Monday, May 9, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

So... my weekend was full of excitement, well at least I thought it was an exciting weekend. But that will come later first up is my cure for the Monday Blues!
Right now Iam a bit obsessed with all of the things that are on this list.

1. Harry Potter
Iam in love with the movies I cant wait to buy the last one that came out so I can just take a weekend with Mark and Just have a Harry Potter movie marathon nerd fest right before the last movie comes out!!

2. Rupert Grint
I think he is a doll!! I have a celeb crush on this adorable ginger. (Please Mark, if you are reading this don't be jealous I love you baby)

3. Sewing!
Iam going to sign up for classes to learn how to sew this is a craft I really want to get into I need to learn how to sew, I have so many ideas for cute things, I need to learn soon

4. Diners
Our wedding is 1950s rockabilly diner theme and we are in love with anything zombie, so these little pics go perfect with our wedding theme

5. Crafting rooms
I think that this crafting armoire would be perfect as my own little crafting corner in my tiny apartment

6. Aprons
Iam obsessed with learning how to make cute 1950s style aprons very retro and girly

7. Juicy Couture Charm bracelet
I have never really been a fan of charm bracelets but their charms are totally me I have to have one and start my charming collection

8. Flower print
Iam fascinated by flower print it just so feminine and beautiful and I love anything with the print

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