Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early in the morning...

Yesterday was a weird day for me
- had a coworker pretend to be me and bitch out my apartment complex so they could finally fix the things that are broken in my apartment.
- Missed my water aerobics :(
- rushed over to sister's house because we thought she was going to have the baby
- Got to play with my mini me, bathe him and then my mom and I rocked him to sleep
- Wrnt for a night swim with Mark while Anthony smoked on the back porch
- Watched 28 days later
- had some alone time with the Muffin and went to sleep
There was only one problem I probably only slept like 30mins after that I was tossing and turning. I asked
Muffin to leave the window open because I wanted to stare at the moon and then I passed out, I think I was tossing and turning because of last nights moon, it just didnt want me to sleep. I wasnt the only one though Mark, Anthony and 2 coworkers of mine said that they didnt get a goods night rest either. I wonder what was the cause of this. Hmm oh well, I hope today isnt a total fail, Im hoping I get to...
- Take a 2 hr nap after work before water aerobics
- Go to water aerobics
-Get home and have a delicious homemade burger a la Mark
- Watch 28 days later and 28 weeks later
- get a good nights rest
- not get called on a false alarm by my sister again
This weekend is Warped tour and Im so nervous I hope its fun, and not so hot. Oh how I wish it would speed up and just be Fall. I wish it was Fall everyday, its my favorite time of the year.
well I leave you all with happy and cool thoughts. Stay cool everyone in the South and everywhere else where its 100 degrees or more.
please rain gods hear our pleas and make a crazy storm come out of no where and take away this silly drought!!!!

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  1. So. Weird. I had a false alarm on Sunday, too. I was having contractions at 10 minutes apart for almost an hour and then they just stopped. Sorry you got called out, though. I try not to freak people out until I'm checked in to the hospital and told I'm in labor.