Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things that make me love him

oh ok ok so I almost forgot to post this. Its super cute one of the main reasons I love Mark is because he does everything he can to make me happy.

Before it started getting really really cold I wanted to spend some time with my nephew and take him to the park. Now let me give you some inside information... Mark and Wolfie really don't get along very well. Mark tries believe me he does but Wolfie just likes to make it super hard for him.
One of the first times Mark met Wolfie, Mark was laying on my bed and Wolfie did not want Mark touching him. Then he gave mark a super stink face and smacked him in the balls ha ha ha. I know I shouldn't condone this behavior but I was so surprised, it caught me off guard I just had to laugh. Anyways since then Mark has always thought that Wolfie hates him,. For the record Wolfie doesn't hate him, he just prefers me ha ha ha.
So on a day that I had off from Starbucks we took Wolfie to the park and this was the day I knew that Mark would one day make a great father.
Mark sliding with Wolfie
 Me and my baby
 Mark swinging Wolfie
 Look at my 2 favorite guys
 hes holding on tight
 now hes licking the seat ha ha ha
serious face!
 Hes questioning being on the swing
Look how happy he is. I love him so much
 All in all it was a good day with my boys at the park!

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