Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh what a weekend

Lets talk about my weekend..
Ok so on Thursday... Cindo de Mayo I took a half day at work because my cousin and I were going to go to Galveston and drink it up. Well after talking to Mark and remembering that awful incident that happened and could have gone far worse I decided against going. I didn't feel comfortable getting drunk far far away from Mark and not being able to come home and spend a good night with him. So I canceled on my cousin. Also that creep who is phone stalking me and possibly stalking me around Houston kept me from going to far away from my super protective fiance. So instead I decided to go to the Continental with one of my old friends Eric to go see Beetle a Beatles cover band. It was fun. We listened to a good band and drank and then ate. Good times with good friends. I had missed him so much it was great getting to hangout with him again. That same night Mark and I were going to go to the midnight showing of Thor. When I got home he was still in his boxers, we had an hour to get to the theater. I get upstairs and he lays back in bed. So just because I didn't come home at 9pm like I said I was going to he is all upset because we have practically missed the showing. Sometime Mark can definitely be ridiculous. I gave up on insisting and begging to go to the movie, I just thought that it would be a fun thing to do together but he wanted to be mean so I went to sleep.
The next day was Friday and I was sooo excited because I was going to spend the entire day with my maid of honor and best friend Chris. It was a lot of fun we ate at Chipotle, and then went shopping. Lets see... we went to JoAnn's fabric store to look for a design for the bridesmaid dresses and we found one that I really liked and so we went to price it and found a little shop that would make all of the dresses for 150 each!!!
I'm excited. We also went to go eat a cupcake at this really cute cupcake shop called sugar babies. Omg this place is so darling I loved it, it was very Marie Antoinette and I wished I could live there. There was only one problem the cupcakes were awful! AWFUL. I love love love cupcakes and this is why Chris wanted to have my bridal shower there but as soon as I tasted the cupcakes I thought again. I definitely don't want to have my bridal shower there. I want to have maybe 25 people total and I want to have it at a place where we can eat drink and celebrate ME! I want the place to be very dainty and fun that cupcake shop would have been perfect if it weren't for their disgusting pieces of dried out bread they called cupcakes. After that we went to go look for the perfect will you be my bridesmaids cards? I think I will be better off making them myself. I found a card that Im just not so in love with. its a card with a pink caddy on it but it just doesn't scream CHRISTIAN so Im thinking Im going to return them and have one of my friends work on them with me, maybe my mom shes a pretty crafty lady. After that we went back to the apartment so we could talk some wedding trash and then I had to take her home. I love Chris she is like my other sister. I then left to go get my oil changed because I was 2months overdue and that was fun. I had fun talking to the shop owner about my car and how much it would cost to fix this or that. I really wanted a new car like the cute new Honda CRZ but I know right now that with the wedding and everything I just wont be able to get it. So my plan is to fix up my car and just keep it looking good and pay it off then trade it in for my CRZ after the wedding!!!

After the oil change it was time to go to Mark's so I drove on over and we went to go eat some BBQ because I was craving a chicken baked potato like a pregnant woman! I usually dont like BBQ but for some reason I have become obsessed with sweet tea and baked potatoes. After dinner we went to go see Thor, I must say it was a pretty good movie I really loved it, but I think my favorite part was being able to hold Mark's hand or cuddle with him through out the entire movie. :)
Hmm so Saturday we woke up and we had to run some errands. So we went to go eat breakfast at Denny's I don't know what it is but I hate eating breakfast food. I feel weird when I do but once just once I will go to a Denny's, IHOP or waffle house and order breakfast!!! Saturday I didn't :( After breakfast we headed over to the Woodlands to go see Fast Five but were a wee bit early so we headed over to go pay the last of my Macy's bill. We saw the movie. I liked it but Mark not so much. He said that if it wasn't affiliated with Fast and the Furious he would have liked it because it was action packed but it didn't have any racing so he felt like it didn't live up to his expectations. After the movie we just shopped around. I was looking for a couple of dresses I could wear to work and maybe a new purse but this weekend just wasn't my weekend to shop because I found nothing.  So instead we went to Hobby Lobby where I bought patterns to make an apron, more thread and some other crafting goodies. I'm sooo excited. I want to learn to sew so bad so I'm thinking that I will pay for a weekend sewing class for beginners soon. We headed to the apartment because I wanted to go have a night picnic and just maybe roam the streets of Houston. Anabelle didn't have anything to do so she joined us and it was a lot of fun. We got to Herman park and then realized that they were having a show and we had just missed it but they are going to have one this weekend so I guess you know what Mark and I will be doing. Picnic and a show, oh how romantic he he he!! I cant wait. there are a few picture but I will post them later along with the ones from last Friday I promise. After our walk we came back home Anabelle left and we passed out. Sunday... Mothers day. We went to my moms house and we gave her a card and loved on her and watched some bridal reality shows with her. It was fun I love watching goofy things like that with my mom if it wasn't for the laundry and wanting to spend time with Mark I would have just kicked it with her and just watched the tube. So Sunday... I washed clothes, went to get movies and food and just lounged around and watched movies. then after everything I came home alone to the apartment put all of the clothes away and passed out. I had a great weekend spent very well with the love of my life!

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