Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something to look forward to

Ok so its Wednesday and Im really glad that it feels like this week is going to go by really fast. I just cant wait till Saturday, Im peeing in my pants with excitement! Not really Im just super stoked. I found out this weekend that one of my favorite bands is going to be coming to Houston and playing at a really cool venue for super cheap. Of course I have to go and I will the best part is that I am making it a girls night out and taking two of my best friends with me. Brittany and Haley. I cant wait. The band is She Wants Revenge. Ive seen them before when they played with Kill Hannah (my number one favorite band). This time I dont know who they are head lining for but Iam stoked. I was going to force Mark to go with me but then when I asked my cousin to go he was completely off the hook and happy. He even planned a DUDE'S NIGHT OUT! How cute is that?! So when my cousin bailed out on me I was not going to tell him because I know he wouldnt let me go alone and I definately didnt want him to cancel DUDE NIGHT. But I told him and he came up with the brilliant idea of asking my best girlfriends from Starbucks. Chances of them going looked very bleak. I didnt think they would ever want to go but it wouldnt hurt to try so I did. Then it all came together and a magical girls night out was planned and I couldnt be happier. THANKS MARK!! So the plan for Saturday is... Wake up brush my teeth and get ready, wait for Brittany to get to Mark's house. Im going to do her makeup because we are going to try to take some awesome pictures while we are meandering around town. We will go thrifting at some places neither of us have been to before, go to the galleria and buy some makeup at Sephora.  We will probably eat at some point during the day, so theres that. I know that we have to look super cute because we will be taking pictures all over Houston, so then theres that. Then there is a gap between that and the concert. Maybe we might go back, she might go home and then we nap till its time to go to the concert and we rendevous at Starbucks. Haley doesnt know where Mark lives so Im thinking this might be easier. I dont really know I guess we will just play it by ear because plans arent ever really secure in my life. I just hope no one backs out, that tends to happen alot. I cant wait we will have a blasty blast.

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