Monday, May 16, 2011

weekend update

I had the best weekend ever. I'm really starting to enjoy my weekends as of lately. Mark and I have been trying to save money but its proving to be harder than we thought. This weekend was just us hanging around each other all weekend.
I guess I shall start with Friday. Friday my mom and I had planned on going to see bridesmaids, but unfortunately we didn't get to. You see my mom loves to double book herself and sadly she had promised a friend that she would go to his graduation party. So we went and we just couldn't leave when we wanted to because I felt weird just coming to his party to chow down and then leave directly after. that would just make us look awful so we stayed till the end. Luckily it was a lot of fun. There were free drinks (which I didn't drink) good food and gambling. After the party I was missing my love muffin so I decided that I would stay the night at his house. I got to his house and changed, crawled into bed and the cuddlefest began... then I was out like a light.
Saturday... Saturday we woke up early because we had an appointment with the apartment complex Ive been drooling over. We got to the apartment complex early and went through the tour and Mark and I have decided that this will be our future home!!Its called Northgate Oaks and here are a few pictures of the complex we toured which will be the one that we get.

After that we went to eat at Waffle House to have a deliciously greasy breakfast. Waffle House is totally Yummmm and I ate all of my big breakfast, every last bite. Afterward we got things ready for Chessy's baby shower and he even helped me make my baby burritos and then we longed around for a bit until it was time for me to go to the baby shower. It was a lot of fun. I finally got to see Chessy preggers and by the way she totally looks adorable, she has the cutest preggers belly ever!!! We ate delicious pin wheels, cake balls and they even had a delicious raspberry mint punch. We played the fun baby shower games but they has some cool ones where we had to catapult bathtowls in the shapes of frogs ontp Lilly pads and we painted frogs.

I loved it it was alot of fun. Afterward Mark and I came back to the apartment and chilled for awhile until it was time to go back to his house.
Sunday... we woke up and I started the laundry and we watched "Its always sunny in Philadelphia" Its become one of my favorite shows it is just too funny!!! We went to the Mall to go look for jeans for me. I wish it was easier for a big bottomed girl like myself to find jeans. It was a struggle but I did it and I couldn't of done it with the help of my ever so patient loving sweet sweet fiance! Afterward we ran some errands and then came back to his house, ordered a pizza and watched Garden State. I had forgotten how much I loved that movie and it was such a great movie to watch with my love muffin!!!
This was my weekend and I am loving the normal simple lifestyle we have been living :)
I hope all of y'all had a great weekend!
lots of love, sunshine and cupcakes

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