Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How sweet it is

“The impossible is possible tonight”
-Smashing Pumpkins
Tonight -Tonight

Ok so today is such a rainy cold day in Houston, TX. It looks like we are going to have another freeze this week. Last week we had Friday off because supposedly we were going to have a snow day. Houston snow consisted of sleet, rain and ice. I was hoping for some winter whiteness when I woke up, but instead I walked out to the gray, cold and muddy reality of Houston.  I was trying to go to my moms since I had the day off but that was a total fail. I got on to 45 and my car slid from one side of the freeway to the other. I had lost complete control of my car, it was like hydroplaning but scarier and I don’t even know why. So I decided to stay home clean, sleep and watch Sex in the City he he he
 Ok so Iam sooo excited today because tomorrow Mark is coming home on his 14th day. Currently Mark is working in Lake Charles Louisiana. I miss him so much I wish I could just quit my jobs and waffle and I could travel with him, but I guess that wouldn’t be logical. Anyways, Mark gets every 14th day off to do whatever he wants. He works from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week so I guess having every 14th day is like gold. He started this job the first week in January and so he got his 14thday off like around the 20 something and then from there they counted again and yep yep his 14th day is Friday yay.  I’m excited because after he gets off work on Thursday he is making a 3hr drive to Houston to spend the night with me. He said that on Friday he has some things to take care of while I’m at work. I asked for this weekend off so I could go visit him. So waffle and I will begin our mini adventure Friday after work. Eek I’m so excited!!! We are going to see Gnomeo and Juliet and do some gambling. I’m not big into gambling because I don’t like to lose money, so I’m thinking about just playing like quarter or nickel machines lol. Iam super stoked especially because waffle gets to come along, so our little family will be together for a couple of days.
Wedding Gossip
“How sweet it is to be loved by you”
                            -Marvin Gaye

Ok so now some wedding gossip lol. Iam sooo excited about my wedding I don’t want it to be like your average boring cookie cutter white wedding. Im definitely not wearing white! Ha ha ha. Iam actually wearing a cream or champagne color my dress is so beautiful. I found it in a wedding magazine, well actually Marisa found it!! We were talking one day about weddings(I didn’t even have a boyfriend at the time) and I was describing exactly what type of dress I would like and she was reading a wedding magazine. All of a sudden she’s like “So you want your wedding dress to look a little something like this” and she showed me the picture and I screamed! Literally like the picture is exactly what I had in my head so she tore the dress out and gave it to me and now I have exactly the dress I want, and I will get it
For my cupcakes umm well at first I really wanted these cute polka dotted white and black dresses but its just not going to go with my color scheme!! So now I have to figure that out. I have 5 girls and I have 5 colors that go with my scheme. So soon I’m going to work on their “will you be my brides maid?” cards and tell them what color they are to wear.
By the way my color are:
Cotton Candy Pink, Robin's Egg Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Peach, Cream and Mint 
this is a little collage I created with the colors I want:

I really want my wedding to be a mix of the carnival from the Grease movie, rockabilly/pinup, romantic and 1950s. It’s going to be so much fun.

Right now Iam saving for 2 major things that I need to get for my wedding… my next tattoo and my own old fashion cotton candy machine.

Yeep I’m so excited I cant really contain myself. Last time Mark was here I had picked out some venues to go and look at and we fell in love with The Gallery. This is the place we have chosen so far. We definitely liked it the best out of all of them, its in our price range, and its gorgeous. I’m still secretly looking around but so far here is our winner.

I guess another thing that Iam super excited about are my shoes !!! My mom got them for me as a Christmas present and they are perfect!!! I just need a little practice walking around in them because I definitely don’t want to fall on my arse wearing these babies!!

Can you guys picture me walking around in them!!! I can ha ha ha I’m definitely going down. You all know that for sure, I mean with my reputation of eating the floor jeez I definitely need to practice. I’m also thinking of buying cute white ballet flats and dying them cotton candy pink and blinging them out like my bordello pumps yay!!
I guess I also have to find a cute dress to wear when we leave the reception. How cute I’m sooo excited.

Oh yeah and we are also going to go to France for our Honey moon. Why? because Mark is adorable and knows how much I love the French people lol

Love me till my heart stops!

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