Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a fabulous day

Good Morning to all my wonderful muffins and cupcakes out there!!
It’s a muggy gloomy day in Houston, TX but I’m feeling completely fabulous. I have started feeling so much better after I started taking B12 shots, now I don’t feel so tired all the time. One of my coworkers bought be a little 1oz shot that’s Tropical punch flavor at this really cool place called My Fit Foods where he buys his lunch from and now I’m addicted. Today I’m really excited because I get to go view the school that I want to go to, to be an esthetician. It’s called Aveda and it’s in the Woodlands, its one of the few schools in Houston that offers that program. Its soo far from my job and I don’t get out till 5pm so I really hope that my boss lets me get off at 4:30 because classes start at 6pm. I really hope they can help me with financial aid too, I know that tuition wont be completely covered by financial aid but I hope that a good amount will be covered so that my loan won’t be too much. This time I have decided that if I need to I will take out a student loan and that it will be worth it in the end.
So now some
Wedding Gossip

So I think Mark and I have decided on a venueJ!!!! I am soo happy about this because since we had changed the date to March 2012 we really weren’t able to find any places that were reasonably priced, but we did it. Our new venue is Hidden Oaks Bed and Breakfast!!!
It’s a really pretty plantation style home with a party area in the front yard. I love it. When I saw it online it looked kind of skeptical but when we went to visit it I was sure that, this was the place I wanted to have it. Mark liked it too and so this is our place

There’s only one problem!!! The date that we wanted which was March 24, 2012 has already been booked and the only other March date available is March 17th which is St. Patrick’s Day, and I really don’t want to have my wedding on any holiday so that’s my internal conflict. So then I started talking to Mark when we got home and I was thinking. Well the only reason I really wanted and outside garden wedding on that date was because the azaleas are at their prime around that date and at this venue there aren’t any azaleas around so it really doesn’t matter when the date is. All I really want is no rain, no humid gross heat or freezing unbearable cold and no holiday on the day we decide to get married on. So April – September are out because of the gross humid heat so that only really leaves October or the beginning of November. So if we decide to have the wedding in October it will October 27, 1012 and if we have it in November it will be either November 3rd or the 10th when its still not super cold. We just have to talk to Mrs. Kimberly Franco and see what dates are available. I am sooo excited. After looking at the place I have so many ideas burning in my head for the decorations and the whole shebang, I just have to fill my cupcakes in on everything. We have decided on dresses for them which are very pretty and the dresses for my 2 main cupcakes too.

Oh and since Iam having a fall wedding I thought the colors should be tweaked a bit and so my new colors are:

Hot Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, Candy Apple Red, Cotton Candy Pink and Mimosa
Accented by Polka Dots
Now that everything is settled Iam so not stressing over anything and Iam as happy as a clam. I can’t wait to find out exactly what the date of our wedding will be. I have always wanted a fall wedding, since fall is by far my favorite season. I am super excited about everything. We totally didn’t get the garden I wanted of the azaleas but I get to plan it around my favorite season with colors that are more me. I don’t know what I was thinking lol.

On other news Marks mom knows about our engagement now, which makes me super happy because now I see it as omg this is really happening because Mark doesn’t tell his mom anything unless he’s sure about it. He was so so nervous about telling her that he was kind of dreading telling her. I know that he didn’t want her to know because he was scared that she wasn’t going to approve but Iam so happy that he did and Iam extremely happy that she’s happy about it all.
She seems super excited about it too, unlike my mom. His mom was way more excited about it than my mom was which makes me a little sad. I want my engagement to be like it is in the movies when most girls tell their moms they are getting married. I want the whole jumping up and down and screaming with excitement, I want the mom butting in and trying to put in her two cents, I want her giving me my something blue, going to try on wedding dresses and all the cool fun stuff that brides get to do with their moms, but I guess my mom isn’t into all that and I’m totally not going to let it bring me down. Oh well!!! Tonight is girls night so I’m going to go eat drink and be merry with two of my favorite girlfriends Haley and Marisa!!! First I have to go to the Aveda Institute wish me luck that they give me nothing but good news!!!


  1. I love the look of the place!! I am super pumped to hear your wedding plans. ANY WAY I CAN HELP LET ME KNOW.....Please. I don't even care what it is. I want to be there for you. = ]

    Love you!

  2. you can totally help me girlie I love you!!! Once a month Im getting a bunch of girls to come over on a weekend to help with the DIY project you are more than welcome to come. Let me know if you wan to