Friday, May 13, 2011

ugh... I hate shopping for pants for a southern ass

Seriously what the hell is up with blogger right now? I just had to repost yesterdays blog!!! Not fun!!!
Anyways Iam not in a good mood today at all. I feel like I am not myself today. I just want to go home, go to bed and start all over. I put on my cute flower print dress I bought at forever 21 last week with Mark and holy cow I think it may have shrunk!!! It is super short, thank goodness Im wearing tights because its totally a micro mini dress today, regardless I look adorable. I had a really crappy night last night maybe thats why my day is turning out pretty terrible. I went to Target to go look for a baby shower gift for my friend Chessy but the stupid registry machines were boo boo so instead of making it a wasted trip Mark and I went to look for jeans. I have no jeans, I havent had jeans for like 2-3 months. It is so hard for me to find jeans that fit because I have the weirdest shaped body. I need jeans that are wide because my waist is wide, and so are my hips, but to be a little tighter at the thighs and are short. That is why I have such a hard time finding jeans for this southern ass!!Well I usually hate shopping for bottoms because nothing fits and I usually end up crying. I cant go to the store with my friends because they dont have this problem and I cant go with my mother because her jean fashion is way off and wants everything high waited and straight leg... ummm not so much mom thanks. Usually if I go with her sometimes she makes me feel worse about myself by telling me that Ive gained a little too much weight, criticizes my body and just makes me feel like crap so I have to for go this mission alone. Mark on the other hand wanted to help. This is one of the reasons I love him so much. He looked at the jean wall, all of the different fits and sizes and just picked some out that he thought would go with my body. We went to the family fitting room and tried things on. He didnt let me look at the tags and just said " ok, try them on" let me tell you some fit big, some fit big, some fit tight, some wouldnt even go past my thighs and the funny thing is... they were all the same size just different fits. But even after searching, matching waist size with different styles and fits I found not one pair of jeans. The size that I needed in the certain fit was no where to be foun. So Mark is making it his mission this morning to help me find a pair of jeans that fit and will compliment my body. I have never met a guy that doesnt make me feel insecure about my yo-yoing weight issues, and I am so happy to finally meet a man who worships my body just the way it is.
I love you so much my love muffin

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