Monday, June 6, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

So Im actually at work pretty early!!! Yay ME!
I had a pretty busy weekend. Actually just a pretty stressful Saturday, but its all good yesterday made up for it. I shall elaborate on it later. Right now its time for the cure for the Monday Blues!!!
This is totally true hahahaha

Too cute, I think I want a tattoo of it lol

Now I understand why waffle is obsessed with my laptop

I want to go here and just have quiet time

I totally want this peaceful oasis in my backyard!!!

 I want to do this to my sewing machine, once I get one of coarse lol

I totally have to have these

 This is how I feel sometimes as a cat mommy

I totally want to make one for Mark to wear. He would look lovely, simply lovely in a bow tie

I need to get these nails done


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