Thursday, June 2, 2011

A cool giveaway I must post about!!!!

What an amazing freaking giveaway!!! Ok so this adorable little blog I follow called Sometimes Sweet is having an amazing giveaway for all moms to be, moms or pretty much anyone in need of a cool modern looking high chair! Her blog is Sometimes sweet and she is an adorable stay at home mom of a lovely little boy. I dont know why Iam so obsessed with her blog, but Iam. I want to one day be the creative inspirational mother like she is. You should totally go and check out her adorable blog.
Ok now on with the giveaway!!!
She is giving away this badass highchair  by Boon

Boon is a really cool baby company, well its really mostly for helping parents. I think one of my favorite products is the frog pod. Its a little frog that is an organizer and toy drainer in one, for the bathtub. Its also super cute and not so boring like some other baby organizing products are. An important fact about the company is that they also donate 10% of profits to charities benefiting children in need.
This company started with one woman looking at her messy bathtub and creating the frog pod and now she has all these other cool products to help moms with parenting.
This giveaway is super cool because Danielle is giving away a rad looking highchair. Its the Flair pedestal highchair with pneumatic lift. This highchair has no cracks or hidding places for crumbs and its very easy to clean. The tray is dishwasher safe and comes in four different colors. It also has an easy lift so it can safely fit with your dining table, and just adjusts height wise easily because of the pneumatic lift.
Its retail value is $279.99 but the cool thing is that you can head on over to Sometimes Sweet and enter to win one of your own. You dont have to be a mother to enter you can be a friend of a mom to be, the sister of a mom to be (like me), a someday hopeful (also like me) and just try your luck.
Good luck to all who enter I hope some of you readers go to her blog and enter this contest, its alot of fun you really dont have anything to lose but you have a rad highchair to win!!!

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