Monday, April 25, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

So today I woke up super duper tired and in lots of pain. I almost didn't wear a bra but I know I totally have to. I loved this beautiful weekend. I had so much fun being a little hippy, walking around bare foot, enjoying the beautiful sun, eating delicious BBQ and junk food and just loving on Mark. It was freaking great!!! I am sooo excited My cousin and I have been planning an awesome adventure for Cinco de Mayo its going to be awesome I cant wait. Then on Friday May 6th my best friend Chris and co Maid of Honor is going to be coming down from Chicago for me. We have the whole day planned!!! We will be having a picnic, shopping, and planning goodies for the wedding and trying on dresses its going to be great. We always have great adventures with photo montages so Im super excited, she also said that she has a surprise planned out for me so that's even better. As you know this weekend I gave wolfie a froggy for his baptismal, well I wasnt quite sure he liked it so I was kind of sad. But this morning my sister called to tell me that he loves his frog its like his new best friend he even slept with it last night so that made me super happy. Ok ok well Im since it is Monday its time for the cure for the Monday Blues!!!

1. Ok to start it all off I have been dreaming of Carnivals I think its my subconscious telling me that I need to go to one really soo. They are beautiful and oh so much fun!!!

2. Anything Hello Kitty. I love that big headed mouth less cat. She is too cute and this day of the dead Kitty is just brilliant.

3. Kurt Halsey is such a brilliant artist and my favorite animal is a bat so you know I had to be loving this cutie!!

4. Anything romance related I'am in love with. One of my friends gave me a cute silver necklace with this cute little couple kissing and I loved it. So i am totally in love with this uber fem rendition I have to have it

5. This cute rockabilly painting is just adorable its my background on my laptop I want it tattooed on me

6. Right now I'am obsessed with red hair and this is the color I want I think it looks so beautiful

7. cupcakes!!! I will never ever tire of cupcakes. They are my reason for existing lol I love them so much. Anything cupcake will always make me happy

8. Nicktoons!!! Oh how I miss the cartoons I used to watch growing up they make me happy

9. Alice in Wonderland is my medicine. I love this tattoo props to the chick with these babies. LOVE!!!

10. David Bowie. This cute little painting is totally Bowie inspired and I have to have it. This man is the man I have to meet him one day before I die he is a genius.

11. Audrey Kitching. This chick is totally cute ansuper creative and I love her. She inspires me to be myself no matter how out of the box and strange I'am.
That concludes this weeks Cure for the Monday Blues!!! What are some of your things that can turn your frown upside down?

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