Monday, June 13, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

Hey guys sorry Im posting this so late, I had such a busy busy day at work. I had a crazy weekend and I guess I don't really feel like reminiscing on it. Other than the fact that I got to see She Wants Revenge with two of my favorite people, Mark and Brittany. So things that Im loving this week are somewhat close to my heart at the moment and are what is keeping me going, so here it goes.

1. She Wants Revenge, they win hands down kick ass for sure

2. My lovely fiance Mark Belle and all the silly things he does to make me happy.

3. My favorite chiclet of all time Ms. Brittany Cross

4. My cat waffle, even though he can be a little jackhole at times. I totally love him.

5. My wonderful little boy wolfie, he is the light in my life.

6. Pugs pigs pugs!!! I totally want one so I can name him either pancake, bacon, or donut. Too cute!

Im loving my life so much right now, I cant really ask for more. I hope you all had an amazing weekend I know I did. Love you all have a great night

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