Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here comes the sun

Its Tuesday, man I am really tired today. I guess Im still feeling the effects of having a heat stroke. Seriously, who the hell would of thought that I would fall vicitm to the sun's vicious rays. But alas, it was fun seeing Mark freaked out and panic stricken that something would happen to me, hes my night in shining armour. Well I guess you must know the whole story, since I really dont have anything interesting to say other than Im having serious tummy issues and Im going home at noon.
OK so Saturday June 25, 2011 was the Vans Warped Tour here in Houston at the Sam Houston Racetrack. Gates we supposedly going to open at 10am so we needed to get there early so we could be first in line. We get there at about 9 something and the line was already long, there were tond of people there and then we found out that the gates werent opening till 11. So we waited in the smoldering heat. I slathered on sun screen while we were in the car on both of us, but it really didnt make a difference we sweated it all off by the time they let us in. Waiting in line was actually really scary, because everyone was so hot, there werent any restrooms or water the crowd started a riot. They started by throwing cds in the air, then it led to throwing bible type books, then trash, and then rocks. They started screaming I was so scared to get him luckily I didnt. So we got to see one band Asking Alexandria and we (Muffin and I) made friends with these two guys standing next to us. They were from Lafayette, Louisiana and there names were Chris and Col. Smith. They were funny and they introduced me to hardcore dancing.

Apparently thats what all the cool kids do at these shows. I had a fun time watching them actually doing it, it was so ridiculous and funny. I wonder if these kids actually know what they look like.
Anyways so we talked with these guys and then Asking Alexandria came out and they were amazing all cute and what not with their friendly british accents. LOVE!!!
During the show I was like playing a game of jump or get stomped on and elbow anyone near in the face with all the natives around me, for awhile it was fun, up until I was suffocating because everyone around me was like a mountain in the smoldering heat dripping in sweat. I couldnt breath so I clawed my was out of that heat pit and Muffin and I went to buy water. It was such a hot day we bought so much water and we were just walking around or standing around or trying to find a place to sit down it was useless. So as we were waiting to see one of the bands I really wanted to see (Hellogoodbye) I started to feel very nauseous, then I could barely stand. I started to feel really dizzy and Mark went to buy me another water. When we got to the stand there wasnt any left anywhere in the park. The whole park was dry, they had to call for reinforcements. So as I was walking to find a place to sit I could go no longer, so Mark dragged me to the medical tent. After that it was all down hill from there. I had heat stress and when he realesed me he said that if I got worse I had to go home because it was serious and it did get worse. We left I was feeling awful, sunburned, thirsty, no energy to even climb into the truck it was awful. I got home and slept the day away and Iam never doing that again. all I have to say is F U sun, how could you be so mean to me!!!

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