Monday, May 2, 2011

Picture heavy Cure for the Monday Blues

Hmm well I had a hell of a weekend and not in such a good way. I had a pretty stressful weekend filled with tears. 
I'm sorry I didn't post Friday through Sunday but my mother had a mini stroke Friday and my entire weekend was just awful. Since I no longer want to shed tears I just want to be happy and start off this week on a good note I am happy to announce my Cure for the Monday Blues. Things that make me happy…

1. First and foremost is the song Sleepyhead by passion pit!!! But I love this video because the guys dance ridiculously like Mark at times, and right now I'm missing my love muffin

2. This little cartoon is exactly how Im feeling right about now!

3. These bad boys I need to get me a pair!!! From Iron Fist.

4. My zodiac sign Oh how I love being a sagittarius

5. Yummy gummy worms. Oh how I love these sweet and sour gummies, they put a smile in my tummy !!!

6. This adorable cupcake, it combines two of my favorite things *LOVE*

7. This is how much I love you my little LOVE MUFFIN!!!

8. These oh so cute JeffreyCambell shoes in pink :) *SWOON*

9. My pink barbie dream kitchen, oh how I love love love pink!!!

10. Dream Hair ugh if I didn't have naturally super dark hair I would want my hair to look like a swirly cotton candy mess! *BIG LOVE*

11. My favorite trees in the world, Magnolia trees. Luckily I live in Texas and they are everywhere :)

12. Gardenias! Oh they are just lovely and smell so beautiful. I love this enchanting fragrance
13. This chick -> Audrey Kitching! I think we are soul mates lol she is totally like in my style mind


  1. I love you. I know how scared you must have been when your mom had the mini stroke. My mom had one three and a half years ago and it was just nuts. It must be especially hard because I know how much you love and value your mother.

    I love the things that make you happy. Hooray for a Cure for thee Monday Blues. :D

  2. Awe thank you chester I was scared you know how stressful my life is at times. This just topped it all off bc that crazy lady means the world to me.