Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We live in a beautiful world

Wow there has been so much going on man I feel like I haven't done anything. So on Friday the entire office went out to go race go carts and go eat at Saltgrass Steak house. Courtesy of the company I work for, it was freaking so much fun. I had never been in a go kart so you can definitely imagine my excitement. We were divided into two teams and in each team there was a first, second and third place winner. Then out of each team the first second and third place winners all raced for the grand prize which was 50 bucks lol. I really really wanted to win but I got into a faulty car, I was so scared because the guy wouldn't let me switch into another car. I was scared because my car didn't have a seat belt it looked like the seat belt had been cut so i was freaking out a bit. When I started racing it was so much fun I spun a girl out and then raced on and she tried to catch up but I did it again and caused a head on collision hahaha all in all it was so much fun. The grand prize winner was my all time favorite chum Kyle!!! I have some great shots, but I will post them all in a later post.
I was sooo sick of my hair this past week that I finally just said screw it and I shopped it off, its still pretty long next time Im going to go to my new hair stylist Jeff(an old friend) Im just gonna say dude Im feeling boring, lets make magic happen lol. Tonight Im dying my hair red again maybe this time it wont be a total fail, and it may actually look red!
Friday afternoon my mom was put in the hospital.I was getting my hair cut and didn't answer my phone (dumb-ass) so I really don't know what all happened but my step dad says that she actually drove herself to the hospital, then my sister said the ambulance came to get her so I don't really know. My mom is crazy and I love her to death!! She said that she felt funny and that her head hurt and her face wouldn't stop twitching. She called the doctor and they told her to go to the emergency room and that is what she did. They really didn't tell her much, but they did say that they were transferring her to St. Luke's for observation and she would have to stay a couple of days. Apparently she had a mini stroke due to her weight and stress levels. They said that if she doesn't take care of herself the next one wont be a mini stroke it will be full blown.
I'm so scared I just wish my mom could just see how many people need her and depend on her to be healthy. I figure that that would be motivation enough but she continues in her unhealthy destructive ways.
She has an 8yr old, a brand new house and her whole life t life, she really needs to wake up because I will never forgive her if I lose her because she could have prevented all of this.

Today I had to be at work uber early and I'am so tired but it was totally worth it. Every month we have a company meeting every first Tuesday and its always the same we announce birthdays, anniversaries and then talk about safety. Well our president wanted to switch it up a bit and make it fun so he decided that today we would  promote healthy eating. So he decided that he would dress up as a banana and give all of our workers bananas and then read the benefits of eating a banana. It was totally awesome and you bet your ass I took pictures. He is old and adorable and I <3 him!!!
I also have a stalker and its getting to be a little scary now. It all started around October of last year. It began like any other prank call you know. The guy would call and breathe heavily and hang up, but the calls would just say private caller so we started ignoring them. Alright, then he stopped so we were relieved, but then the month after that they started again and he would say something along the lines of... hey baby I love you  or hey I think your pretty go out with me. Then he wouldn't talk and just play love songs . I thought it was funny but I ignored it. Up until I was absent one day and the girl that covered for me answered the phones and heard all the crap he was saying and reported it. So upon my return I was being lectured about why I had to report things like this and blah blah blah. OK working at Starbucks this happened all the time, sometimes we would actually get guys coming in harassing us bringing us creepy gifts crap like that and we had to deal with it on our own. Working at a corporate jobs I guess things are different and there are things you can do. Well the caller has been persistent but things are getting worse. At first we had our suspicions of who it might be, but today they have been ruled out and we are going to find out who it is soon. Last night as per usual I was the only one left in the office alone ready to turn off the phones and close off for the day when the phone rings. So of course knowing me instead of turning them off I answered and it was him again, only this time he said " Hey baby I missed you. What are you still doing working? Its 5 time to lock up and leave!!! I will be waiting for you!" Omg that freaked me out so bad, its like hes freaking watching me. I didn't leave of course, I waited until one of the guys came and they I split and went over to Marshall's, T J Maxx, Target anywhere but home and then I went over to Mark's. I'm just scared, if that freak is following me I don't want him to know where I live and that I'm home alone. This has never happened to me before and Im really scared now and we really need to find out who he is so we can put a stop to this.
OK well I'm going to go and have lunch, if you guys have any advice please comment!!!


  1. Okay, hon, so here's the bad news - the police can't do much for you, BUT it's important that you file a report and let the cops know that something is going on and that he's escalating. You have to keep records of that.

    I'll do a little digging and see if there's anything else that can be done. Guys like that, especially if they start escalating their behavior, can be very dangerous. Please know that I love you and that if you need to hide somewhere he won't think to look, you can always come to me.

    Love love love (but not in the creepy stalker way)

  2. https://www.oag.state.tx.us/victims/stalking.shtml

    This is the Texas Attorney General's page with information on Stalking. I know that a couple creepy phone calls isn't "stalking" by the definition listed on the page, but it has great information about keeping records and having proof so that if things get worse you will have a leg to stand on with the police. And Yes, you do need to file a report. Even if they can't file a report, or do anything about it, they need to have a record of you trying to do something.

  3. Can you believe this shit follows me always! I really need to quit being so friendly guys are all huge creeps. Thank you Chester I love you too and if you chose to stalk me I think I would be ok with that hahaha ;) !!!

  4. It's so freaky. I went through about a decade of attracting stalkers/creepers everywhere I went. It's such a pain in the ass. I only had two really dangerous ones, though. Most of them were harmless, or I moved. It was good.

    I would happily stalk you, but that wouldn't turn out well at all. LOL

    Be strong, Cupcake!

  5. Thank you my love!!! I hope you and the cupcake are doing well, keep baking her I want her as cute and as fluffy as can be!

    Love you lots <3