Friday, April 15, 2011


Good Morning my lovelies
I am soo ecstatic today I feel like the world is on my side for once in my life. I went to go view Aveda last night and that is exactly where I want to be. The school is only 9 months but you learn so much and it’s an all green school. Which means its friendly to our earth and I definitely want to lessen my carbon foot print here on earth. Omg it was beautiful I have never wanted to do anything so bad in my life. I feel like this is my chance to make something of myself and this is something that Iam actually good at. It’s close to 11000 to go to the school with everything included, which isn’t bad at all. That is almost as much as my wedding, maybe a little more expensive than the wedding but totally worth it. I asked my friend An to help me fill out my FAFSA sheet because he had to do it for the University of Houston every year so I figure he is a pro at knowing exactly how to fill it out. I’m sooo excited I need to go to this school. Another cool thing I found out about this campus is that we do their landscaping!! It’s not an important fact but its cool that we do their property. When I was there I was actually able to experience a 30 minute facial. One of the girls I met there said that it was a way for me to experience what it would be like on the other end of things. It was truly an amazing experience and I hope that the government will help me get there financially if not I’m going to get loans loans loans.
On other news Marks mom is in town so we will be having diner with her tonight which should be fun, she gets to see the ring in person!!! J
I am so excited that she invited me to do something for Easter. This year I have so many plans for Easter Sunday!!! My friend Marisa invited me to go to church with her, I love her and she’s always inviting me to go with her so I think I finally will. I was also invited to go to Mark’s family picnic by his MOM I’m sooo excited and then wolfie is getting baptized and I have to be there for my little prince I love him sooo much. I can’t wait this Easter is going to be amazing. I even bought him a present; I bought his a scentsy frog!!! It’s a frog that has a cubby like thing on its back where u can stuff a scent pouch and I bought him a comforting scent. I hope he likes it. This year Im going to try to make cutesy little Easter treats for everyone and wrap them in cellophane and hand them out to the adorable children I know maybe some adults will get some too I don’t really know yet. Exciting!!!!
I have been feeling so boring lately I totally want to get some new work done. I’m for sure going to get my whale done before my wedding, I’m also thinking of some phrases in Latin. Maybe in the weird writing Mark has on his chest, I think it looks cool. I like the phrase “She flies by her own wings” something cool and inspirational.
Something else that I really really want to do is learn to sew so I can make so many cute things for myself and have a little shop.
I have so many ideas running through my head I wish I had more money and more time during the day to just work out all of my ideas.
Ok well I guess I better get to work!!!
Have a glorious weekend guys

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