Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gloomy weather = love

So yesterday it rained her in Houston!!! YAAAAAAY
We hadnt had real rain (not like misting rain)in Houston since Februaury. We were going through a drought, we even had 22 wildfired in Texas! That never happens. So of course we here at the office had to go outside and play in it!!!

Today it was raining this morning as well, so Im in a very lazy mood. I just want to crawl into bed with Muffin and sleep all day. I wish it would start to rain hard, so hard that we have a power outage and we get to go home. Today Muffin had to drive me to work since it was raining. I have really bad breaks and I almost killed myself driving in the rain yesterday trying to get to work. Yesterday was so much fun, it really felt like a friday. I got to take a 2 hr lunch and go to Niko Nikos with Katherine, one of our interns. It was so much fun, we even planned a girls date because we had so much fun. Movies, sushi, drinks and a pedi. Sounds amazing doesnt it!!!! I love her she is amazing, I definately dont want her to go back home once her internship is over. Hopefully they will offer her a job here once she graduates. Well thats all as of right now. Hopefully later on I will have something more interesting to talk about

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