Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy birthday to the best little boy I know

Today is my nephew's birthday he is 2 years old.
Man oh man it has been the best two years of my life knowing this little guy. It wasnt always like this, there were times that I cursed God for giving my sister a baby. I just couldnt comprehend why he would bless people who shouldnt be having children, children and the people who really wanted childres at times couldnt. I didnt understand why he would give her with a baby because she was so young, not in a good relationship with the baby's father, and definitaley not financially ready for anything let alone a baby. So I was against it all along.
On the day of his birth I went for sisterly support, I had to be there for her, even though I was so angry about it all. From the moment I held that baby in my arms I knew I would love him more than anything in my life.
I felt like I  just had to protect him from everything, especially every stupid decision my sister would make, because knowing her there would be alot. He was never a burden, he was a blessing a beautiful beautiful blessing. I didnt understand that until he was in my arms, it wasnt till then that I realized that God wouldnt curse anyone by giving them a child a child is always a blessing. Everything happens for a reason and I think he sent me this baby to realize that through all hardships there is always a silver lining. He has made me happy just by being alive, just by looking at me with those gorgeous eyes or by hugging me and wanting my attention at all times, he has made my life 100% happier. From the moment I held him in my arms I knew my life would change forever, he was my blessing. Holding him I felt like nothing else in the world mattered. Everything was going on around me but it was just us, us against the world. I guess I cant really describe that moment but I think this picture can...
My life has forever changed and no one can make me as happy as wolfie. That little boy has seen me through so much pain and when he smiles at me or hugs me nothing else seems important, every pain in my heart just melts away and Im so happy that it just comes from within him. I honestly feel like all the bad just melts away. I love him so much and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I want to be there for him always just as he has been there for me, even though he didnt know it. I cant ever imagine my life without him. If something where ever to happen to him I wouldnt know what to do. He is my little man he is my tiny blessing, he is my WOLFIE.
You all must think its so weird that I call him wolfie but it is me, what would you expect!!! The reasons behind his nickname are...
When my sister's water broke we were waching a movie about vampires, as you all know "commercially" vampires and werewolves are always enemies and since I was heavy into reading and watching anything about vampires, I had vampires and werewolves in my mind. When she was pregnant with him I was obsessed I became obsessed with werewolves, I loved them more than vampires and that says alot. So when Allie's water broke it was late at night and as we were driving to the hospital the only thing I kept thinking about was the huge, gorgeous full moon following us all the way to the hospital. When I think I go into like a fantasy world and I kept thinking that the baby was going to be a werewolf as soon as he came out of the womb, I mean why else would my sisters water break during that movie, why would the moon be so close and full? It had to be a werewolf. Im crazy, I know! Also when he was born he was super hairy. His little head was full of hair and the thing that influnced the nickname the most were his little ears. They were small but pointy and oh so hairy so he is my little warewolf hence the name WOLFIE!!!

His first haircut by my sister hahaha

He was a little scared but he got through it

His new haircut isnt he a doll!
My little man, my best friend my Wolfie!

Man I cant believe how time flies I want him to always love me as much as he loves me to this day. No matter how much of a brat he is, no matter how bad he acts nothing will ever change my perception of him, there isnt anything he can do to make me not love him. I want him to know that he can always count on me for anything and that I love him more than cupcakes and unicorns hahaha.
 I will always be there for you kiddo. I love you
Your aunt Christian loves you more than you will ever know!

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