Monday, April 18, 2011

Manic Monday

So its been one of those days... so many things running through my mind most importantly I miss Mark. We decided that in order to save some money for the wedding we would only see each other Friday through Monday. I come home Friday and spend it with Mark until Monday morning when I have to leave for work. I miss him so much and I just saw him this morning. This weekend was pretty amazing we just lounged around and hung out. Last night I spent the night at his house in Spring, we slept with the windows open. I fell asleep cuddling with my best friend and listening to the wind blowing best night ever. This morning was rough leaving my sleeping fiance but seeing waffle this morning kept me from crying. I really don't like Mondays and since Im having a crappy day I decided that I should fill this post with a cure for the Monday blues...

1. Kittens

Some people call me a cat lady but seriously how can you resist?!!!

2. Picnics with amazingly cute picnic gear

I need cute picnic baskets

3. Drinking out of mason jars 
These are amazing to pack for picnics because they don't spill at all and are cute!!

4. SKINS!!!

I spent this weekend watching Skins with Mark and catching him up and he loved it almost as mucg as I did
I freaking love CASSIE by far hands down my favorite!!!

5. Blueberry Tea

I have never tasted any thing as amazing as blueberry tea Iam Obsessed

6. Love letters
I of course am a hopeless romantic and I hope one day before I die Mark will write me a love letter and make it as cute as these
I'am also obsessed with these cute little coin purses

7. The Belle wedding!!!

8. Ignoring my insecurities


I will be getting a couple more cupcake tattoos soon. I just cant get enough!!!

9. Floral Print

My favorite print ever

10. Endless love

I hope everyone has a great night. I know that tomorrow will be a better day.
Im about to go night night with waffle and dream of Mark and cupcakes 

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  1. Awe, I want someone to whisper that I am their world. ='[ sad...but hopeful.