Thursday, June 30, 2011

the salty catch-up

Sorry I didnt post yesterday I felt like death. I spent my etire morning sleeping and crying because I was having horrible cramping issue; tummy problems :(
At least I got to spend the whole day with muffin, and he took real good care of me. He did take me to lunch and then we laid down watched Skins season 4, The Green Street Hooligans and more rest. I think I hooked him onto Skins, I have to get Season 5 so we can be all caught up by the time Season 6 is out. I remember the first time I saw Skins season 4 I cried like a baby when Freddie dies. I just couldnt believe they would kill him. Of course every season is so badass and full of drama thats why we love it!!!

Im also sorry for not having that many photos in my posts that will be remedied soon I promise.
So I have been thinking alot about my look for the wedding and Im totally loving this cute litte head piece from Dee Dee Bridal. What do you guys think? Im still looking but I just think its beautiful
I also really like this guest book table. I want something like this for my wedding.

 Im thinking of a cute vintage suitcase and I want the table to look very rock and roll. I need to think. I guess I should start to plan things for my wedding, start crafting, look for dresses and decorations but I think Im more focused on moving in with Mark and starting school. I think I will start all that fun stuff in October. I was thinking of asking my brides maids for 1 weekend day where they come to my apartment and help me craft and come up with ideas. That way they are all involved in my wedding. Im also opening it up to include all of my friends that want to be a part of the fun. What do you guys think?


  1. Weekend bridesmaid activities sound like a good plan. That way your girls can all get to know each other, and you, better. It'll be more fun. :)

    I hope that you're feeling better. <3

  2. I hate stomach crampies :( hope you're feeling better. I do love that head piece!