Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I feel Scrumptious!!!

Hello my beautiful people!
We have been having such muggy weather here in Houston, TX but at least its not freezing cold like it was earlier. I love the cold but I hate having ice on the roads that prevent me from having fun. I have big big news for you guys… I finally quit STARBUCKS!!!! Yay I really couldn’t believe it I was so happy and relieved when I finally did. Now I will have time for my family and friends and most importantly time for me!!!! I know that money will be tight but I guess I’m just going to have to learn to be a wee bit more conservative with my money money!!!

On other news I’m really missing Mark right now. Before he left I filmed him dancing in my car and acting goofy and then again at his mom’s house and let me tell you I’ve already watched those 2 little videos over 20 times and he only left on Sunday! Ugh I miss him so so much. I know that I am in love with him because he is on my mind all of the time, I don’t really pay attention to any other guy and I would rather talk on the phone with him than do anything else. Whenever he calls me I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest from the excitement of hearing his voice, and when we do talk I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I really can’t imagine my life without him.

I am having like the best day ever and I think it’s because I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel or maybe it because I no longer have to deal with the high school drama that is STARBUCKS. I will probably never go visit because for one I really don’t drink coffee, and two I can just go hangout with the people I really like from the store outside of the store, I definitely don’t need to be anywhere near that store once my two weeks are done.

I have been researching exactly what I want my wedding to be like and it is going to be amazing.

Lets talk…

Wedding Gossip
Things we have down!!!

Ok so as of right now we know that we really really like the carnival scene from Grease, Zombies, the 1950s and 60s, Pinup girls, Vintage and Romantic styles, Rockabilly and everything girly now I just have to put all of that together.

Our colors are:
Cotton candy Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, Creamy Peach, Soft yellow and Mint

My dress is creamy toffee (I know it sounds dark but it’s kind of like a champagne color)

My shoes are completely wild and totally me! They are light pink rhinestone Bordello Burlesque pumps

I have a bright pink bow with a birdcage veil

I have cute tea time gloves to go with the whole outfit

The venue is beautiful, outdoorsy, and very Italian looking which is The Gallery

I really like the idea of having mostly 1950s and 60s music playing the entire reception

I know for sure that I will have a vintage classic cotton candy machine and cart because I’m saving for it

We are getting married in a catholic church; we want to either do the unity candle ceremony or the sand

Mark’s cake is going to be a yellow cake with chocolate frosting

There will be a candy bar, sundae bar and pastry and tasty treats table along with our wedding cake and grooms cake probably made by my friends, my mom and I

We will have Italiano’s cater for us

We will have time themed drinks ex: Pink Cadillac, The Stinger, Tom and Jerry, The pink lady, The Soother, or we will pick four drinks and come up with our own names hand picked for our party

I already know what our wedding cake will look like, what our topper looks like

Things that we are still not sure about
We are thinking about a photo booth but we need to come up with a cool cut out to make or a cool background to set up

How are we going to incorporate everything and not clash it all into one big mess? I mean all of these things are a part of Mark and I so it should be a lot of fun. We want our wedding to be a lot of fun and we want everyone to enjoy themselves and not take this day super serious.

We also have been revising our guest list and wedding party list and have made a decision… Mark has three best friends I have 5 best friends I have to decide which girls will be my 2 bride’s maids and my maid of honor and the other girls will have other roles in my wedding. I have a “no girl gets left behind” policy and all of my friends will be there to share this amazingly happy day with me. We also want our wedding to be an adults only wedding but we made the exception of having my niece and nephew who are part of the wedding party come along for the ride. Plus they already know how crazy we are so we won’t have to censor ourselves lol.

We need to talk about linens, silverware, drink ware, church decorations, reception decorations, table decorations, flowers, wedding party attire, so much more ugh. Why cant all of this just be easy?

Well I better stop wasting time, I’m almost off work and I need to go work out and enjoy the beautiful day. I’m thinking about dragging my cousin to go to the park with me, and just enjoy the sun like in the old days.

Have a great night everyone!!!

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