Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's day

A little late I know I’m so sorry I didn’t blog right away because I wanted to spend the rest of my stay there with Mark, I miss him so much already. Let’s see on Saturday after I woke up from my micro nap I got dressed and was looking super cute so I would be ready to spend the night with my baby. As I was getting ready he sent me a text message and said…

“I have good news and bad news. Ok bad news first I smoked a cigarette, good news I get off at 530pm.”

Ok so when I read that I was super angry and disappointed. We agreed that we would stop smoking together and this time I didn’t just say “its up to you if you want to quit” I told him to quit. I want him to be a healthier person and be able to spend the rest of his life with me without any health problems. I felt like he couldn’t do this one thing for me to better his life or ours. I love him so much and I wanted this to be something we could do together as a start to our healthy new lives together. As of today Its been a week and 1 day since my last smoke, and for Mark its been 3 days I hope there wont be any more slip ups.

Ok so off that subject I went to go pick him up. We went to go pick up some things from his mom’s hotel room and let his dogs out. I haven’t talked about his dogs before other than that one time when I was ranting and jealous of them. He has 2 dogs one is Ladybird she is his baby… a blood hound, he also has a smaller dog baby I really don’t know what she is but she looks like a super fat sausage roll with tiny legs and cuteness. I love her she is adorable and super old. Ok so as he was taking his stuff out of his moms hotel room and packing it into the car to take to our hotel room, I could hear ladybird crying and crying because she knew he was leaving. He let them both out to let them run around and do their business and I felt a little bit guilty. I felt bad because I know he loves his dog and he knows I don’t like her and he’s ok with that. I have waffle and when we first started dating he told me he didn’t like cats but when he’s around waffle he treats him as if it was his son and that’s why I feel guilty. I will try to be nicer to ladybird, I think I would like her more if she wasn’t jumping on me and trying to invade my space and sniffing me and invading my body parts she doesn’t even need to be around, and the slobbering ugh I hate all of those things. Outside of that the dog would be fine.

So he finished packing, he put the dogs back in their kennels and we went back to the hotel room to unpack, and so he could take a shower and get ready.

I sometimes wish I could get ready in the short amount of time it takes mark to get ready, he’s so freaking hot no matter what he does I love love love him. Anyways we were going to go eat at OutbackSteakhouse but I wanted something cheesy, so we looked for Olive Garden. We get there and the waiting line is out the door so we leave, then we see a Mexican food restaurant and there aren’t any lines. So we are seated right away they bring us chips and salsa and our drinks and left. Our waiter didn’t introduced himself, slammed our drinks on the table and left. So by the time we were ready to order he never came back. Almost 20 mins pass and we still don’t have a waiter and the chips and salsa were gross. I got pissed and asked Mark if we could leave. I never do this but when Im hungry I turn into a completely different person and that person isn’t nice, so we just walked out. We get to our car and Mark is frustrated, I’m frustrated and I say lets just go to Outback it seems like all of my choices are not doing so well tonight. So we get to Outback and the hostess tells us that the wait is an hr and 15min. Mark started to get angry and I was already angry so he’s was like our night is ruined blah blah blah and then says “what do you want to do?” I look over and there is this restaurant called Johnny Carinos so I say this is the last place we are going to if this place is out we are getting fast food and just going to the Casino. So we get there and they seated us right away. Our waitress was really sweet and funny and very attentive, we filled up on appetizers, bread and sweet tea that by the time our food came I wasn’t even hungry anymore. I picked at it but Marks food had a lot of cheese so I stole bites off of his plate and that was all. Then we ordered dessert it was like their special valentine Tiramisu I wish I had taken a picture but I forgot like a dork. It was so cute and pink and it tasted pretty good not as good as the original Tiramisu but still pretty good. Mark has never had Tiramisu so he had nothing to compare it to so now its my mission to find the best tiramisu in Houston and have him do a taste comparison to see which one he would like best.

After our dinner adventure we went to L'Auberge du Lac Casino Resort to do a wee bit of gambling. I really didn’t want to the idea of losing money that could go to bills freaked me out. Mark said that we each had a $100 for gambling but when I told him that I was only going to use 20 he freaked out. He kept telling me that he wanted us to have fun and blah blah blah but I really was not going to spend 100 on losing. So our first stop was coin slots I did the $1 slots and I won 20 bucks. We circled around the place a lot until I found a machine that called my attention finally it was the “I dream of Jeanie” slot machine and it turned out to be my first lucky spot. I had a $5 card and I won $20 bucks with it whoop whoop. My winning streak kept on coming I played "The Munsters" slot and won there but any time I would lose I would get off that machine I did really well for myself that night. I proved that you could win good money by just playing coin slots. All in all it was a good night filled with winnings and losings I know for sure I definately dont want to do that again becasue maybe I wont be so lucky. I’m not even going to mention how much Mark lost. Let’s just say I was the one with luck on my side and Mark was a wee bit upset when we left lol.

After that we went back to the hotel and passed out the next day was more subdued since I was going to leave. I got to hangout with Falicia. I wish it could have been just us because we haven’t hung out since I started dating Mark and I missed her. I really didn’t want to hangout with her friend KC we are so different. KC and I are closer in age than Falicia and I are but I would much rather just hangout with Falicia. She came to pick me up and we ate at this little restaurant called Crazy Joe’s, KC ended up making our little reunion about her and her sexcapades which I could care less about. Then we went to her mom’s house so I could see her family again. I hadn’t seen them since forever so that was nice. I love her brother and sister I really get along with them, they are so awesome and they all act like each other so it’s really easy to get along with them. I got to spend a little time with them all and then it was back to Sulphur Louisiana to spend time with my love muffin. We went to Wal-Mart bought some things we needed, then we went to this restaurant close to the hotel and bought food to go and we went to the hotel ate on the bed, watched E!, ate a reeses chocolate egg and laid down and I didn’t leave until Monday morning and that was my mini vacation away from Houston!!!
Valentine’s Day

It started off right because I was leaving Mark’s hotel room at 330am so I did get to spend at least a couple of hours with him. I got to Houston and slept for awhile and then went to work. The whole day went by really fast. I went home, took a shower and got dressed. Then I went over to my moms to visit for awhile. She’s so cute I hadn’t received a gift from her for Valentine’s Day in a really long time but she got me a small gift this time. She got me a monkey and when you squeeze it, it makes kissing noises and my favorite candy which is Mike and Ike Hot Tamales and a really cute card. I promised I would come and visit her today because I had to run and go have dinner with Mychael. So we went to this really cool trendy Vietnamese restaurant by my apartment called Mo Mongs and it was awesome. As soon as we walked in we each got a rose I received a pretty peachy pink one and Mychael got a pretty red one. Our waiter was really cool I had the Vietnamese spring rolls with chicken and avocado with wasabi dip (DELICIOUS!!!!) I also had Peach Belinis and Thai Curry Chicken noodles (yumm!) Our waiter brought us a round of belinis on the house because apparently they took a little too long on our appetizers (we were talking so much I didn’t notice) but who cares yay for free drinks. We ate, talked, drank and then paid. It was a good Valentine and I went home and got to talk to my Hunny Bunny so it was a really good night. I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day


  1. Hooray!! I'm glad your weekend was awesome!! ^_^ I miss you bunches! I will come visit you soon!! We can have one on one time!! DEAL! I love you girly...mwhahaha!!

  2. hahahaha yay!!! I mised you so much I cant wait, this time we will eat something that you me and baby will enjoy so there will be no accidents ha ha ha