Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spontaneous dates of Suki and Lola

 So i took the day off on Friday to spend some quality time with my mom because she is going to be having surgery in December and I just wanted to hangout with her before that. Turns out she was called into a meeting early after her appointment so I didnt get to see much of her. But since I had already scheduled the day off I instead spent some quality time with one of my best girlfriends Lola. We met 2yrs ago at Starbucks, she was the first person to talk to me when I started working at her store and we have been friends ever since. We are so different from eachother but we complete eachother so its ok. Iam the wild crazy loud and out going one who is a freelance makeup artist and she is the more subdued, quiet, goofey one thats a freelance hairdresser. We are team awesome!!! We have been through so much and last December was probably the best year for us and since then our friendship has gotten stronger. I love this girl she truly is what a best friend should be. She has always been there for me though everything with her love, guidance and advice. Without her I would be so lost.

So We both took the day off and went on an adventure...

To us this consisted of a wonderful pedicure at a cute little spa that she loves in Atascosita
Then we went and had lunch at Mamongs which is a really cool Vietnamese restaurant in the gayborhood
Then after everything we went shopping at the Galleria.
We bought eachother cute friendship bracelets at Urban Outfitters and then we parted ways.

We were on a time crunch because I had to get home to cook for my wonderful boyfriend because his birthday was the next day and she had to get back to her side of town to go and pick up her little girl.
We always have a lot of fun no matter what we end up doing. I love you Lola!!! 

Hopefully I get to spend some quality time with my mom before her surgery and where I dont have to take a day off from work because I dont know how thats going to work out!!!

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