Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to you all

Happy New Year to you all!!!

I hope you all had a great start to the New Year as I did. Let’s see umm I have my New Years Resolutions!!!
I know I know its stupid but I will try to keep my promises this time around.

1.       To make a financial binder and keep up with my spending and finances so I will have the privilege of only having one job and having my nights and weekends free. (yay)
2.       To start Weight Watchers so I can start eating healthier, losing weight and having a better and new me!!!
3.       To stop buying clothes and shopping all the time, so I can save money and have nicer things
4.       To be nicer to those around me and have a more optimistic view on things
5.       To become a stronger person and stop letting people run over me, or take advantage of me
6.       To quit smoking and live a healthier life style
7.       To become more of a fashionista, quit being scared its time to be bold
8.       To be nicer to Mark and quit nit-picking at every little thing
9.       To quit cussing or limit my sailor trash mouth for when Im alone and no one can hear me he he he

See those are some pretty good resolutions. If I follow through I think I will be living a better life style and I will be happier.

Ok so I guess I should talk about my New Years huh?!
Ok so I left the theater and called Mychael to see what she was up to. I needed to go to Target to see if I could find some cute pants to wear out where ever it was we were going. I told Mark that I wanted to do something fun and go to a club, a fun club and that he was in charge of finding us a New Years party that is in our budget ($20), and that has good music.
Anyways back to my story, I hate shopping alone for 2 reasons
            1. Because I like to have a second opinion and
            2. Because I don’t have anyone to talk to.

So I called her and she said that she would meet me at Target and that it wouldn’t take her long. WRONG!!! I finished looking around Target twice, walked over to Kohl’s and then came back to target and started trying things on, I called her to see if she was close and she didn’t answer. She could probably tell I was irritated but I didn’t care. So I found something to wear, I paid and was on my way home. Then I said to myself I guess she won’t mind if I go over to my grandparent’s house and visit them since they are on the way. So that’s what I did, I got to spend time with my grandparents, my sister and my nephew and then I went to the apartment where she was waiting on me. We had to go to the galleria to exchange some pants she had bought for tonight and I needed to buy some make up so that’s what we did and the rest of that time we spent there I was super annoyed. We get home and I start to get ready and I see the time and we don’t have much time left so I start on her face. I hate it when I have to do othere peoples makeup and then I leave myself last, for once I would like to spend all my time on me when Im going out with my girlfriends.
Ok so Iam super particular about eyebrows, if you don’t have nice eyebrows makeup will never look amazing because your eyebrows are what shape your face. When I saw her eyebrows I wanted to hit her, she had let them get so unruly it was going to take me forever to shape them. I know it isnt her fault shit happens blah blah blah... its fun plucking eyebrows, I enjoy doing my own. So I started plucking her eyebrows and it was like some kind of therapy for me because for every hair that I ripped out I could feel the anger leaving my body. The only thing that was annoying was that she kept complaining that it hurt. Umm hello have you never heard the saying. Beauty is pain? Deal with it! If you want to look good don’t freaking complain that’s all I’m saying. Anyways after the eye brow fiasco everything went well. I was automatically in a better mood, her makeup came out perfect she looked amazing, I did my makeup we got dressed and Mark came over to pick us up and we were off.

Originally we were going to this place called the Backroom it was behind this bar called the Mink. But when we arrived it was still closed it hadn’t opened yet. So we waited for Mark’s best friend Curtis and his girlfriend Anabelle (who I love now by the way!) We went into the Mink and grabbed a drink to wait for them. Mark is such a sweetheart because since Mychael didn’t have a guy in her life he felt like he could buy her a couple of drinks because he was buying mine. So finally Curtis and Anabelle arrive and we are drinking killing time until the Backroom opens. Later after like 3 drinks each I hear the bartender saying that the DJ cancelled and that the Backroom was not going to be opened tonight. I was like there’s no freaking way Im spending my New Years at a bar. So we all decided to go to BOONDOCKS!!!

It was so much fun! We were drinking and dancing and there was like only 30 mins till New Years I had Mark’s arms wrapped around my waist the entire time I was dancing and facing Mychael and Anabelle with a drink in one hand just having a good time dancing and people watching. Later on I notice a weirdo dancing around with some weird stuffed animal mask and he approaches our group. Then he says “ Hey you wanna pet my rhino?” To Mychael and I was like ooohh let me take a picture of you! And He said only if she’s in the picture with me and dances with me. So I force Mychael to dance with him and I got my photo ha ha ha.

The count down happens we all hug, I kiss Mark and we continue dancing and then go outside to smoke and we all just stood around and talked. At around 1:30am we all leave and that was my New Years.
All in all a great Year I love Mark and together we are going to make 2011 amazing and the years after will be unforgettable!