Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend recap

Tuesday yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Im so glad Monday is over with. I usually am dragging every Monday but yesterday wasnt so bad but I was definitely still in weekend mode, I did not want to be at work. I made it through the day though thank the lord!!
My weekend felt so short. I guess it was because I usually spend both days with Mark lounging around and being goofey, but he had to work so I was flying solo on Saturday.
I dont know if I said it earlier but for a whole week I will be living with Mark at his moms house in Spring while they try to find the location of a mysterious leak that is ruining the walls of my apartment. So we moved some stuff over to his house on Friday and I have been staying at his house ever since. Of course this means that I have waffle with me, I cant leave my baby behind. So I was relocated to his moms room where there is a seperate bathroom , more room for my cat and a lock on the door so we can keep his blood hound away from my baby. Just thought I should throw that in so my Saturday recap makes sense.
Ok so Saturday was my sisters graduation. I didnt get her a present for graduation because Im having some financial issues lately (arent we all). So instead I told her that I would do her makeup for her graduation. She was excited, I felt like it was the least I could do. My favorite part of it all was probably getting to hangout with my nephew the wolfster!!! I have big dreams for him, he will one day be a stand up bass player for a big rockabilly band and I will support him the whole way lol. I think that would be a totally cute costume for Halloween, a little greaser (ah how freaking cute) we can totally work his awesome hair into a pompador.
Anyways so Saturday I wake up early because I have to be at mysisters house at 7am, so that means I have to be made up and ready before I head over there. So I wake up early and I needed to brush my teeth, Mark has already left for work and Im not sure where ladybird is so I close the door to the bedroom. As Im brushing my teeth I realize HOLY CRAP! I just locked myself out of the room. So i check it, and sure enough Im locked out. DAMMIT!!! So the only logical thing to do is try and pry the lock open with a knife. So I go get a knife and Im working it and I think I almost have it and I freaking break the knife and semi cut my thumb. What the hell am I going to do now? Ok I need a smaller knife so I go to Mark's room and I find a pocket knife and I use that. Well some how the knife slipped and I slice my finger open. Great, it hurt like hell and Im dripping blood all over the floor. I started crying and I realize Anthony (his room mate) is home. Maybe he can help me get back into the room. So I knock, Im crying at his door and nothing I can hear him in there snoring away!!! So having sliced open my hand clarity sort of hit and I was remembering how Mark sometimes forgets to lock the windows and I thought I might try the bedroom window. The only problem was it was 5 something in the morning, I was in a t-shirt and undies, no shoes and I was really scared. I took a pair of shoes from his room and I went outside luckily his dog went with me, I climbed the airconditioning unit and tried the window. Thank the lord the window was unlocked the only problem was climbing in because I was so short. So i hoped up and tumbled in and twisted my ankle and landed hard on my butt. The best thing was... I WAS INSIDE THE BEDROOM!!! yaaaay after that I got dressed, left and did my sisters makeup.
Ok so at the graduation my job was to take care of the baby. Wolfie is super duper spoiled by me! So after 20 minutes of sitting waiting for it to start he decided he was bored. So we left and played and ran around and I carried him, spun him around, chased him around and was just having a good time with him( in my cute new flower print platforms, trust me my feet were dying!!!). What I was really trying to do was wear him out so he could nap and I can see  my sister graduate. well after an hour and a half of trying it worked. I had to rock him standing up to put him to sleep. So I finally got to sit down. I saw my sister walk it was awesome, as we are waiting for all the other kids I could care less about I start feeling something really warm on my lap. Then i start to feel something run down my leg and wolfie wakes up crying. I grab him, sit him on a chair next to me and grab his diaper bag. He had PEED on me PEE was running down my leg, PEE consumed the chair I was sitting on, PEE was collecting in a puddle under the chair. I quickly wipe my leg, wipe the puddle grab wolfie and diaper bag and run to the restroom to change him. We fight he is deathly scared of the Koala changing table but I finally strapped him in and as Im changing him I notice there is blood on his leg and I started freaking out. I noticed blood on his arm and then his belly and then I realized because of fighting him I reopened my cut and blood is dripping from my hand. I changed him cleaned him, wrap my wound and I leave. The funny thing is that my dress is a weird material that dries realy quickly so by the time we got back to our seats my dress was dry. I then started to notice the slight smell of pee and I knew it was me, so I go to the restroom and wash my dress in the sink(only the part he peed on) and come out and the graduation is finally over. By the time we get to the car Im tired I wanna go home and change but we went to Olive Garden and ate and had a good time. My Saturday was hectic but my Sunday was so laid back. I love just lounging around and despite being peed on by him, I love love love my nephew. Today is his birthday he will be two.


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