Friday, November 19, 2010

Midnight Showings

So Iam a huge huge fan of midnight showings... I love being a night owl and getting to watch movies the night before their premier. I usually go with one of my friends who will remain nameless but this person has entered hermit state for awhile, actually for the last couple of months so I was considering flying solo to see the new Harry Potter movie.
When I told my mom what was up she automatically told me she wanted to go with me so I was like HIP- HIP- HOORAY I have a date with my mommy!!! I love this woman she is one of my bestfriends and I hardly get to see her since I moved out on my own so I was stoked.

I got home from work and Mark asks me what the plan for the night was and I told him and he wanted to go with us too so I was even more excited, the two people I love the most in one night yaaaaaaaaay!!!

So he took my mom and I to dinner at one of my favorite mexican restaurants called Guadalajara which he likes to call Gaydalajara because pretty much all of the waiters are gay. I love this about the restaurant plus the food is dlish and AND the margaritas are amazing and fully loaded!!!
Anyways after all of this we went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and it was AWESOME!!! Got to love the cute gingers... Ron Weasley(Rupert Grint) and Mark Belle I love you guys ha ha ha If only they knew what a turn on their red hair is Gingers are SEXAY!!!
Mark Belle

Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) Mmmm Ginger goodness

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