Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random thoughts

Its Thursday yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Im so happy tomorrow is Friday. I get to have my nephew for the weekend. I saw him on Tuesday, I went over to my sisters house for brownies and a movie. We watched Devil, I guess it might be inappropriate for a kid, but not wolfie he watched it with us and was fine. So Thats when I had the best idea ever!
Since I dont have to work on weekends anymore I wanted to see if I could babysit him for a whole weekend. Im super stoked. I have all of these fun things for us to do, I hope it all works out. I love my wolfster more than cupcakes!!!
I decided that I want to move to Washington, DC!!!
I was looking at pictures and I totally love how historic and beautiful the city is. So i want to move over there. I think my mind will change once Muffin and I find a cute bungalow or cottage style house to call our home that is in our price range. I dont want to live in a home that looks like every other home on the block, I want all the houses on our street to be different from eachother, why do all the new houses look like they came out of an assembly line in a generic home factory. I hate it. Houses these days have no personalities, no soul and I dont want to start a family in a home like that.
Poor Muffin, I think I might be too hard on him, but we will work together to make this happen I can feel it. I love him so much , I cant wait to finally be Mrs. Christian Renee Belle, it has a nice ring to it Im in love with it.
Tonight Im going to attempt an extreme work out wish me luck. Im trying trying trying not to have another pigout day like yesterday. God help me that was completeky detrimental to my "healthy eating" life change. But today is another day and Im doing alot better, I ate my breakfast, english breakfast te, for lunch a tuna sandwhich and for dinner Im having soup. I will be doing a double workout session, im drinking plenty of water and I took my vitamins, see great day!
I love my job, we are just so silly up in this office hahaha. I am a tea and tea party lover, so at work I started The Sexytime Tea Party. Its all of my sexy girls talking, and gossiping over tea in the Kitchen. Its lovely and today I brewed a wonderful Green tea with jasmine, accai, passion fruit and blueberries. So I must go join the party. I hope you all have a great night.

Love, cupcakes and tea parties

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  1. Babysitting nephews is the best thing, ever! I miss it so much. I hope that you're able to get all the Wolfie time you can handle.