Friday, June 17, 2011

Wishful Thinking


I was going to try and eat better starting monday and here Iam eating breakfast from McDonald's

I was secretly jealous of Ladybird, so I got waffle to make Muffin feel what I feel

I get a little too grumpy when Im hungry, and Muffin feels my wrath

I own a gazillion pair of heels but I dont wear any of them

Im secretly pushing Muffin to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle

I like to lounge around with Muffin and let the lazy take over me

I wish Muffin would eat what I like so we can go to restaurants and not feel guilty that muffin doesnt like anything on the menu

I think Muffin's calves are the sexiest part of his body

I love picnics, all the time and all year round

I wish I was less self conscious and I could learn to love my body

I love being cute and adorable rather than sexy and seductive

I like to go shopping for friends babies because I cant wait to have one of my own

I'm a little nervous about October only being four months away

I just wanted to go to Warped Tour to see Muffin get all gaga and nerdy over his favorite bands

I secretly cry and throw a fit when Muffin tells me that he cant stay over because he has to take care of things at his moms house

I wish his mom could be a better person and get a life of her own, because she is sucking the happiness out of ours

I wish I could take away all his painful past and anger and just free him of it

I will never stop being jealous of ladybird, I dont get it... why am I so jealous of a freaking dog? WHY WHY WHY?

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