Saturday, February 12, 2011


Im finally here in Louisiana we got here last night at around 11pm. We had to take care of somethings before we left Houston. So that's why we had such a late start to our trip over here.
Being here ( Sulphur, Lousiana) in this hotel room with Waffle by my side, I feel like a runaway. Its actually pretty exciting, or maybe I just have a really vivid imagination.
Look at it like this because this is what Iam pretending...(I usually work weekends so having today off is unusual)
I am pretending that I finally quit both my jobs skipped out of rent took all my stuff over to my moms and just brought my essentials with me. So now waffle, Mark and I are running away to different states; whereever his job may take us. Iam here to be with him and just live my life as a gypsy nomad. Sounds pretty exciting doesn't it?!
So Im sitting here in our hotel room. Ive been lounging around Ive watched Bridget Jones's Diary, John Tucker must die and now Im watching the Wedding Singer and reminiscing. Ive been up since 5am this morning and I was tossing and turning all night I probably didnt let Mark sleep very well. Lately Ive been waking up at 430 everyday without knowing why. Somedays I can easily go back to sleep but today I couldnt. I laid there with Mark by my side and I was thinking about how much I really love him and then I just spooned him until his alarm went off for him to get up at 6am. I felt like I should make him breakfast and make his lunch but I dont know where those feelings are coming from and if I wasnt in a hotel room, and I was really at the apartment or at our house I would have made him breakfast and made his lunch and packed it in a brown paper bag with a love note from moi. I feel like such a little homemaker these days and I have no clue where those feelings are coming from. The only thing I really know is that they are real feelings and Im happy about them.
I dropped Mark off at work and kissed him goodbye and came back to the room and here Iam blogging about it. I straightened my hair and Im about to put on makeup and get dressed and venture out and explore. I really wanted to go on this nature trail that I saw signs for but Mark's scared Im going to be attacked by hillbillies so I promised I wouldn't go there. But I have to take a look around this area I might drive to New Orleans I really love that place. I have a date with Falicia later so that should be fun. Mark and I are going to go see Gnomeo and Juliet when he gets home and we are going gambling so that should be fun. I love being here with him. I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Until later have an amazing night!

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