Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday.... Celebrate

Well Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. I got up pretty early to finish baking a really low fat vanilla crème and pumpkin cheesecake which is off of hungry Girls website. I was way too tired to finish it up on Wednesday so I woke up early to finish it on Thursday.  Anyway so I cleaned the apartment played with waffle and then started to get ready to go over to Mark’s house to meet his mother. I was so freaking nervous about this you know how it is to meet the parents of someone youre dating, its freaking awful and nerve wrecking. I made caramel pumpkin muffins to take over to her house so I wouldn’t go empty handed plus I was always told that is great if you bring something over (they were AMAZING). My family really never celebrates Thanksgiving so I really don’t know about this.
OMG I just remembered this awful nightmare I had the night before meeting his mom it was about Mark and one of his friends Anabelle, it was probably because I was so stressed out about meeting his mother and Anabelle at the same time.
 Ok so a little background information. I met Mark 4yrs ago in college it was my second year there. Well he wasn’t actually in school with me he was a friend of a friend and I met him at a gathering at my friend’s house. We dated back then but it didn’t even last a month, it was a very sad sad relationship and I broke his heart. I told him that I needed a break from him and then I never contacted him again, I wouldn’t answer phone calls, text messages, MySpace messages (MySpace was super popular back then) nothing. I wanted him to just disappear because I didn’t want to think I had hurt anyone. I was stupid and naïve back then. Well anyways after that all of his friends hated me obviously because of this but Anabelle I felt hated me even more because her sister hated me. We actually got back together because even after 4yrs I felt guilty for what I had done to him and a part of me I guess really did love him because I would think about him all the time. So one day on Facebook I saw a random picture of him and he was tagged in it so I knew he had a facebook and so I wrote him an apology through facebook. I didn’t know how else to contact him so I figured this was a good plan and I totally wasn’t expecting anything from this I just wanted to apologize maybe then I could stop thinking about him. So he accepted my apology and we started hanging out and 4 months later here we are. I love him so much and I really cant think of my life without him, he is my everything.
Ok so back to my story so my nightmare was…

I go over to Mark’s house I already know Anabelle we have talked several times, gone out on double dates, we get along pretty well, we are friends only because our boyfriends are best friends so it was kind of like a familiar setting. So I start talking to her as usual and I can tell something is up because she has some weird look on her face like she wants to tell me something and then I notice Mark is acting weird and I take her outside so I can have a cigarette and we start talking and she starts to talk about Mark and then it kind of hits me. She is totally in love with my boyfriend and something has happened and she wants to tell me so I question her over and over and then she finally tells me that she has slept with Mark. They slept together last night while I was at my apartment baking for this stupid lunch with his mother, she stayed over and they slept together and my mouth freaking dropped and I fell to my knees crying. I didn’t understand because she was dating his best friend Curtis and Mark is with me so I just couldn’t understand how they could ruin 2 relationships. I quickly got over my sadness and it all turned to anger and I told her I knew something was going on all along but she fucked up and if she wasn’t going to tell Curtis I was. I asked her if she was always in love with Mark and she started crying and she said No. She said that Mark had confessed to her that he was always in love with her and Curtis didn’t treat her like she deserved. He told her he was only with me because he was tired of being alone but he really loved her and now she really loved him. I quickly went inside and Mark was playing video games with Curtis and smiled at me and I smiled back and I grabbed my purse and left gracefully my face covered in tears makeup running down my face. Curtis not Mark chased after me and asked me what was wrong and was hugging me and I just turned to him and said ask Anabelle I’m sure she will be glad to tell you and I kissed him on the cheek got into my car and drove away.

Then I woke up crying!!! I know it was a dream and none of it is true but it felt so freaking real and when I woke up, I felt like it really had taken place I was so confused. I didn’t even know what to think because it was the same setting that was going to be on Thanksgiving so I was a little worried and I didn’t want to go after that dream I didn’t want it to come true. Anyways it actually went really well, I got there on time Anabelle was late and so was Curtis. I love Curtis he seems like a sweet person. Whenever I was having problems with Mark working out of town and I was missing him and thinking about giving up on our relationship. Curtis was the one that talked to me and gave me reasons to keep trying, reassured me of Mark’s love for me. I know that Mark reassured me too but I needed advice from someone who knew him better than I did and who loved him and would want the best for him. So I like Curtis and I know that he is a true friend to Mark. Anabelle is actually really cool, nothing like her sister who hated me. She really does remind me of like a girl version of Mark with fashion skills, I like her. I wish we could be friends, hopefully in the future we can be, she seem like such an interesting and talented person. Im glad everything is in the past and I really had nothing to worry about, and my dreams/nightmares are just nightmares!!!
Meeting Mark’s mom and Anabelle actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Marks’s mom was actually down to earth and really nice. She took us both to go eat at Bennihana’s on Friday and then to the Nutcracker. She even bought me a hot pink Tiara and didn’t say a word because I wore it as if I were a five year old. Ha ha ha she accepted my weirdness at least to my face who know what she was thinking on the inside. All in all it was a good holiday break.

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