Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank god its almost Friday

Im super duper excited. I get to hangout with a really good friend this weekend. The infamous Brittany Cross!!! Its going to be awesome! We had initially planned to go see our friend who just had a baby all the way in Beaumont. We were going to make it a fun little road trip but it was cancelled last night. It was cancelled because I had tonsilliits and Im just fresh off the meds and still recovering so I still have some germy germs and we dont want the baby to get sick. I feel sad because I really wanted to see baby Luke Austin but since he is still so fragile I dont think it would be a good idea to risk his health because of my selfish reasons hahaha.  So instead Brittany and I opted for drinks, lunch shopping and just hanging out, it sounds super fun since I havent really hung out with her since my birthday so Im definitely stoked. Some other exciting news is that I will be going to the Vans Warpped Tour this month. Its my first time going ever and Im really excited. I was initially going to go the year that The Used was playing and Circa Survive and it was postponed due to the weather and then when it was rescheduled The Used cancelled out on the Tour so I was like screw it now!!!  So I dont know what to expect this year, but some really good bands are playing that I actually like such as...
Hellogoodbye, 3OH!3, Against Me, Blood on the Dance Floor, Family Force Five, Jack's Mannequin, Lucero, Sum 41, The Dance Party and Unwritten Law.
I would also like to check out...
A Skylit Drive, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack, D.R.U.G.S., Dance Gavin Dance, and Of mice & Men. Those are some of Mark's bands that hes always raving about and I want to see if I will ever get into the post hard core band thing or not. Im stoked!!! This week Iam working on getting my blog looking a little snazzy. Iam getting together with my friend Anitra and we are redesigning some things for my blog. Its all very exciting stuff hopefully it will be easier to read and it will all just flow perfectly together. I love the way my blog looks now but I would like more people to be able to read what I write. I also need to set a schedule about what this little blog is going to be about. When I started this blog I wanted my friends back at the bux to be able to read it and feel like we still saw eachother everyday and that they were a part of my everyday life, that they never missed a beat. I still want my friends and family to read it but sometimes my life just doesnt seem that interesting and I have like a bloggers block!!! Its really had keeping a blog, somedays you just dont have time and it seems like you just didnt care to post but that has nothing to do with it. Sometimes life just catches up with you and you kind of put the blog on the back burner, well this is what Iam going to try to avaid from here on out! So I need to have something to write about on the daily.
I have my Cure for the Monday Blues on Monday and thats it so far. I want to write about weddings but it seems like everyone has their wedding wednesdays I need to find a good day to write about my wedding and other weddings that inspire me. But other than that I have no clue what to write about.

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  1. Awe. ='[ Luke and I wanted to see you both. It will happen soon though.
    Love you!!!