Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wishful thinking

It’s been a really good day so far. I actually dragged myself out of bed this morning and forced myself into the gym. I just didn’t want to wake up. Not for one bit lol. I received my phone case yesterday!!! Its sooo exciting because it’s so me I wish it had more cupcakes on it but for my very first Kawaii case Iam satisfied J
So I woke up took a shot of B-12, worked out, made my lunch, packed it, took a shower, made my breakfast and then got ready and here Iam. Iam so upset, so ever since I was doing the HCG drops the texture of my skin changed. I started having acne problems and my skin just totally went down hill. Now I’m off the drops, as per my doctors orders and my skin is a little wonky. I need to resurrect my beautiful skin!!!  Anyways I’m fully awake today I need to go home on my lunch break to get some work out clothes because my Aunt Cindy and I are taking a Zumba class after work so that should be fun. I need to lose some major poundage this year. I think I will be satisfied at a size 10 so that is my goal, for now at least. Iam really excited about this Zumba class hopefully I can keep up with the instructor. Last time I took a Zumba class it ended in disaster I could not keep up and I totally looked like a fool.
Im looking out the window and it is so cloudy, it looks like its going to storm and it makes me so happy. I wish I had my own house with a cute little porch so I can just sit on a rocking chair, drink some tea and relax with whom ever wants to join me lol.
I received a call from Aveda today notifying me that I wasn’t awarded any money so on Thursday I have a meeting with the financial aid director to figure out my next step. Apparently I make too much money, thanks a lot government, I had a whole rant about this earlier with three of my friends some of the stuff I just cant post here. But oh well I'am not giving up this dream and I will take out loans if I have to!!!
I hope everyone has a great day!!!
Here are some pictures that inspire me and make me want to reach my goal sooner so I can afford a home I can actually call a home.

 Home Sweet Home

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