Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mad World

Ok so I totally have Mad World by Gary Jules stuck in my head...

Well Im a little unhappy that this weekend went by so fast I feel like it should have been a little longer since we had some of the most beautiful weather in a really really long time. I actually had alot of fun this weekend. Friday night Mark and I had a pretty quiet evening which was nice. I baked cupcakes and we watched Dexter and just ordered pizza. It was a good night. I was trying to bake cupcakes for the Easter gathering his family was having on Saturday... but it was a total fail. the cupcakes came out pretty good but the frosting not so much. It was delish but I made them look so sloppy I decided against taking them with us. I have been trying to catch up on Dexter for awhile and since its one of Marks favorite show I have all the seasons so I need to watch them.
Saturday we all met up at a park in Pasadena to do the Easter thing with Marks family. It was my first time meeting all of his family and I was sooo nervous. It was a little overwhelming but all in all we had a good time. He has such a huge family I dont think I can remember all of their names, that will totally take some time. I felt like everyone wasa watching me so it made me a little more uncomfortable but all in all it was like meeting everyone elses family for the first time. It was such a beautiful day outside I had such a great time being out in the sun. I made Mark sit with me in the sun on a hill I loved it. When we left I totally felt like I had a horrible sunburn. When we came home and took a shower we were totally sunburned it hurts sooo bad, but I had so much fun I think it was worth it  :) I will not say the same for Mark.

Today was a good day. Mark and I went to church to see Wolfie get baptized, it was sooo long and boring. I had forgotten how long mass can be I cant really sit for that long I was getting frustrated lol. I will never force Mark to go with me ever. It was so cute to see wolfie in his little baptismal outfit and I finally was able to give him his scentsy frog Ribbert which he loved.  After church we all went to my moms to eat and drink and have fun family time. After all was said and done Mark and I had to take care of the usuall weekend tasks. wash clothes, clean and groceries. I had such a great weekend but I think its finally bed time Im exhausted from everything.

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