Monday, May 23, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

Hmm well there are a lot of things that have been keeping me quite cheery this morning. One of the main things is thinking about all the crafty goodness that I will be working on to make my wedding more "us" and fun. The rest of the things are where I'am getting my inspiration from. I have been going through some pictures that have been cluttering my laptop for some time. I wish I could source them but I cant remember where they are from so here it goes...

1. This adorable sign. I will get it for our future apartment!!!

2. Im in baby land and when I have a mini cupcake one day I would like this retro stroller

3. This dreamy room, I want to lay in this bed please

4. These dreamy dresses, they remind me of an 80s prom
  5. Blythe, Oh how I love you!

6. An amazing dessert table set up

7. This awesome bike

8. This bay window bed set up

9.  This adorable tattooed couple, make me think of me and my lovemuffin

10.  This apartment that I would totally live in

11.  Lydia from Beetlejuice... I love you
Have a happy Monday

1 comment:

  1. My friend, Erin, would adore you. I seem to be drawn to cupcake lovelies with amazing aesthetic, which is weird since I'm all cerebral and boring. Love.