Monday, June 27, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

What a beautiful day in Houston, Tx. Im sitting here starring outside my window and I cant stop day dreaming about escaping and going on a picnic and just being with the Muffin. I feel like laying under a tree setting up camp and just cloud watching. I know its only been like 3 hrs since I just saw him but I really really miss him. AHHHHHHHHHHH whats happening to me its like im dependant of someone, its not like me so Im not quite sure how I feel about it.
Well this week there are quite a few things keeping me going this Monday morning

1. Muffin!!!
I love Mark more than anything, I love being with him at all times. I know if we dont start giving eachother space thats going to fade but I dont realy want any space between us.

2. Punch
my sisters baby shower was this weekend I i got really creative making fresh fruit and mint punch. It was a big hit with everyone and I wish I had a cold glass of someof that strawberry, peach, mint punch right about meow.

3. Cloud Watching
I imagine myself away from where Iam, I like to day dream alot and I guess this job is perfect for just that

4. Ice cream
I just let go of sweets for 2 wks and you have no idea how bad I want anything that has to do with icecream, Im craving it. Even craving frozen yogurt

5. Not having a car
I know this is weird but not having a car right at the moment has turned out to be a blessing. I get to spend so much more time with Muffin and I love it. He drives me to work, eats breakfast with me at work, comes back for my lunch and eats lunch with me and then picks me up from work. Its awesome more more more time with Muffin

6. Decorating my new apartment in my head
Even though we dont have the apartment yet, Iam having a ball thinking of ways to make that space or own. I hope I can break my lease sometime soon so I can save a little more money by moving out of the awful apartment Im at now and stay at Mark's or my grandparents.

7. Swimming
Ugh in this awful Texas heat I am so glad there are swimming pools. I love floating away and forgetting the world while still keeping cool

8. Museums
This month and all of next month they are having somekind of Star Wars thing at the Museum of Natural Science and the Muffin and I will definately be going to that. I cant wait

9. Side shows
This weird Mexican circus is in town and Im completely curious about what happens in a Mexican circus and how different it is from our Barnum and Bailey circus.

10. Road trips
Iam dreaming of just getting in my car with muffin and snacks, drinks and good tunes and just driving through Texas and seeing some other wonderful part of our large state. Im a little frustrated with our scenery. I want to go to the river, or go hiking or something different. Oh please please make it happen soon.

Last week Mark took me to an amazing hiking trail that starts in his neighborhood and it was so exciting being in the woods and exploring our way through nature. I hope we can do that again soon. This time I will wear ants, because last time a horse fly was trying to eat my leg. EEP! Never again!!!

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