Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing my Mark

This song always reminds me of Mark I think its because hes so indredibly goofy and I love him for it.
So as im watching this video and thinking of Mark feel free to dance around in your underwear because thats what I love to to bahahaha


Mourn-ting Guys,
Ok so Iam having a great morning!!! I went to go work out last night with my aunt Cindy and it was totally hardcore I loved it.
I have a gym membership at the YMCA that she gave me for my birthday 2 yrs ago and I never use it. I couldn’t really use it because I was working two jobs and I was always sooo tired. Now I’m going to be using it all the time! Last night we went to this kickboxing class and it was amazing it felt so good to get to release all that built up anger and sweat, grunt, punch and kick I had so much fun. Anyways today I woke up sooo sore but it’s like a really good hurt and I’m proud of myself.
Last night my wedding shoes came in and they are beautiful I can’t wait to wear them. I tested them out to see if I could walk in them and I know for sure I’m going to need a lot of practice. So today I’ve been wearing my zombie stompers which are 4 inch heels with a platform and are zombies!!!

I have to practice as much as I can!!! I want to be as fabulous as a drag queen in those shoes. My stepdad told me I looked like a stripper; I guess I’m going in the right direction then lol. I love them; they are pink, sparkly, crazy, and not your typical wedding shoe which is PER-FECT!!!

So my great engagement:
Most people think I’m crazy I know they do. To understand me you have to love me and those who do love me know that I am completely out of the box. I met Mark four years ago we started dating after two weeks of knowing each other, and we didn’t even last an entire month. I did not talk to him or have any form of communication with him for four years. Then we started talking towards the end of July 2010 and by August 6th we were dating again. Not very long after that he proposes to me, it was actually in September that I remember, we talked about getting married. We were laying on my bed about to go to sleep and we started talking about wanting to be together forever then he told me that he wanted to marry me. Everyone thinks that this is a mistake, everyone except for my true friends. People have tried very hard to talk me out of marrying him but I know what my heart tells me, and it tells me that I love him. I may not have known him for very long but what I feel can’t be a lie. So far in the couple of months that we have been together he gets me better than anyone else, and he has also been there for me when I had no one. I know what my heart tells me, and it tells me that Mark is the man I am supposed to be with for the rest of my life, he will love me and take care of me and treat me better than any man ever will.
So all of you people please stop wasting your breath in telling me that it will never workout because this is my life not yours, and if it is a mistake, it’s my mistake and I’m the one that will have to deal with it not you. Why can’t you all just be happy for me, and see that this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I have never been in love before; I have never ever given guys the time of day. I had been hurt so badly physically and emotionally by men at a very young age that I really felt like I could never get close to any man. I never wanted to get hurt again and if someone was going to be hurt it was definitely never going to be me. This man, Mark L. Belle changed me forever and I know that he will do anything for me and I know that he loves me and this is why we are getting married. We may not have been together a really long time but we are definitely in love with each other and we compliment/balance each other out. We are meant to be and anyone who wants to come between us can just suck it!!!
When we started talking again in July we did talk about what we wanted in our lives and he told me that he never wanted to get married or have a family, I did. So I really didn’t think that we would ever last. But I knew that I at least wanted to give it another shot. Then in September he told me that he wanted to marry me. What changed his mind? My zest for life that’s what it was. That was his form of proposal to me, he did give me a pretty double heart necklace which means that I carry his heart in mine and instead of having an engagement ring I have an engagement necklace.
If you know me, you know that I am a hopeless romantic so this definitely didn’t feel real. In December I asked him if he was ever going to propose to me and he said “I already asked you to marry me now I just have to give you your ring which will be coming soon.” Um… No this just didn’t feel right, I didn’t feel engaged I felt totally jipped. I told him that I wanted a real proposal, a proposal that would knock me off my feet and that I couldn’t really believe the engagement until he came up with the most spectacular way to propose to me. This is where we are now in reality I am engaged but then again I want him to propose to me romantically. I want a big romantic engagement that he knows I will love. I love him so much and he knows that I’m a hopeless romantic and he’s getting so much better with planning our dates, and surprising me and I love it. Recently he has told me that he has already thought of the perfect way to propose to me that he knows I will love; now he just has to find the perfect time and come home to do it, Iam definitely excited, I want to be able to wear my engagement ring and feel engaged! I can’t wait to be married to this magnificent man and be Mrs. Christian Renee Belle!!! How freaking cute. There are so many things that make him MAGNIFICENT.

Mark loves me for ME. If I gain weight, go insane and have an emotional break down, get sick and whiny (which happens way too often) or force him to watch E! and chick flicks, he endures it and I feel the love seeping from within. He is always there for me, no matter what. He always thinks I’m sexy even if I’m just wearing pj’s, glasses and no makeup.

I love him more than I could ever imagine loving anyone else. I don’t get to spend enough time with him, I start to miss him as soon as we are away from each other be it just a minute. When I come home and see him on the couch waiting for me I just can’t wait to be in his arm. When he winks and smiles at me I just melt. I can't wait to have children that look like both of us I mean we are both gorgeous people.

He is a hard worker always has been always will be.  I feel comfortable knowing that he will always try his hardest to contribute to our household and help take care of us. He never misses a day of work no matter how bad I beg him to stay home with me he doesn’t because he wants to build us a better future. I know that one day we will have a beautiful home, with our amazing children and we will be the happiest married couple ever.

I am a dreamer always have been always will be and Mark will try his hardest to make all of my dreams come true. He helps me out with whatever I need help with, he backs me up when I need it, He defends me when he thinks he needs to, and he is always protecting me. He is always there for me when I need comforting.

We both have the same values, we have talked about family and children and we both have similar views on what we want, we have a lot in common but we are still so different from each other and I cant wait to get to spend the rest of my life with him and discover the most amazing man in the world

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I feel Scrumptious!!!

Hello my beautiful people!
We have been having such muggy weather here in Houston, TX but at least its not freezing cold like it was earlier. I love the cold but I hate having ice on the roads that prevent me from having fun. I have big big news for you guys… I finally quit STARBUCKS!!!! Yay I really couldn’t believe it I was so happy and relieved when I finally did. Now I will have time for my family and friends and most importantly time for me!!!! I know that money will be tight but I guess I’m just going to have to learn to be a wee bit more conservative with my money money!!!

On other news I’m really missing Mark right now. Before he left I filmed him dancing in my car and acting goofy and then again at his mom’s house and let me tell you I’ve already watched those 2 little videos over 20 times and he only left on Sunday! Ugh I miss him so so much. I know that I am in love with him because he is on my mind all of the time, I don’t really pay attention to any other guy and I would rather talk on the phone with him than do anything else. Whenever he calls me I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest from the excitement of hearing his voice, and when we do talk I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I really can’t imagine my life without him.

I am having like the best day ever and I think it’s because I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel or maybe it because I no longer have to deal with the high school drama that is STARBUCKS. I will probably never go visit because for one I really don’t drink coffee, and two I can just go hangout with the people I really like from the store outside of the store, I definitely don’t need to be anywhere near that store once my two weeks are done.

I have been researching exactly what I want my wedding to be like and it is going to be amazing.

Lets talk…

Wedding Gossip
Things we have down!!!

Ok so as of right now we know that we really really like the carnival scene from Grease, Zombies, the 1950s and 60s, Pinup girls, Vintage and Romantic styles, Rockabilly and everything girly now I just have to put all of that together.

Our colors are:
Cotton candy Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, Creamy Peach, Soft yellow and Mint

My dress is creamy toffee (I know it sounds dark but it’s kind of like a champagne color)

My shoes are completely wild and totally me! They are light pink rhinestone Bordello Burlesque pumps

I have a bright pink bow with a birdcage veil

I have cute tea time gloves to go with the whole outfit

The venue is beautiful, outdoorsy, and very Italian looking which is The Gallery

I really like the idea of having mostly 1950s and 60s music playing the entire reception

I know for sure that I will have a vintage classic cotton candy machine and cart because I’m saving for it

We are getting married in a catholic church; we want to either do the unity candle ceremony or the sand

Mark’s cake is going to be a yellow cake with chocolate frosting

There will be a candy bar, sundae bar and pastry and tasty treats table along with our wedding cake and grooms cake probably made by my friends, my mom and I

We will have Italiano’s cater for us

We will have time themed drinks ex: Pink Cadillac, The Stinger, Tom and Jerry, The pink lady, The Soother, or we will pick four drinks and come up with our own names hand picked for our party

I already know what our wedding cake will look like, what our topper looks like

Things that we are still not sure about
We are thinking about a photo booth but we need to come up with a cool cut out to make or a cool background to set up

How are we going to incorporate everything and not clash it all into one big mess? I mean all of these things are a part of Mark and I so it should be a lot of fun. We want our wedding to be a lot of fun and we want everyone to enjoy themselves and not take this day super serious.

We also have been revising our guest list and wedding party list and have made a decision… Mark has three best friends I have 5 best friends I have to decide which girls will be my 2 bride’s maids and my maid of honor and the other girls will have other roles in my wedding. I have a “no girl gets left behind” policy and all of my friends will be there to share this amazingly happy day with me. We also want our wedding to be an adults only wedding but we made the exception of having my niece and nephew who are part of the wedding party come along for the ride. Plus they already know how crazy we are so we won’t have to censor ourselves lol.

We need to talk about linens, silverware, drink ware, church decorations, reception decorations, table decorations, flowers, wedding party attire, so much more ugh. Why cant all of this just be easy?

Well I better stop wasting time, I’m almost off work and I need to go work out and enjoy the beautiful day. I’m thinking about dragging my cousin to go to the park with me, and just enjoy the sun like in the old days.

Have a great night everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey Hey Hey its Hump day

Good Morning Houston, Texass (he he he)
Iam having one of the best mornings ever. I just finished translating my wedding website into Spanish, so my family will be able to read it and can tell exactly what’s going on. I’m so excited about our wedding, it’s not all I think about because my wedding is in a year and a half but I think about my wedding a lot of the time. I have always thought about this day and when I was younger I wanted to marry Bam Margera, and then that changed to Adrian Grenier and then Seth Rogen.
Bam Margera

Adrian Grenier

Seth Rogen

I dont know what it is... it might be the crazy unmanageable hair or maybe its the facial hair but they are all cute!

Well Iam not marrying any movie star but I think marrying Mark Belle is way better than any of the rest because he loves me, and on the plus side I think Mark resembles Seth Rogen a wee bit.

 Do you guys see the resemblence or am I just plain crazy?

He is so handsome, sweet and super caring. OMG I freaking forgot to tell you guys how sweet Mark is. Ok so we are going back to the Friday before my drive to Louisiana!!! I get home from work Friday and I have this major, major headache when I get to my apartment my door is locked from the inside so this means MARK IS HOME yay!!!! So I wait for him to unlock the door to let me in. So he unlocks the door and runs to the restroom and I walk in, put my stuff down, see flowers on the table and just walk into my nice dark room and lay down for a bit. I think I might have had like a migraine or something because being in a lit room was killing me and all I really wanted to do was lay down. Ok so Im lying there, falling asleep despite the horrible horrible headache/migraine, when Mark comes out and calls my name. He comes into the room and says “well aren’t you going to open your present?” I totally noticed the flowers, but I didn’t notice a present. WHAT A PRESENT!!! I was weak and grouchy so he goes into the kitchen brings my flowers which are red tulips with a single yellow tulip in the middle. He places them on my bedside table and then he brings my present and it’s a big box. He got me 2 flute champagne glasses with Love written on them, a glass picture frame with love and hearts on it and *drum roll please* Grease 1 & 2. He is such a cutie I love him so much. I love this movie I know every word in this movie, I watched it so much. When I was younger and was completely in love with Danny Zuko I watched this VHS over and over and over again until the tape just stopped working.  So now I have it on DVD and I can watch it over and over until I burn myself out. Ha ha ha which probably won’t happen, he will probably walk in on me dancing and singing in my underwear ha ha ha.
 Ok So back to my first story. Mark is home right now he came home last night. It was a surprise he told me that he might not be able to come but he did. It was also depending on when he would get his per dem check and then he would be able to visit me for the night but he would have to leave super early to get to work. So at work that day they called him into the office, told him he could go home but to be in Baytown bright and early Friday morning so they will let him know exactly when they want him in Corpus Christi. He said that he was only going to be there for three weeks but then after that who knows where they might send him. Before he left for Louisiana his mom took us out to dinner and she told me that I needed to get used to him being gone because this year looks like its going to be a busy year for the company, which means he will be gone most of the time. I was so shocked when she told me this because I’m not good with saying goodbyes to him and I cant handle him leaving me I felt awful when I left after dinner, I was bawling. He told me that it wasn’t true that his mom was exaggerating but Im starting to think that it might be true. The cool thing is that Mark is going to get us the new my touch phones from T-Mobile that you can video chat with and we will definitely be using them. He is also putting me on his phone plan so we can have a family plan and it will be easier for us in the long run, and also because he wants to be an amazing fiancé and help lighten the load with my bills. I love him so much.

Last night when I found out that he was coming home I was like OMG I need to start cleaning. I hadn’t even unpacked from Louisiana yet I was kind of like living out of my suitcase, I hadn’t vacuumed in like 2 wks, the bathroom was dirty my bedroom was a mess, laundry was scattered all over the house and there were a crap load of dishes in my sink. I was like literally living like a slob; this is how you can tell when I’m depressed. I’m a neat freak so when my house or living area is dirty its because I spend most of my time sleeping. Why? I would rather be asleep that deal with another day away from Mark. So as soon as we got off the phone after he told me he was coming home I was like O M G its cleaning time. I finished everything by the time he got home. When he got home he jumped in the shower and I laid down because I was exhausted. We were going to go grocery shopping because when he opened my fridge there was literally nothing in there. I had to clean out my fridge because a lot of things went bad ha ha ha.

So we went to WALMART and he bought me all of my groceries. Why? He loves me that’s why. The other thing he did was carry all of my groceries into the apartment for me because I was feeling super sick. I feel like something is definitely wrong with my womanly bits. Lately I’ve had this awful pain in like my womb or something but it hurts bad and I know that my bladder disease has nothing to do with it this time because the pains are different. It’s like really really bad cramps so bad that I can’t even walk sometimes. So when we went home I went to the room and laid down and he put all the groceries away and was cooking dinner for me. I went to take a nice hot steaming bath and then when I came out he was watching Grease, so I laid on the couch and watched it with him. He made us a pizza and not like the frozen kind, like he actually made it and it was yummy. I don’t care how much he says that it tasted funny (he’s way too hard on himself), it did not it was the best pizza to ever be made at home.

I love him so much I don’t think words could really express what I feel for him, all I know is that I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's day

A little late I know I’m so sorry I didn’t blog right away because I wanted to spend the rest of my stay there with Mark, I miss him so much already. Let’s see on Saturday after I woke up from my micro nap I got dressed and was looking super cute so I would be ready to spend the night with my baby. As I was getting ready he sent me a text message and said…

“I have good news and bad news. Ok bad news first I smoked a cigarette, good news I get off at 530pm.”

Ok so when I read that I was super angry and disappointed. We agreed that we would stop smoking together and this time I didn’t just say “its up to you if you want to quit” I told him to quit. I want him to be a healthier person and be able to spend the rest of his life with me without any health problems. I felt like he couldn’t do this one thing for me to better his life or ours. I love him so much and I wanted this to be something we could do together as a start to our healthy new lives together. As of today Its been a week and 1 day since my last smoke, and for Mark its been 3 days I hope there wont be any more slip ups.

Ok so off that subject I went to go pick him up. We went to go pick up some things from his mom’s hotel room and let his dogs out. I haven’t talked about his dogs before other than that one time when I was ranting and jealous of them. He has 2 dogs one is Ladybird she is his baby… a blood hound, he also has a smaller dog baby I really don’t know what she is but she looks like a super fat sausage roll with tiny legs and cuteness. I love her she is adorable and super old. Ok so as he was taking his stuff out of his moms hotel room and packing it into the car to take to our hotel room, I could hear ladybird crying and crying because she knew he was leaving. He let them both out to let them run around and do their business and I felt a little bit guilty. I felt bad because I know he loves his dog and he knows I don’t like her and he’s ok with that. I have waffle and when we first started dating he told me he didn’t like cats but when he’s around waffle he treats him as if it was his son and that’s why I feel guilty. I will try to be nicer to ladybird, I think I would like her more if she wasn’t jumping on me and trying to invade my space and sniffing me and invading my body parts she doesn’t even need to be around, and the slobbering ugh I hate all of those things. Outside of that the dog would be fine.

So he finished packing, he put the dogs back in their kennels and we went back to the hotel room to unpack, and so he could take a shower and get ready.

I sometimes wish I could get ready in the short amount of time it takes mark to get ready, he’s so freaking hot no matter what he does I love love love him. Anyways we were going to go eat at OutbackSteakhouse but I wanted something cheesy, so we looked for Olive Garden. We get there and the waiting line is out the door so we leave, then we see a Mexican food restaurant and there aren’t any lines. So we are seated right away they bring us chips and salsa and our drinks and left. Our waiter didn’t introduced himself, slammed our drinks on the table and left. So by the time we were ready to order he never came back. Almost 20 mins pass and we still don’t have a waiter and the chips and salsa were gross. I got pissed and asked Mark if we could leave. I never do this but when Im hungry I turn into a completely different person and that person isn’t nice, so we just walked out. We get to our car and Mark is frustrated, I’m frustrated and I say lets just go to Outback it seems like all of my choices are not doing so well tonight. So we get to Outback and the hostess tells us that the wait is an hr and 15min. Mark started to get angry and I was already angry so he’s was like our night is ruined blah blah blah and then says “what do you want to do?” I look over and there is this restaurant called Johnny Carinos so I say this is the last place we are going to if this place is out we are getting fast food and just going to the Casino. So we get there and they seated us right away. Our waitress was really sweet and funny and very attentive, we filled up on appetizers, bread and sweet tea that by the time our food came I wasn’t even hungry anymore. I picked at it but Marks food had a lot of cheese so I stole bites off of his plate and that was all. Then we ordered dessert it was like their special valentine Tiramisu I wish I had taken a picture but I forgot like a dork. It was so cute and pink and it tasted pretty good not as good as the original Tiramisu but still pretty good. Mark has never had Tiramisu so he had nothing to compare it to so now its my mission to find the best tiramisu in Houston and have him do a taste comparison to see which one he would like best.

After our dinner adventure we went to L'Auberge du Lac Casino Resort to do a wee bit of gambling. I really didn’t want to the idea of losing money that could go to bills freaked me out. Mark said that we each had a $100 for gambling but when I told him that I was only going to use 20 he freaked out. He kept telling me that he wanted us to have fun and blah blah blah but I really was not going to spend 100 on losing. So our first stop was coin slots I did the $1 slots and I won 20 bucks. We circled around the place a lot until I found a machine that called my attention finally it was the “I dream of Jeanie” slot machine and it turned out to be my first lucky spot. I had a $5 card and I won $20 bucks with it whoop whoop. My winning streak kept on coming I played "The Munsters" slot and won there but any time I would lose I would get off that machine I did really well for myself that night. I proved that you could win good money by just playing coin slots. All in all it was a good night filled with winnings and losings I know for sure I definately dont want to do that again becasue maybe I wont be so lucky. I’m not even going to mention how much Mark lost. Let’s just say I was the one with luck on my side and Mark was a wee bit upset when we left lol.

After that we went back to the hotel and passed out the next day was more subdued since I was going to leave. I got to hangout with Falicia. I wish it could have been just us because we haven’t hung out since I started dating Mark and I missed her. I really didn’t want to hangout with her friend KC we are so different. KC and I are closer in age than Falicia and I are but I would much rather just hangout with Falicia. She came to pick me up and we ate at this little restaurant called Crazy Joe’s, KC ended up making our little reunion about her and her sexcapades which I could care less about. Then we went to her mom’s house so I could see her family again. I hadn’t seen them since forever so that was nice. I love her brother and sister I really get along with them, they are so awesome and they all act like each other so it’s really easy to get along with them. I got to spend a little time with them all and then it was back to Sulphur Louisiana to spend time with my love muffin. We went to Wal-Mart bought some things we needed, then we went to this restaurant close to the hotel and bought food to go and we went to the hotel ate on the bed, watched E!, ate a reeses chocolate egg and laid down and I didn’t leave until Monday morning and that was my mini vacation away from Houston!!!
Valentine’s Day

It started off right because I was leaving Mark’s hotel room at 330am so I did get to spend at least a couple of hours with him. I got to Houston and slept for awhile and then went to work. The whole day went by really fast. I went home, took a shower and got dressed. Then I went over to my moms to visit for awhile. She’s so cute I hadn’t received a gift from her for Valentine’s Day in a really long time but she got me a small gift this time. She got me a monkey and when you squeeze it, it makes kissing noises and my favorite candy which is Mike and Ike Hot Tamales and a really cute card. I promised I would come and visit her today because I had to run and go have dinner with Mychael. So we went to this really cool trendy Vietnamese restaurant by my apartment called Mo Mongs and it was awesome. As soon as we walked in we each got a rose I received a pretty peachy pink one and Mychael got a pretty red one. Our waiter was really cool I had the Vietnamese spring rolls with chicken and avocado with wasabi dip (DELICIOUS!!!!) I also had Peach Belinis and Thai Curry Chicken noodles (yumm!) Our waiter brought us a round of belinis on the house because apparently they took a little too long on our appetizers (we were talking so much I didn’t notice) but who cares yay for free drinks. We ate, talked, drank and then paid. It was a good Valentine and I went home and got to talk to my Hunny Bunny so it was a really good night. I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Im finally here in Louisiana we got here last night at around 11pm. We had to take care of somethings before we left Houston. So that's why we had such a late start to our trip over here.
Being here ( Sulphur, Lousiana) in this hotel room with Waffle by my side, I feel like a runaway. Its actually pretty exciting, or maybe I just have a really vivid imagination.
Look at it like this because this is what Iam pretending...(I usually work weekends so having today off is unusual)
I am pretending that I finally quit both my jobs skipped out of rent took all my stuff over to my moms and just brought my essentials with me. So now waffle, Mark and I are running away to different states; whereever his job may take us. Iam here to be with him and just live my life as a gypsy nomad. Sounds pretty exciting doesn't it?!
So Im sitting here in our hotel room. Ive been lounging around Ive watched Bridget Jones's Diary, John Tucker must die and now Im watching the Wedding Singer and reminiscing. Ive been up since 5am this morning and I was tossing and turning all night I probably didnt let Mark sleep very well. Lately Ive been waking up at 430 everyday without knowing why. Somedays I can easily go back to sleep but today I couldnt. I laid there with Mark by my side and I was thinking about how much I really love him and then I just spooned him until his alarm went off for him to get up at 6am. I felt like I should make him breakfast and make his lunch but I dont know where those feelings are coming from and if I wasnt in a hotel room, and I was really at the apartment or at our house I would have made him breakfast and made his lunch and packed it in a brown paper bag with a love note from moi. I feel like such a little homemaker these days and I have no clue where those feelings are coming from. The only thing I really know is that they are real feelings and Im happy about them.
I dropped Mark off at work and kissed him goodbye and came back to the room and here Iam blogging about it. I straightened my hair and Im about to put on makeup and get dressed and venture out and explore. I really wanted to go on this nature trail that I saw signs for but Mark's scared Im going to be attacked by hillbillies so I promised I wouldn't go there. But I have to take a look around this area I might drive to New Orleans I really love that place. I have a date with Falicia later so that should be fun. Mark and I are going to go see Gnomeo and Juliet when he gets home and we are going gambling so that should be fun. I love being here with him. I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Until later have an amazing night!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Have a great weekend guys

Ok so I’m having like the best day EVER. Mark came home last night. He actually came to visit me while I was working at Starbucks.
I had so much fun at work last night. I got to work with Sarah and Brittany and we goofed off, talked and I guess we kind of worked. It was so annoying having to put our awesome conversations on hold because customers kept coming in and ordering lol. Sarah was even in an amazing mood and bought us all Sonic for dinner. I finally know what an oceanspray tastes like. And I know that I will be sticking to my diet cherry coke or a grape crème slushy thank you very much. So Mark surprised me by showing up earlier than I thought. Supposedly he was going to take 3 hrs to get into Houston and as I was in the back washing dishes, Brittany was getting annoyed because people kept coming in and he was one of them, only she didn’t recognize him because he was wearing his coveralls. I love him; he totally looked like Michael Myers when I saw him. He actually stayed with me until we closed and we drove to my moms so I can visit Waffle for a bit. Waffle is staying with my mom for a while because they are doing pest control in our apartments and they didn’t exactly tell me when it would happen so I don’t want him there. But at least he will be spending the weekend with me because we will be going to Louisiana. I miss him so much its not the same, the apartment feels so empty without him. He is usually my little guard cat and he makes me feel so safe. Anytime there is a strange person outside of my apartment just walking by he sits up, perks up his ears and does this throaty intimidating dog growl and it makes me feel so much better. Hes usually waiting for me when I get home, wanting attention before we go to sleep and when we wake up. He sleeps right next to my head to keep my head warm. He is usually in the bathroom with me when I take a shower sitting on the banister. When I make my breakfast he sits by his bowl crying for me to feed him, he is my tiny, furry companion. I need my little waffle I can’t wait till pest control is done and over with so I can have him with me again.
It was so nice to have Marks warm body next to mine. I was in complete heaven in his arms and that’s how I want it for the rest of my life. I sometimes wish he could support me, so I can quit both my jobs and travel with him. I sometimes want to live the life of a housewife. I want to be the wife that wears cute clothes stays home and gardens, does crafts, takes care of the kids, cleans, cooks and bakes until her husband comes home. I want to be the mom that volunteers for the bake sale at her children’s schools, goes to every PTA meeting, volunteers at her church, takes her children out to parks, does stuff with them, but still has her cool, trendy side gig as a makeup artist. Oh that’s the wonderful life I one day want to experience.  I can’t wait to get off work to be with my muffin, I can’t wait to run into his arms, tell him how much I’ve missed him and be embraced by his ginormous man hands and just kiss him till my lips ache from so much kissing. This morning I woke up super early to straighten my hair but instead halfway done I decided I wanted to go lay in bed with my muffin so I curled the parts that I had straightened and put curl cream in the rest and jumped back into bed with him. I actually woke him up by caressing him, and kissing him and it was the best morning ever and I wish all of my mornings were like this. I just can’t believe how much I love this man.

When he kisses me I get light headed and my heart feels like its going to jump out of my throat.
I still get butterflies in my stomach when he touches me,
I get giddy when I get a text from him
I get super excited when he calls me
And when he looks at me…
Forget it I’m head over heels for this love muffin!!!!

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend I know I will
kisses, hugs and big wins
love your suki!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lets hear it for an Optimistic view on life

Ok so today I have had such a slow and sluggish start to my day and I think it might be because I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn to work out. But I totally have legit reasons… I slept all warm and cozy in my pink queen size bed until 8am and it was FAN- FREAKIN- TASTIC!!! I had a late night yesterday. I was online looking at more wedding stuff and trying to get more ideas for the DIY wedding I want to have. I also baked Mark his favorite cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting) it turned out so yummy looking ha ha ha. I even put little pink hearts on it with pink confectioner’s sugar. I hope he likes it, it’s a surprise treat for when he gets home tonight, since I really don’t have any real food other than my weight watchers food. I figured I could do this for him.

I stayed up so late last night because my boss had told us yesterday that because of the weather we were having we didn’t have to come to work until 10am Thursday. So I was like hell yeah I’m going to clean up a little bit, catch up on Sex in the City, bake, cook, deep condition my hair, do a hot oil treatment, polish my toe nails and nails, shave my legs and be completely at ease because I have all of tonight and most of my morning.  What I really did was watch Sex in the City, while baking his cake and looking at wedding garb on the net. I ended up shaving my legs at around midnight and what I ate was a bowl of Fiber One Caramel Delights cereal.
This was my glamorous night.

To my surprise this morning I woke up at 6am to talk to Mark before he went in to work. For some reason I was a little skeptical to go to work at 10am I kept thinking I’m going to show up for work at 10am and everyone is going to be there already and I totally missed the memo because I don’t know how to check my work email from home, I needed to ask someone. So I texted my HR representative who is kind of like my boss and her assistant and also this girl who I’m kind of friends with at work. HR replied to my text and said that yes we didn’t have to show up until 10am because that’s what our boss said yesterday. I also received a text from my work friend saying she didn’t know anything about it but to let her know if it was true. So the only person that didn’t text me back was the assistant and I was like ok so its probably true or she would have texted me already. So I went back to sleep and it was awesomeness!!!

I didn’t do much this morning but I did log on to my weight watchers account to put in my new weight and since I’ve started this for real this time I’ve lost 12lbs yay!!!
I started with weight watchers like the day before Mark left but I didn’t officially have an account. When I started I weighed 225! I couldn’t believe it because over the summer I was complaining about being 175. I had felt so fat at 175. Don’t get me wrong for only being 5’2 and weighing 175 I know that’s still an unhealthy weight, but try 50 pounds heavier.  How did I let myself get to 225? This seriously crept up on me. I started having really bad back problems, I was having a hard time going up stairs and not being out of breath, even getting out of my car would cause me to be out of breath. Not only that, none of my cute clothes fit, I had to wear my pants unbuttoned and rolled down so they would stay secure, it was embarrassing. I didn’t think I was gaining any serious amount of weight because Mark is always telling me how beautiful Iam, how much he loves my body, I mean I still turned him on so I didn’t think I was changing at all. But all of that led to me gaining 50 lbs without even really realizing it. 

So I decided one day to join weight watchers after seeing Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Osbourne, they definitely inspired me. So I wanted to do this but I had no money.  I found awesome recipes online that had the weight watchers new point plus calculations and I found out exactly how many points I would be online. I wanted to do it free all the way. So I was doing good for 2 weeks I lost a total of 22 lbs and I felt like I could do it all on my own.


I started hanging out with my lady friends eating out, drinking margaritas, eating heavy amounts of deliciously cheesy Mexican food, going shopping for nothing, just pigging out on a lot of fun junk food. I hung out with my cousin and ate a lot of burgers ridiculous amounts of amazing chili cheese fries from 59 diner with ranch dipping sauce, milk shakes just anything that a stoner would eat without having THC in my body ha ha ha. I would go to my moms and pig out so I definitely had a good reason as to why I gained 15lbs out of the 22 I had lost. It was no surprise. I’m just glad I didn’t gain more with the crazy food fests I was having. I really don’t have the self discipline or will power to do it.

So I put my extra spending money into weight watchers. Now that I have an account I understand why I lost that much weight so quickly… I wasn’t eating enough. According to the calculations I was using I only had 24 points to use, with the program I have 34 and there is so much help on the website I love it and I plan on getting out of the 200s in the next 2 wks. I have to try to get under my last summer weight by this summer!!! I just don’t want to be a chunky bride struggling to fit into my dress and being self conscious about myself.
I have also quit smoking and I asked Mark to do this with me. I want us to be healthy and happy together this year and he’s going to have to cooperate with me on this because I cant do it without him. Also if he keeps his lifestyle the way it is now I could lose him at an early age and I really don’t want that. So our new lifestyle is beginning this week. I started on Monday and he started today Iam so proud of my baby. I am quitting cold turkey and trust me on Monday (my 1st day) you would not have wanted to be anywhere near me. I was being so mean and crazy, I’m better now. Mark has started on his Nicotine patch today *Come on lets hear it for the boy, yeah lets give the boy a hand* Iam so proud of him. Yay for us!!!

My friend from work Brittney told me that she would do our engagement photos as a starter for her portfolio so she is going to work with my imagination and come up with something utterly amazing and I definitely don’t want to be hindered by my weight. My weight is going to be the last thing on my mind, I want to just have fun and be able to wear cute summer dresses.

We as in my cousin Luis, my friend Brittney, my friend Mychael, Me and maybe Mark (depending on if he’s in town) have a lot of plans over the summer. We have, Six Flags Fiesta Texas in mind, floating the river, going to New Orleans, taking a mini road trip to Austin, and Free Press Summer Fest to think about so I can’t let my weight bother me through any of those memory making moments. This year is the beginning to the most amazing part of my life, no more regrets I’m living my life the way I want with the people I want and we are going to just be happy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things that make me love him

oh ok ok so I almost forgot to post this. Its super cute one of the main reasons I love Mark is because he does everything he can to make me happy.

Before it started getting really really cold I wanted to spend some time with my nephew and take him to the park. Now let me give you some inside information... Mark and Wolfie really don't get along very well. Mark tries believe me he does but Wolfie just likes to make it super hard for him.
One of the first times Mark met Wolfie, Mark was laying on my bed and Wolfie did not want Mark touching him. Then he gave mark a super stink face and smacked him in the balls ha ha ha. I know I shouldn't condone this behavior but I was so surprised, it caught me off guard I just had to laugh. Anyways since then Mark has always thought that Wolfie hates him,. For the record Wolfie doesn't hate him, he just prefers me ha ha ha.
So on a day that I had off from Starbucks we took Wolfie to the park and this was the day I knew that Mark would one day make a great father.
Mark sliding with Wolfie
 Me and my baby
 Mark swinging Wolfie
 Look at my 2 favorite guys
 hes holding on tight
 now hes licking the seat ha ha ha
serious face!
 Hes questioning being on the swing
Look how happy he is. I love him so much
 All in all it was a good day with my boys at the park!

How sweet it is

“The impossible is possible tonight”
-Smashing Pumpkins
Tonight -Tonight

Ok so today is such a rainy cold day in Houston, TX. It looks like we are going to have another freeze this week. Last week we had Friday off because supposedly we were going to have a snow day. Houston snow consisted of sleet, rain and ice. I was hoping for some winter whiteness when I woke up, but instead I walked out to the gray, cold and muddy reality of Houston.  I was trying to go to my moms since I had the day off but that was a total fail. I got on to 45 and my car slid from one side of the freeway to the other. I had lost complete control of my car, it was like hydroplaning but scarier and I don’t even know why. So I decided to stay home clean, sleep and watch Sex in the City he he he
 Ok so Iam sooo excited today because tomorrow Mark is coming home on his 14th day. Currently Mark is working in Lake Charles Louisiana. I miss him so much I wish I could just quit my jobs and waffle and I could travel with him, but I guess that wouldn’t be logical. Anyways, Mark gets every 14th day off to do whatever he wants. He works from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week so I guess having every 14th day is like gold. He started this job the first week in January and so he got his 14thday off like around the 20 something and then from there they counted again and yep yep his 14th day is Friday yay.  I’m excited because after he gets off work on Thursday he is making a 3hr drive to Houston to spend the night with me. He said that on Friday he has some things to take care of while I’m at work. I asked for this weekend off so I could go visit him. So waffle and I will begin our mini adventure Friday after work. Eek I’m so excited!!! We are going to see Gnomeo and Juliet and do some gambling. I’m not big into gambling because I don’t like to lose money, so I’m thinking about just playing like quarter or nickel machines lol. Iam super stoked especially because waffle gets to come along, so our little family will be together for a couple of days.
Wedding Gossip
“How sweet it is to be loved by you”
                            -Marvin Gaye

Ok so now some wedding gossip lol. Iam sooo excited about my wedding I don’t want it to be like your average boring cookie cutter white wedding. Im definitely not wearing white! Ha ha ha. Iam actually wearing a cream or champagne color my dress is so beautiful. I found it in a wedding magazine, well actually Marisa found it!! We were talking one day about weddings(I didn’t even have a boyfriend at the time) and I was describing exactly what type of dress I would like and she was reading a wedding magazine. All of a sudden she’s like “So you want your wedding dress to look a little something like this” and she showed me the picture and I screamed! Literally like the picture is exactly what I had in my head so she tore the dress out and gave it to me and now I have exactly the dress I want, and I will get it
For my cupcakes umm well at first I really wanted these cute polka dotted white and black dresses but its just not going to go with my color scheme!! So now I have to figure that out. I have 5 girls and I have 5 colors that go with my scheme. So soon I’m going to work on their “will you be my brides maid?” cards and tell them what color they are to wear.
By the way my color are:
Cotton Candy Pink, Robin's Egg Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Peach, Cream and Mint 
this is a little collage I created with the colors I want:

I really want my wedding to be a mix of the carnival from the Grease movie, rockabilly/pinup, romantic and 1950s. It’s going to be so much fun.

Right now Iam saving for 2 major things that I need to get for my wedding… my next tattoo and my own old fashion cotton candy machine.

Yeep I’m so excited I cant really contain myself. Last time Mark was here I had picked out some venues to go and look at and we fell in love with The Gallery. This is the place we have chosen so far. We definitely liked it the best out of all of them, its in our price range, and its gorgeous. I’m still secretly looking around but so far here is our winner.

I guess another thing that Iam super excited about are my shoes !!! My mom got them for me as a Christmas present and they are perfect!!! I just need a little practice walking around in them because I definitely don’t want to fall on my arse wearing these babies!!

Can you guys picture me walking around in them!!! I can ha ha ha I’m definitely going down. You all know that for sure, I mean with my reputation of eating the floor jeez I definitely need to practice. I’m also thinking of buying cute white ballet flats and dying them cotton candy pink and blinging them out like my bordello pumps yay!!
I guess I also have to find a cute dress to wear when we leave the reception. How cute I’m sooo excited.

Oh yeah and we are also going to go to France for our Honey moon. Why? because Mark is adorable and knows how much I love the French people lol

Love me till my heart stops!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Big BIG NEWS!!!

Ok so I know I haven’t been keeping up with my blog and Iam sorry I will try to be more on top of it from now on!!!
Ok so some exciting and ground breaking news… IAM ENGAGED!!! (later I will elaborate on the engagement)
Mark asked me to marry him can you freaking believe it?
Ok ok he actually asked me to marry him back in the end of November but since he thought that our parents would think we were crazy for getting engaged so soon we waited till now to break the news ha ha ha.
I cant believe I kept it in for so long. You cant believe how excited I was I wanted to tell everyone!
So we are officially engaged yep yep yep. I never actually thought that I would get engaged. I always dreamed about getting married but now that its for real Im a little freaked out. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding that I never knew about and its all so very overwhelming.
We have set a date…
June 8, 2013 ha ha ha we met August 6, 2010 so we thought that by 2013 we will have enough time to get everything organized and wont be rushed, I can finish school, have more time with him and that date we picked is the original date we met flipped so its perfect.
8/6 to 6/8

We have a wedding website if you should care to take a look its

its sooo exciting. I couldn’t be happier and now I can talk about all the annoying wedding stuff I happen to come around and my day to day wedding planning experience. So far we have our guest list, we have a theme, I have my shoes, I found the dress I want, we have our wedding party figured out and we even know where we want to have it. The rest will all come later.

So that’s it for now I will post some more awesomeness later. I knew this year was going to be a good year cant wait till I post something else have a wonderful day!!!