Friday, June 3, 2011

Yaaaay Friday!!!

Im so excited I dont even know why. I woke up in a fighting mood though. Phew!!!
I had the weirdest dream that I was with a coworker and we found her husband cheating on her with someone 20 years younger and thinner. I was so livid in my dream I woke up ready to fight. Luckily Mark was at work hahaha.
Anyways Im excited. I have lost a total of 8 pounds since I started calorie counting. If I keep losing weight like Im doing right now by October I will be smaller than I was in high school. I have to stay motivated and add more excersise to my life. Right now I live such a lazy lifestyle. I guess it doesnt help that I have a sedentary job and I dont really move from my desk but I know I can do this. I can lose 8-10 pounds a month, it feels reasonable.
Do you ever day dream? I think Im a dreamer because as Im sitting here listening to Rilo Kiley Im imagining my life (how I want it to be) and its just making me smile. Im thinking about when I finish school, I will be working at a high end salon making a little more money than what Im making here and I will be doing something that I love to do. I will start to build up my clientele and promote myself to my clients so I can get more business. I want to one day be a freelance makeup artisit, I mean right now I already do makeup  but I want to get more clients, do bigger jobs and actually get out there in the fashion world. Ive always dreamt about being a makeup artist out in the fashion industry. Im going to Aveda this October and getting my license to be an esthetician and they focus on skin care and makeup. Once that is all said and done I want to take theater makeup and learn to do special effects makeup. I want to learn as much as I can about skin and makeup and make it big. Thats one of my dreams. Then I start thinking about Mark and my dream for him. I know that he likes his job because he makes good money, but he works his ass off doing what he does. Hes always so tired and he comes home dirty and sun burned and it just makes me so sad that this work is so strenuous and it just takes so much out of him. I want him to go back to school after the wedding and get a better job. One that isnt so labor intensive but makes the same amount of money as hes making or more. He wants to be a lead screamer in a post hard core band. Hes so silly, but thats his dream and he has so much built up anger Im pretty sure he would be good at it. Thats his dream and I will support him 100% if thats what he wants to do because he supports me with my dreams and thats the way it should be. Then I also dream about my life as a married woman at 25. God can you believe it Im going to be 25 years old this year. It scares me, when I look back I think to myself wow where did all the time go. I know that Iam heading in the right direction when I think about my life. So when I think about being married at 25 I just smile at myslef. Who would ever have thought that I would be getting married? Let alone at 25!!! Im pretty excited about that, I think that Iam most excited about my life with Mark. He wants me to be a stay at home wife and part of me want to do that too. But I guess I want to also be doing makeup can I do both? My dream life would be having my cute house with a picket fence out in the heights. Having an awesome front porch a quaint little garden in the back with an awesome deck. I want to have 3 kids 2 girls and 1 boy for Mark hahaha I want to be a stay at home mom for sure because I dont want to miss a moment of the lives of my little cupcakes and muffins lives! So i think about being a freelance makeupartist, a full time mommy and a house wive and I think Im excited about my life with Mark. I cant imagine anything better than that.
Im really excited Mark and I have decided to get tattoos together. I know that they dont go with the idea he has for his sleeve so he doesnt want them on his arm but I do so Mark will be getting his on his thigh and I will be getting mine on my arm somewhere. I am so stoked about the design and I cant wait to get them. I love tattoos. Im going to be such a rad looking bride, mom and wife I cant wait to get my life started.

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