Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Hunny Bunny's Birthday

So yesterday was my babycakes birthday and I wanted to be the best girlfriend ever and just surprise him with a dinner, cake and small gift.
What really ended up happening was that I freaking missed him way too much and I called him to come home early, so he was at home watching TV and keeping me company while I played housewife in the Kitchen.

This was the first meal I had actually ever cooked on my own and I got the recipe off of Paula Deans recipes off of the Food Network. The meal turned out ok... I made him loaded mashed potatoes which I added mucho ucho cheese because Iam a cheeseaholic, I made baked macaroni and cheese, and meat loaf.

Everything tasted really good except for the meatloaf, I dont know but I dont think that meat should come shaped like a log and just be gooey like it was. He was so excited and it made me so happy, if he really didnt like his meal he never showed me that he didnt like it. This is why I love him.
Anyways I was so rushed to finish the food that when I was baking I didnt really have time to let the cake cool and when I put the icing on it, it just started melting off and separating. I should have known better I mean I did go to baking school for goodness sake but I didnt care I was tired and hungry and when I get hungry everything starts to go black and I get mean ha ha ha. So the cake was a bit of a disaster but it did taste good and thats all that matters.

After he blew out the candles...
 and then butchered his mess of a cake...

(I cant believe you can see a picture of me as the background on his phone ha ha ha)
Mark is like the hardest person to buy gifts for but I managed to get him somethings that he might like.
I got him a plain silver zippo lighter
A keychain set with a cupcake and a muffin. I got the muffin and he got the cupcake so when he sees his keys he will always think of me. HES MY MUFFIN AND IM HIS CUPCAKE!!!
I also got him a promise ring it was a cheapy ring from Aldo's but it was pretty cool looking and I think he liked it.

After it all he started playing with my feet and pretending to eat my toes while I was trying to relax on the floor in front of the TV. I love my goofey boyfriend he is just too cute

All in all I think I gave him a good birthday. He told me that he hates to celebrate his birthday and me being me who loves to celebrate just about anything had to change his mind. I love my muffin!!!

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