Wednesday, June 15, 2011

happily inspired by awesomeness

Iam absolutely in love with weddings, I just love all the love in the air, the happiness, the feeling of forever. Ever since I could remember there was one thing I always believed in and the was LOVE. I never for once thought that anyone was ever meant to be alone, we all have our other half and one day we will combine and be whole again. I cant wait to be Christian Renee Belle and marry the one man that I love and I know loves me more than anything. So upon planning our wedding I became excited I wanted it to combine all of the things that we both love. Sou our wedding is going to be a Smörgåsbord of things that we both love. So we are incorporating love, the 1950s, zombies, carnivals, rockabilly,creativity and imagination, candy,  picnics and diners. I cant wait, I get so giddy when I start to think about how much fun I want everyone to have, how much love I want everyone to feel and how much I want all of my family and friends there to witness the beauty of our love. Anyways so browsing some of my favorite blogs I came upon certain couples that I just absolutely love and give me inspiration and here they are

Legal and Party from Frank Millar on Vimeo.

If you would like to read a little more about them please check out Rock n Roll Bride, its one of my favorite places to look for wedding inspiration.

I love this adorable Save the Dates

I <3 LA - Save The Date from Angel Melanson-Ruiz on Vimeo.
Also from Kat Williams, so please chck out the rest of the story here Rock n Roll Bride

 Iam also loving the beautiful Cabbage flower bouquets that they are showing over at lovely little details. I also use them for wedding inspiration. I havent really decided what I want my bouquet to look like but I really love Peonies and this cabbage rose is absolutely gorgeous. Im thinking Im in love.

When I dream of my cute lovely little married life sometimes I imagine it to be like Naomi and Josh of Rockstar Diaries. You can start here, from the begining like I did or just start reading. I promise you will be hooked on love after reading. I follow this little blog religiously, Im just so facinated by how much love they have for one another and how much fun they have just being married and having eachother. This video I just adore and thought I shoucl share...

Postcards From Italy from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.

Since becoming engaged I have become facinated with weddings, but not your average cookie cutter weddings. I want my wedding to focus on US our love for one another and things that make us unique, things that we both love. So researching wedding blogs and things of that sort I have become obsessed with DIY weddings and these are some of the sites I look at. Reading Rockstart Diaries gives me hope for a happy married life. I hope you all like this post its a little different but I thought I should share.

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  1. I love how excited you are about planning your wedding. I've never been a wedding girl. Ever. Like, even as a little kid. I was much more focused on how to remain married. (I bet you saw that coming. LOL) Of course, that's why basically eloping at the JP was perfect for me and Adam. The whole day was about us. We did what we wanted and we didn't give a crap that people were pissed because they couldn't be there. Adam and I are like that, though.....we're all about doing it together and fuck the rest of the world. If we needed people to be at our wedding to get married then it would've been like we would've needed people to *stay* married.

    We're asses, though. I wish, sometimes, that we could be excited about stuff, but we're not. I think that it might be fun to have an anniversary celebration in a few years. Like, for the ten year anniversary do something special.