Thursday, December 2, 2010

My amazing Christmas list

So  this year I decided that I would make my Christmas list I never ever do. I usually just let people get me whatever but I thought it would be fun so here it is!!! Iam pretty sure I wont get everything I want from this list or anything from this list at all but I had alot of fun making it so thats all that matters. So here it it he he he!

Christians Spectacular and Absolutely Fabulous Christmas and Birthday List

·        Cute stuff for the apartment or just in general for me
*    what I mean by cute…
well hmm anything with cupcakes, donuts, ice cream cones, teeth, unicorns, zebra print, pink and teal, glitter sequins or sparkle, unicorns, rainbows, tiaras, lollipops and cute zombies not the gruesome ones you like  ha ha ha

·        Baking Supplies
                  *   What I mean by baking supplies…
      Well pans that you think I would think are cute, adorable and amazing,      same for the cookie cutters, silicone bake ware, candy molds, cake decorating supplies, and anything else you think Christian the fabulous and cute baker would need oh yea that’s right ha ha ha

·  MAC & Sephora Giftcards

·        Perfume
                  You know which ones I like I think we have smelled them together but just in case you might of forgotten
                  Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
                  The classic Chanel Chance
                  Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
                  Flowerbomb Viktor and Rolf
                  Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne
                  Dior Miss Dior Cherie

·        Makeup Containers
Hmm lets see Iam talking about cute makeup bags, makeup carry-ons, like big kits to organize my makeup in black, pink, zebra print or metal looking ones

·        Anything that has to do with beauty
                  Everything in pinks or zebra print




Birthday Girl Shoes

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