Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey Hey Hey its Hump day

Good Morning Houston, Texass (he he he)
Iam having one of the best mornings ever. I just finished translating my wedding website into Spanish, so my family will be able to read it and can tell exactly what’s going on. I’m so excited about our wedding, it’s not all I think about because my wedding is in a year and a half but I think about my wedding a lot of the time. I have always thought about this day and when I was younger I wanted to marry Bam Margera, and then that changed to Adrian Grenier and then Seth Rogen.
Bam Margera

Adrian Grenier

Seth Rogen

I dont know what it is... it might be the crazy unmanageable hair or maybe its the facial hair but they are all cute!

Well Iam not marrying any movie star but I think marrying Mark Belle is way better than any of the rest because he loves me, and on the plus side I think Mark resembles Seth Rogen a wee bit.

 Do you guys see the resemblence or am I just plain crazy?

He is so handsome, sweet and super caring. OMG I freaking forgot to tell you guys how sweet Mark is. Ok so we are going back to the Friday before my drive to Louisiana!!! I get home from work Friday and I have this major, major headache when I get to my apartment my door is locked from the inside so this means MARK IS HOME yay!!!! So I wait for him to unlock the door to let me in. So he unlocks the door and runs to the restroom and I walk in, put my stuff down, see flowers on the table and just walk into my nice dark room and lay down for a bit. I think I might have had like a migraine or something because being in a lit room was killing me and all I really wanted to do was lay down. Ok so Im lying there, falling asleep despite the horrible horrible headache/migraine, when Mark comes out and calls my name. He comes into the room and says “well aren’t you going to open your present?” I totally noticed the flowers, but I didn’t notice a present. WHAT A PRESENT!!! I was weak and grouchy so he goes into the kitchen brings my flowers which are red tulips with a single yellow tulip in the middle. He places them on my bedside table and then he brings my present and it’s a big box. He got me 2 flute champagne glasses with Love written on them, a glass picture frame with love and hearts on it and *drum roll please* Grease 1 & 2. He is such a cutie I love him so much. I love this movie I know every word in this movie, I watched it so much. When I was younger and was completely in love with Danny Zuko I watched this VHS over and over and over again until the tape just stopped working.  So now I have it on DVD and I can watch it over and over until I burn myself out. Ha ha ha which probably won’t happen, he will probably walk in on me dancing and singing in my underwear ha ha ha.
 Ok So back to my first story. Mark is home right now he came home last night. It was a surprise he told me that he might not be able to come but he did. It was also depending on when he would get his per dem check and then he would be able to visit me for the night but he would have to leave super early to get to work. So at work that day they called him into the office, told him he could go home but to be in Baytown bright and early Friday morning so they will let him know exactly when they want him in Corpus Christi. He said that he was only going to be there for three weeks but then after that who knows where they might send him. Before he left for Louisiana his mom took us out to dinner and she told me that I needed to get used to him being gone because this year looks like its going to be a busy year for the company, which means he will be gone most of the time. I was so shocked when she told me this because I’m not good with saying goodbyes to him and I cant handle him leaving me I felt awful when I left after dinner, I was bawling. He told me that it wasn’t true that his mom was exaggerating but Im starting to think that it might be true. The cool thing is that Mark is going to get us the new my touch phones from T-Mobile that you can video chat with and we will definitely be using them. He is also putting me on his phone plan so we can have a family plan and it will be easier for us in the long run, and also because he wants to be an amazing fiancĂ© and help lighten the load with my bills. I love him so much.

Last night when I found out that he was coming home I was like OMG I need to start cleaning. I hadn’t even unpacked from Louisiana yet I was kind of like living out of my suitcase, I hadn’t vacuumed in like 2 wks, the bathroom was dirty my bedroom was a mess, laundry was scattered all over the house and there were a crap load of dishes in my sink. I was like literally living like a slob; this is how you can tell when I’m depressed. I’m a neat freak so when my house or living area is dirty its because I spend most of my time sleeping. Why? I would rather be asleep that deal with another day away from Mark. So as soon as we got off the phone after he told me he was coming home I was like O M G its cleaning time. I finished everything by the time he got home. When he got home he jumped in the shower and I laid down because I was exhausted. We were going to go grocery shopping because when he opened my fridge there was literally nothing in there. I had to clean out my fridge because a lot of things went bad ha ha ha.

So we went to WALMART and he bought me all of my groceries. Why? He loves me that’s why. The other thing he did was carry all of my groceries into the apartment for me because I was feeling super sick. I feel like something is definitely wrong with my womanly bits. Lately I’ve had this awful pain in like my womb or something but it hurts bad and I know that my bladder disease has nothing to do with it this time because the pains are different. It’s like really really bad cramps so bad that I can’t even walk sometimes. So when we went home I went to the room and laid down and he put all the groceries away and was cooking dinner for me. I went to take a nice hot steaming bath and then when I came out he was watching Grease, so I laid on the couch and watched it with him. He made us a pizza and not like the frozen kind, like he actually made it and it was yummy. I don’t care how much he says that it tasted funny (he’s way too hard on himself), it did not it was the best pizza to ever be made at home.

I love him so much I don’t think words could really express what I feel for him, all I know is that I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

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