Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Traditions Never Die

So because I have a Mexican family and I was raised by my grandparents that are from Monterrey Nuevo Leon we really didn’t follow any “American” holidays! My mom had to work a lot when I was a kid and I remember on Thanksgiving when all my friends were excited about eating turkey and celebrating with their family I was always bummed because my sister and I never got to celebrate it. As I grew older it just didn’t seem so important to me anymore. My mom started to not work Holidays but she never wanted to cook so instead she started our very own thanksgiving tradition which was. Waking up super early to go to the thanksgiving parade, go home and she would make us a good breakfast and we would watch movies all day with her until about 6pm when she would take us to the Christmas lighting of Post Oak and they had like their own mini Christmas parade. She would go to a drive thru pizza place and order us a large pizza and a liter of coke with 3 cups and we would have a mini picnic in her car as we drove down to go look at all the houses that had Christmas lights up. Then she would take us to a thanksgiving movie and that was our tradition. I loved it, this was the most fun ever because I got to spend time with my always working mom.

Now that Im older and my mother has been remarried for the past 10 years I skip Thanksgiving all together. Since 2007 I started to work on major holidays so I wouldn’t have to deal with family drama and that was awesome getting away from it all. So this Thanksgiving that I spent with Mark is the first one in almost 4 years. It was a lot of fun being around him but I did make him go with me to a movie because I will never let that tradition die.
I forced him to go see Burlesque with me and I thought the move was ok. The costume and dancing and glamour of it all is what drew me in like a moth to light and that’s when I decided that I wanted to be a Burlesque dancer ha ha ha. Of course that will never fly with Mark but it’s a good dream right? I mean they are so beautiful and their costumes and shoes and makeup and hair is just amazing and their bodies are gorgeous from all of the dancing I want to be a burlesque dancer.

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