leave you all with happy and cool thoughts. Stay cool everyone in the South and everywhere else where its 100 degrees or more.
please rain gods hear our pleas and make a crazy storm come out of no where and take away this silly drought!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cure for the Monday blues

Well today is Monday and Iam dragging and trudging on through the day. I had one hell of a weekend. I had my nephew for the whole weekend. I went to go pick him up Friday after work and he stayed until like 10am, when I drove him home. It was very sad taking him back to my sister because I enjoyed him so much. I didnt think I could handle having a kid and I was so nervous that he was going to cry Friday night because he wanted to go back home but he didnt and it was awesome. So things that are inspiring me and keeping me going this dreary Monday morning in Houston, TX are ...

1. Pools and swimming in 101degree weather.

This weekend I spent 2 days in the pool with wolfie and it was heaven in the awful texas summer heat

2. Cuddles

I got to cuddle with my wolfie all weekend and I also got plenty of cuddles from Muffin on Sunday, it was heaven

3. Being a mommy for three days.

Pretending to be a mommy was like training for 3 days and Iam so ready to be a mommy. I can feel it, I want one, I think Im ready!!!

4. Redbox movies

Theres nothing better than going to get movies that you werent able to see in theaters for a dollar. There are so many redboxes out there and good choices in films as well

5. Sundays

I never thought I would say this but I love Sundays its our lazy days. Muffin and I wash clothes and lounge around the house watching movies (oldies but goodies and new releases), we might swim, but mostly its just cuddling and being around eachother

6.  Water aerobics

Man I always thought that is was for older people, but its so much fun and Iam actually so sore the next day. I will be doing this every Monday through Thurday until October. Maybe I will be a tad more fit before I start school

7. Zumba

I was very skeptical about this form of exercise when I first heard of it but trying it out for the first time blew my mind. I will definately be adding it to my life this year and maybe even take it a step further and master belly dancing

8. Wolfie

Inever knew how much I could love a person until he came into my life. All I want to do is be there for him, protect him and never disappoint him. He is the best thing in this world God could have sent me.

9. Pedicures, Bubble Tea and Sushi

Omg I have been craving this combo for the longest time. I think I might need a date with my cousin pretty soon. Hes the only guy I know that will enjoy this as much as I do. Or maybe this is an outing with the girls!!!

10. Muffin

I love Mark so much and I thank God everyday for bringing me such a wonderful man into my life. I want everything be be wonderful and amazing for us and I definately cant wait until October 27, 2012 to become Christian Renee Belle

11. Best friends

I have a select few that I just have to talk to or text on the daily and they inspire me and keep me dreaming and never let me off my cloud. Its because of their friendship that Im the goof ball I am today and I want them to be a part of my life forever. Thanks chiclets I love you!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


omg I think Ive become obsessed with rage comics here are some of my favie favs

rage comics - Gotta Freshen My Intestines

rage comics - The Ghost of Kitties Past

I think this one is about me hahaha
rage comics - It Might Have Had One of Those Tungsten Carbide Beaks

rage comics - So If I Watched the Movie?

rage comics - Eating Popsicles, Silly

rage comics - The Unexpected Perks of Marriage

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wishful Thinking


I was going to try and eat better starting monday and here Iam eating breakfast from McDonald's

I was secretly jealous of Ladybird, so I got waffle to make Muffin feel what I feel

I get a little too grumpy when Im hungry, and Muffin feels my wrath

I own a gazillion pair of heels but I dont wear any of them

Im secretly pushing Muffin to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle

I like to lounge around with Muffin and let the lazy take over me

I wish Muffin would eat what I like so we can go to restaurants and not feel guilty that muffin doesnt like anything on the menu

I think Muffin's calves are the sexiest part of his body

I love picnics, all the time and all year round

I wish I was less self conscious and I could learn to love my body

I love being cute and adorable rather than sexy and seductive

I like to go shopping for friends babies because I cant wait to have one of my own

I'm a little nervous about October only being four months away

I just wanted to go to Warped Tour to see Muffin get all gaga and nerdy over his favorite bands

I secretly cry and throw a fit when Muffin tells me that he cant stay over because he has to take care of things at his moms house

I wish his mom could be a better person and get a life of her own, because she is sucking the happiness out of ours

I wish I could take away all his painful past and anger and just free him of it

I will never stop being jealous of ladybird, I dont get it... why am I so jealous of a freaking dog? WHY WHY WHY?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random thoughts

Its Thursday yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Im so happy tomorrow is Friday. I get to have my nephew for the weekend. I saw him on Tuesday, I went over to my sisters house for brownies and a movie. We watched Devil, I guess it might be inappropriate for a kid, but not wolfie he watched it with us and was fine. So Thats when I had the best idea ever!
Since I dont have to work on weekends anymore I wanted to see if I could babysit him for a whole weekend. Im super stoked. I have all of these fun things for us to do, I hope it all works out. I love my wolfster more than cupcakes!!!
I decided that I want to move to Washington, DC!!!
I was looking at pictures and I totally love how historic and beautiful the city is. So i want to move over there. I think my mind will change once Muffin and I find a cute bungalow or cottage style house to call our home that is in our price range. I dont want to live in a home that looks like every other home on the block, I want all the houses on our street to be different from eachother, why do all the new houses look like they came out of an assembly line in a generic home factory. I hate it. Houses these days have no personalities, no soul and I dont want to start a family in a home like that.
Poor Muffin, I think I might be too hard on him, but we will work together to make this happen I can feel it. I love him so much , I cant wait to finally be Mrs. Christian Renee Belle, it has a nice ring to it Im in love with it.
Tonight Im going to attempt an extreme work out wish me luck. Im trying trying trying not to have another pigout day like yesterday. God help me that was completeky detrimental to my "healthy eating" life change. But today is another day and Im doing alot better, I ate my breakfast, english breakfast te, for lunch a tuna sandwhich and for dinner Im having soup. I will be doing a double workout session, im drinking plenty of water and I took my vitamins, see great day!
I love my job, we are just so silly up in this office hahaha. I am a tea and tea party lover, so at work I started The Sexytime Tea Party. Its all of my sexy girls talking, and gossiping over tea in the Kitchen. Its lovely and today I brewed a wonderful Green tea with jasmine, accai, passion fruit and blueberries. So I must go join the party. I hope you all have a great night.

Love, cupcakes and tea parties

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

happily inspired by awesomeness

Iam absolutely in love with weddings, I just love all the love in the air, the happiness, the feeling of forever. Ever since I could remember there was one thing I always believed in and the was LOVE. I never for once thought that anyone was ever meant to be alone, we all have our other half and one day we will combine and be whole again. I cant wait to be Christian Renee Belle and marry the one man that I love and I know loves me more than anything. So upon planning our wedding I became excited I wanted it to combine all of the things that we both love. Sou our wedding is going to be a Smörgåsbord of things that we both love. So we are incorporating love, the 1950s, zombies, carnivals, rockabilly,creativity and imagination, candy,  picnics and diners. I cant wait, I get so giddy when I start to think about how much fun I want everyone to have, how much love I want everyone to feel and how much I want all of my family and friends there to witness the beauty of our love. Anyways so browsing some of my favorite blogs I came upon certain couples that I just absolutely love and give me inspiration and here they are

Legal and Party from Frank Millar on Vimeo.

If you would like to read a little more about them please check out Rock n Roll Bride, its one of my favorite places to look for wedding inspiration.

I love this adorable Save the Dates

I <3 LA - Save The Date from Angel Melanson-Ruiz on Vimeo.
Also from Kat Williams, so please chck out the rest of the story here Rock n Roll Bride

 Iam also loving the beautiful Cabbage flower bouquets that they are showing over at lovely little details. I also use them for wedding inspiration. I havent really decided what I want my bouquet to look like but I really love Peonies and this cabbage rose is absolutely gorgeous. Im thinking Im in love.

When I dream of my cute lovely little married life sometimes I imagine it to be like Naomi and Josh of Rockstar Diaries. You can start here, from the begining like I did or just start reading. I promise you will be hooked on love after reading. I follow this little blog religiously, Im just so facinated by how much love they have for one another and how much fun they have just being married and having eachother. This video I just adore and thought I shoucl share...

Postcards From Italy from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.

Since becoming engaged I have become facinated with weddings, but not your average cookie cutter weddings. I want my wedding to focus on US our love for one another and things that make us unique, things that we both love. So researching wedding blogs and things of that sort I have become obsessed with DIY weddings and these are some of the sites I look at. Reading Rockstart Diaries gives me hope for a happy married life. I hope you all like this post its a little different but I thought I should share.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What have I done

So I have to admit I am a pretty happy person as of lately. I figure my life is really good right now. I have a wonderful husband to be who makes me happier than anything (we have our problems but we talk through it all), a adorably mean cat that I love with all my heart, I have an awesome nephew that I love with all my being and my sister and I have become a lot closer this past year. I guess I really cant complain  I love my life.  
The end!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

Hey guys sorry Im posting this so late, I had such a busy busy day at work. I had a crazy weekend and I guess I don't really feel like reminiscing on it. Other than the fact that I got to see She Wants Revenge with two of my favorite people, Mark and Brittany. So things that Im loving this week are somewhat close to my heart at the moment and are what is keeping me going, so here it goes.

1. She Wants Revenge, they win hands down kick ass for sure

2. My lovely fiance Mark Belle and all the silly things he does to make me happy.

3. My favorite chiclet of all time Ms. Brittany Cross

4. My cat waffle, even though he can be a little jackhole at times. I totally love him.

5. My wonderful little boy wolfie, he is the light in my life.

6. Pugs pigs pugs!!! I totally want one so I can name him either pancake, bacon, or donut. Too cute!

Im loving my life so much right now, I cant really ask for more. I hope you all had an amazing weekend I know I did. Love you all have a great night

Friday, June 10, 2011

A day for Charity

Iam so stoked for today. Number one its Friday and number to its like pretty much going to be a half day.
Today the company that I work for is going to do the Beautification project. We as a company have chosen a person in need and we will beautify their landscaping and make their gardening dreams come true. The case we have chosen is of a 23 year old soldier who was shot in the neck and paralyzed from the waist down. This is his story...
A wounded GI's new battle
Sugar Land soldier is one of thousands returning home disabled
Houston Chronicle

It was about 1 p.m., and his convoy had paused at a checkpoint near Baqubah, Iraq, northeast of Baghdad, after a report that a man may have planted a bomb. Just the week before, in the same area, an improvised explosive device detonated under his vehicle, damaging the windows.
The team was on alert, but Cannon noticed nothing suspicious.
"I don't remember hearing the first shot," he says, "but I remember feeling short of breath." Five weeks ago, a sniper dropped this Sugar Land soldier, barely out of his teens. The bullet struck him in the neck, exited his back and left him paralyzed below the waist. As Cannon left the battlefield, he joined a growing procession of service members coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not in flag-draped coffins, but casualties nonetheless. "An Iraqi national, a local, told us that somebody suspicious had dropped something off that looked like an IED," he says. "It might've been a setup, it might've been there, but we didn't know." His team leader told him to get down, but Cannon couldn't move. His hands and feet were like lead. Another bullet ricocheted off the turret.
He learned he'd been shot only after his team leader radioed the others. The convoy was forced to push forward to reach a nearby aid station. "I didn't know what was going to happen and I was like, 'Am I gonna die?'" Cannon says. "He told me to keep my eyes open and to look at him, and I remember seeing a tear drip down his face." At the aid station, Cannon made a doctor promise not to let him die. From Iraq, he was flown to Landstuhl, Germany, where doctors used bone from his hip to salvage a ravaged portion of his vertebrae. They reinforced his back with metal rods and pins during a 10-hour surgery. "I'm going to walk again as much as it's going to take out of me," he said. "No matter what I do, I want to walk again." For now, Cannon can be counted on to lighten the mood with jokes about the bicycle ride he will take or the spinners he wants for his wheelchair. His sense of humor and "smart ass" sensibilities help him stay positive as he remains "fixated on living hour by hour." He quickly became expert at maneuvering his motorized wheelchair, equipped with two controls similar to joy sticks. All of his equipment and medical costs are covered by the VA and will be for the rest of his life. He also can count on monthly VA benefits of $2,300.
Our Company has a mission ans its "To make a more beautiful place to live work and play"
When my boss heard his story he knew we had to do something to help him and so this is our Beautification Project. Every year we like to give something back to the world so we pick a case that speaks to all of us. We want everyone to see the oue world is still a very beautiful place and there are plenty of people willing to help and share and love one another the way that we should. We want to make his life a more beautiful place to live and work and play, so the beautification project is on. It just so Happens that today is his birhtday so we are also throwing him a little surprise party. We leave here at 10:30am and wont be back until 3pm. Im excited. His dream was to have a back yard that could be like a manly get away where he can barbeque and just hang out with his friends and drink. So we bout him a beautiful rustic out door cooler that has cool Texas symbolys burned into the wood. Its truely beautiful, it made me want one for my someday house and I just found out that one of my coworkers is know for making them so I asked him to make me one as a wedding gift! That would be sooo cool.  Anyways back to Dillon, So his backyard is going to have neautiful ladscaped garden and flowers and a picnic area, barbecue pit and the cooler. We are going to make it his grilling paradise, well thats our dream.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Under the blacklight

Jenny Lewis - Carpetbaggers.mp3

Wow yesterday was a blasty blast I couldn't believe it. I had such a good time and I think that was just what I needed to get my mind off of a few things.  I had asked Marisa to come over to the house and come hang out with me and go swimming so I was so ready to get off work yesterday!

So i get home fairly early because I told her we were meeting at 6pm. I waited for Mark to get home so we could go to Walmart and buy stuff to drink. I mean when Marisa is coming over and you put us two girls together there has to be alcohol

I relapsed yesterday, I'm really disappointed in myself but I felt like I needed to destress. I asked Mark to buy us a pack of cigarettes and he smoked the whole pack between me and him. I feel very guilty about it, only because I was doing so good. The stress with my sister just got to me and all day yesterday I was crying on and off. Its only when I get very emotionally stressed that I need a cigarette. Its OK though because today is a new day and i wont be smoking for awhile. My first cigarette of the night came with an amazing high , I felt like I was floating and I just couldn't understand why I quit in the first place. I love smoking, it really calms me down but I'm so worried about getting seriously sick when I'm older, and because of vanity reasons. Also if I ever have children I don't ever want them to be influenced to smoke because of Mark and I so I think those are pretty valid reasons.

So anyways once we returned to Mark's house we got the party started. Anthony was there and his pseudo- girlfriend too, Rochelle. I think that's how you spell her name. I'm not very good with meeting new girls I'm very very skeptical because girls are the toughest people to make friends with, unless of course you are a guy. I don't know its a jealousy thing with all women, so the few girlfriends I have I know them pretty well, trust them and keep them because they are nothing like your average crazy jealous girls. I have seen her a couple of times at the house before and I totally want to get to know her. Iam very quick to judge people and when someone just doesn't set well at first meeting, I usually follow with caution because there is usually a reason for that feeling.

So it was three girls and two guys, we changed up (Marisa and I) and got our drink on early. We jumped in the pool and swam and talked and drank and ate, it was so much fun. Then when it started to get darker the guys jumped in the pool and Rochelle was being very self conscience about her body but we got her to put her feet in the pool. After that much Marisa ended up pulling her into the pool fully dressed. Then we were just goofing off drinking, telling stories and swimming. Then Anthony called their friend Caesar and he came over and we hung out with him. It was a lot of fun, I'm glad we did this because now we got to all know eachother a little better and I was distracted from my family drama. I love meeting mew people and getting to know Mark's friends. I cant wait to be married to him and live with him. We are going to be so happy and life is just going to be a blasty blast!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something to look forward to

Ok so its Wednesday and Im really glad that it feels like this week is going to go by really fast. I just cant wait till Saturday, Im peeing in my pants with excitement! Not really Im just super stoked. I found out this weekend that one of my favorite bands is going to be coming to Houston and playing at a really cool venue for super cheap. Of course I have to go and I will the best part is that I am making it a girls night out and taking two of my best friends with me. Brittany and Haley. I cant wait. The band is She Wants Revenge. Ive seen them before when they played with Kill Hannah (my number one favorite band). This time I dont know who they are head lining for but Iam stoked. I was going to force Mark to go with me but then when I asked my cousin to go he was completely off the hook and happy. He even planned a DUDE'S NIGHT OUT! How cute is that?! So when my cousin bailed out on me I was not going to tell him because I know he wouldnt let me go alone and I definately didnt want him to cancel DUDE NIGHT. But I told him and he came up with the brilliant idea of asking my best girlfriends from Starbucks. Chances of them going looked very bleak. I didnt think they would ever want to go but it wouldnt hurt to try so I did. Then it all came together and a magical girls night out was planned and I couldnt be happier. THANKS MARK!! So the plan for Saturday is... Wake up brush my teeth and get ready, wait for Brittany to get to Mark's house. Im going to do her makeup because we are going to try to take some awesome pictures while we are meandering around town. We will go thrifting at some places neither of us have been to before, go to the galleria and buy some makeup at Sephora.  We will probably eat at some point during the day, so theres that. I know that we have to look super cute because we will be taking pictures all over Houston, so then theres that. Then there is a gap between that and the concert. Maybe we might go back, she might go home and then we nap till its time to go to the concert and we rendevous at Starbucks. Haley doesnt know where Mark lives so Im thinking this might be easier. I dont really know I guess we will just play it by ear because plans arent ever really secure in my life. I just hope no one backs out, that tends to happen alot. I cant wait we will have a blasty blast.

A day of tears

Wednesday, one more day has passed and we are closer to the weekend. I dont know what is up with me lately, but I definitley dont feel like being at work. I get so bored with routine, this is how I know that I dont belong in an office job. I am the type of person that needs constant change and Im definitely not going to find it in an office. I cant wait to start school, this is something that I have always been interested and I have been more interested in this subject more and more as the years go by. This year is bringing so much change for me and Iam so excited and ready for it. Today Im feeling really emotionally drained. Have you ever cried so much that you just feel so tired the next day? Like your eyes are puffy, your head hurts, and you just feel like your spirit in being weighed down? That is what I feel like today!
Last night was my nephews birthday, I almost didnt get to see him. Sometimes I wishes were real because if they were, I would ask for my sister to get her act together and start acting like an adult. I dont think she truly understand how much her actions are going to affect her children. I sometimes feel like taking wolfie and just leaving the country, running away, live our lives away from the hectic drama that his mom brings into the house. Last night I was so excited to go see my nephew and I get to the house, ready to hold him, Im so excited and I notice an unfamiliar car in the drive way. I dont even have to go in I already know who is there. Im not mentioning any names all I will say is that I have such a hate for this person, this person has hurt our family in so many ways but he is still accepted because my sister runs over everyone for this one person. I go in and my grandparents are all alone and they tell me"oh we are waiting on your mom and then we are all heading over to your sisters house to celebrate the baby" I was so upset I call her and ask her who is at her house (she lives in the back, my grandparents have a full 2 bedroom 1 bath house in the back yard) She tells me who it is, its who I suspected adn I hang up. You couldnt even believe the rage I was feeling. I couldnt go see my nephew because that person was over there. I cant be civil at times and I didnt want to start anything so I called her and told her to give him a kiss and tell him Happy Birthday for me. I left crying. I know that I said I would always be there for him and I was so angry with myself. I dont want to get into what happened but I was so upset I got to the house and I think I cried for an hour and a half I just couldnt stop myself. I love that little boy more than anything and I just wanted to see him. My mom called and convinced me to come back that everything was going to be ok, because wolfie loves me more than anything. So I did. I get there I can here him talking up a storm and just as I walk through the door he sees me drops what he is doing and runs passed everyone just to cling to my legs. I was so happy I wanted to start crying, but I couldnt let that person see me break down so I was calm and extremely happy. I held him as we sang, blew out his candles and cut the cake then my sister took him away from me and handed him to the enemy and I wanted to punch the fucking walls and tear that person apart, maybe even beat the shit out of my sister for being so stupid. Needless to say wolfie was not happy beig with the enemy and came back to me. We played around for a bit and then everyone started leaving, and I knew I couldnt stay there by myself. I wish I could have stayed a little longer, I cant stand to leave him. As soon as he saw me walk out of the house I heard him screaming and crying. Thats how I know that I am that little boys world, he loves me and I shouldnt care what anyone else thinks. God I love him so much and Iam going to try to see him more often because I dont get to see my wolfie that much and I dont want him to grow up without me in his life.
Life sometimes sucks, people in it make it so hard but my little wolfie is worth everything in the world to me!

I just want to say
"Fuck you! You will not ever tear me away from that baby, I will do anything and everything possible to get you out of our lives! You will not control our lives or hers and I can fucking promise you that!"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy birthday to the best little boy I know

Today is my nephew's birthday he is 2 years old.
Man oh man it has been the best two years of my life knowing this little guy. It wasnt always like this, there were times that I cursed God for giving my sister a baby. I just couldnt comprehend why he would bless people who shouldnt be having children, children and the people who really wanted childres at times couldnt. I didnt understand why he would give her with a baby because she was so young, not in a good relationship with the baby's father, and definitaley not financially ready for anything let alone a baby. So I was against it all along.
On the day of his birth I went for sisterly support, I had to be there for her, even though I was so angry about it all. From the moment I held that baby in my arms I knew I would love him more than anything in my life.
I felt like I  just had to protect him from everything, especially every stupid decision my sister would make, because knowing her there would be alot. He was never a burden, he was a blessing a beautiful beautiful blessing. I didnt understand that until he was in my arms, it wasnt till then that I realized that God wouldnt curse anyone by giving them a child a child is always a blessing. Everything happens for a reason and I think he sent me this baby to realize that through all hardships there is always a silver lining. He has made me happy just by being alive, just by looking at me with those gorgeous eyes or by hugging me and wanting my attention at all times, he has made my life 100% happier. From the moment I held him in my arms I knew my life would change forever, he was my blessing. Holding him I felt like nothing else in the world mattered. Everything was going on around me but it was just us, us against the world. I guess I cant really describe that moment but I think this picture can...
My life has forever changed and no one can make me as happy as wolfie. That little boy has seen me through so much pain and when he smiles at me or hugs me nothing else seems important, every pain in my heart just melts away and Im so happy that it just comes from within him. I honestly feel like all the bad just melts away. I love him so much and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I want to be there for him always just as he has been there for me, even though he didnt know it. I cant ever imagine my life without him. If something where ever to happen to him I wouldnt know what to do. He is my little man he is my tiny blessing, he is my WOLFIE.
You all must think its so weird that I call him wolfie but it is me, what would you expect!!! The reasons behind his nickname are...
When my sister's water broke we were waching a movie about vampires, as you all know "commercially" vampires and werewolves are always enemies and since I was heavy into reading and watching anything about vampires, I had vampires and werewolves in my mind. When she was pregnant with him I was obsessed I became obsessed with werewolves, I loved them more than vampires and that says alot. So when Allie's water broke it was late at night and as we were driving to the hospital the only thing I kept thinking about was the huge, gorgeous full moon following us all the way to the hospital. When I think I go into like a fantasy world and I kept thinking that the baby was going to be a werewolf as soon as he came out of the womb, I mean why else would my sisters water break during that movie, why would the moon be so close and full? It had to be a werewolf. Im crazy, I know! Also when he was born he was super hairy. His little head was full of hair and the thing that influnced the nickname the most were his little ears. They were small but pointy and oh so hairy so he is my little warewolf hence the name WOLFIE!!!

His first haircut by my sister hahaha

He was a little scared but he got through it

His new haircut isnt he a doll!
My little man, my best friend my Wolfie!

Man I cant believe how time flies I want him to always love me as much as he loves me to this day. No matter how much of a brat he is, no matter how bad he acts nothing will ever change my perception of him, there isnt anything he can do to make me not love him. I want him to know that he can always count on me for anything and that I love him more than cupcakes and unicorns hahaha.
 I will always be there for you kiddo. I love you
Your aunt Christian loves you more than you will ever know!

Weekend recap

Tuesday yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Im so glad Monday is over with. I usually am dragging every Monday but yesterday wasnt so bad but I was definitely still in weekend mode, I did not want to be at work. I made it through the day though thank the lord!!
My weekend felt so short. I guess it was because I usually spend both days with Mark lounging around and being goofey, but he had to work so I was flying solo on Saturday.
I dont know if I said it earlier but for a whole week I will be living with Mark at his moms house in Spring while they try to find the location of a mysterious leak that is ruining the walls of my apartment. So we moved some stuff over to his house on Friday and I have been staying at his house ever since. Of course this means that I have waffle with me, I cant leave my baby behind. So I was relocated to his moms room where there is a seperate bathroom , more room for my cat and a lock on the door so we can keep his blood hound away from my baby. Just thought I should throw that in so my Saturday recap makes sense.
Ok so Saturday was my sisters graduation. I didnt get her a present for graduation because Im having some financial issues lately (arent we all). So instead I told her that I would do her makeup for her graduation. She was excited, I felt like it was the least I could do. My favorite part of it all was probably getting to hangout with my nephew the wolfster!!! I have big dreams for him, he will one day be a stand up bass player for a big rockabilly band and I will support him the whole way lol. I think that would be a totally cute costume for Halloween, a little greaser (ah how freaking cute) we can totally work his awesome hair into a pompador.
Anyways so Saturday I wake up early because I have to be at mysisters house at 7am, so that means I have to be made up and ready before I head over there. So I wake up early and I needed to brush my teeth, Mark has already left for work and Im not sure where ladybird is so I close the door to the bedroom. As Im brushing my teeth I realize HOLY CRAP! I just locked myself out of the room. So i check it, and sure enough Im locked out. DAMMIT!!! So the only logical thing to do is try and pry the lock open with a knife. So I go get a knife and Im working it and I think I almost have it and I freaking break the knife and semi cut my thumb. What the hell am I going to do now? Ok I need a smaller knife so I go to Mark's room and I find a pocket knife and I use that. Well some how the knife slipped and I slice my finger open. Great, it hurt like hell and Im dripping blood all over the floor. I started crying and I realize Anthony (his room mate) is home. Maybe he can help me get back into the room. So I knock, Im crying at his door and nothing I can hear him in there snoring away!!! So having sliced open my hand clarity sort of hit and I was remembering how Mark sometimes forgets to lock the windows and I thought I might try the bedroom window. The only problem was it was 5 something in the morning, I was in a t-shirt and undies, no shoes and I was really scared. I took a pair of shoes from his room and I went outside luckily his dog went with me, I climbed the airconditioning unit and tried the window. Thank the lord the window was unlocked the only problem was climbing in because I was so short. So i hoped up and tumbled in and twisted my ankle and landed hard on my butt. The best thing was... I WAS INSIDE THE BEDROOM!!! yaaaay after that I got dressed, left and did my sisters makeup.
Ok so at the graduation my job was to take care of the baby. Wolfie is super duper spoiled by me! So after 20 minutes of sitting waiting for it to start he decided he was bored. So we left and played and ran around and I carried him, spun him around, chased him around and was just having a good time with him( in my cute new flower print platforms, trust me my feet were dying!!!). What I was really trying to do was wear him out so he could nap and I can see  my sister graduate. well after an hour and a half of trying it worked. I had to rock him standing up to put him to sleep. So I finally got to sit down. I saw my sister walk it was awesome, as we are waiting for all the other kids I could care less about I start feeling something really warm on my lap. Then i start to feel something run down my leg and wolfie wakes up crying. I grab him, sit him on a chair next to me and grab his diaper bag. He had PEED on me PEE was running down my leg, PEE consumed the chair I was sitting on, PEE was collecting in a puddle under the chair. I quickly wipe my leg, wipe the puddle grab wolfie and diaper bag and run to the restroom to change him. We fight he is deathly scared of the Koala changing table but I finally strapped him in and as Im changing him I notice there is blood on his leg and I started freaking out. I noticed blood on his arm and then his belly and then I realized because of fighting him I reopened my cut and blood is dripping from my hand. I changed him cleaned him, wrap my wound and I leave. The funny thing is that my dress is a weird material that dries realy quickly so by the time we got back to our seats my dress was dry. I then started to notice the slight smell of pee and I knew it was me, so I go to the restroom and wash my dress in the sink(only the part he peed on) and come out and the graduation is finally over. By the time we get to the car Im tired I wanna go home and change but we went to Olive Garden and ate and had a good time. My Saturday was hectic but my Sunday was so laid back. I love just lounging around and despite being peed on by him, I love love love my nephew. Today is his birthday he will be two.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

So Im actually at work pretty early!!! Yay ME!
I had a pretty busy weekend. Actually just a pretty stressful Saturday, but its all good yesterday made up for it. I shall elaborate on it later. Right now its time for the cure for the Monday Blues!!!
This is totally true hahahaha

Too cute, I think I want a tattoo of it lol

Now I understand why waffle is obsessed with my laptop

I want to go here and just have quiet time

I totally want this peaceful oasis in my backyard!!!

 I want to do this to my sewing machine, once I get one of coarse lol

I totally have to have these

 This is how I feel sometimes as a cat mommy

I totally want to make one for Mark to wear. He would look lovely, simply lovely in a bow tie

I need to get these nails done


Friday, June 3, 2011

Yaaaay Friday!!!

Im so excited I dont even know why. I woke up in a fighting mood though. Phew!!!
I had the weirdest dream that I was with a coworker and we found her husband cheating on her with someone 20 years younger and thinner. I was so livid in my dream I woke up ready to fight. Luckily Mark was at work hahaha.
Anyways Im excited. I have lost a total of 8 pounds since I started calorie counting. If I keep losing weight like Im doing right now by October I will be smaller than I was in high school. I have to stay motivated and add more excersise to my life. Right now I live such a lazy lifestyle. I guess it doesnt help that I have a sedentary job and I dont really move from my desk but I know I can do this. I can lose 8-10 pounds a month, it feels reasonable.
Do you ever day dream? I think Im a dreamer because as Im sitting here listening to Rilo Kiley Im imagining my life (how I want it to be) and its just making me smile. Im thinking about when I finish school, I will be working at a high end salon making a little more money than what Im making here and I will be doing something that I love to do. I will start to build up my clientele and promote myself to my clients so I can get more business. I want to one day be a freelance makeup artisit, I mean right now I already do makeup  but I want to get more clients, do bigger jobs and actually get out there in the fashion world. Ive always dreamt about being a makeup artist out in the fashion industry. Im going to Aveda this October and getting my license to be an esthetician and they focus on skin care and makeup. Once that is all said and done I want to take theater makeup and learn to do special effects makeup. I want to learn as much as I can about skin and makeup and make it big. Thats one of my dreams. Then I start thinking about Mark and my dream for him. I know that he likes his job because he makes good money, but he works his ass off doing what he does. Hes always so tired and he comes home dirty and sun burned and it just makes me so sad that this work is so strenuous and it just takes so much out of him. I want him to go back to school after the wedding and get a better job. One that isnt so labor intensive but makes the same amount of money as hes making or more. He wants to be a lead screamer in a post hard core band. Hes so silly, but thats his dream and he has so much built up anger Im pretty sure he would be good at it. Thats his dream and I will support him 100% if thats what he wants to do because he supports me with my dreams and thats the way it should be. Then I also dream about my life as a married woman at 25. God can you believe it Im going to be 25 years old this year. It scares me, when I look back I think to myself wow where did all the time go. I know that Iam heading in the right direction when I think about my life. So when I think about being married at 25 I just smile at myslef. Who would ever have thought that I would be getting married? Let alone at 25!!! Im pretty excited about that, I think that Iam most excited about my life with Mark. He wants me to be a stay at home wife and part of me want to do that too. But I guess I want to also be doing makeup can I do both? My dream life would be having my cute house with a picket fence out in the heights. Having an awesome front porch a quaint little garden in the back with an awesome deck. I want to have 3 kids 2 girls and 1 boy for Mark hahaha I want to be a stay at home mom for sure because I dont want to miss a moment of the lives of my little cupcakes and muffins lives! So i think about being a freelance makeupartist, a full time mommy and a house wive and I think Im excited about my life with Mark. I cant imagine anything better than that.
Im really excited Mark and I have decided to get tattoos together. I know that they dont go with the idea he has for his sleeve so he doesnt want them on his arm but I do so Mark will be getting his on his thigh and I will be getting mine on my arm somewhere. I am so stoked about the design and I cant wait to get them. I love tattoos. Im going to be such a rad looking bride, mom and wife I cant wait to get my life started.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A cool giveaway I must post about!!!!

What an amazing freaking giveaway!!! Ok so this adorable little blog I follow called Sometimes Sweet is having an amazing giveaway for all moms to be, moms or pretty much anyone in need of a cool modern looking high chair! Her blog is Sometimes sweet and she is an adorable stay at home mom of a lovely little boy. I dont know why Iam so obsessed with her blog, but Iam. I want to one day be the creative inspirational mother like she is. You should totally go and check out her adorable blog.
Ok now on with the giveaway!!!
She is giving away this badass highchair  by Boon

Boon is a really cool baby company, well its really mostly for helping parents. I think one of my favorite products is the frog pod. Its a little frog that is an organizer and toy drainer in one, for the bathtub. Its also super cute and not so boring like some other baby organizing products are. An important fact about the company is that they also donate 10% of profits to charities benefiting children in need.
This company started with one woman looking at her messy bathtub and creating the frog pod and now she has all these other cool products to help moms with parenting.
This giveaway is super cool because Danielle is giving away a rad looking highchair. Its the Flair pedestal highchair with pneumatic lift. This highchair has no cracks or hidding places for crumbs and its very easy to clean. The tray is dishwasher safe and comes in four different colors. It also has an easy lift so it can safely fit with your dining table, and just adjusts height wise easily because of the pneumatic lift.
Its retail value is $279.99 but the cool thing is that you can head on over to Sometimes Sweet and enter to win one of your own. You dont have to be a mother to enter you can be a friend of a mom to be, the sister of a mom to be (like me), a someday hopeful (also like me) and just try your luck.
Good luck to all who enter I hope some of you readers go to her blog and enter this contest, its alot of fun you really dont have anything to lose but you have a rad highchair to win!!!